He says in John I have written articles for numerous print and online publications, including Biola Magazine, the Christian Research Journal, and Apologetics Index. Teaching them to observe All things whatsoever I have commanded you: You would think at the very least someone in his crew would carry a small IPhone and document the miracles. What this is is a hit and miss going after any corpse in hoping to find a stiff that will come back to life. We prayed together for his mother and before I left he asked where I lived and I told him what street. A true supernatural adventure, this film follows a dynamic group of spiritually empowered individuals from wide-ranging theologies, backgrounds and locations as they team up to live out the words of Jesus Christ recorded in Matthew

It is not fighting with other Christians when something is systemically wrong and we see it. If you are not currently healing people or raising the dead it does not mean that you never will or that God is not in it. At this couple day conference it was a flury of activity as people from and supporting the movie were showing up from all over…. He wants to bring His children home. Its one thing to believe in a God as his existence. But Jesus healed quickly as it was his will all along. October 29th, at 5:

It reminds me of how God used the King of Babylon to capture and enslave His chosen people in judgement for their sins.

Deadraiser – David Hogan

Many Christian groups have believed in divine healing. In churches, bars, clubs, coffee shops, parks, block parties, onnline warehouses, moovie, businesses, dark alleys and just about any other place that will have us. I have been studying with jglm. However, it is only incidental to the larger purpose, which is to relate a narrative history. I dont fear death i know violance i was raised in it. So your premise that these things were not in operation outside of the elite few is not scriptural.

Support Select this reward. When David and his wife Debbie first arrived, they were met with stiff persecution and little to no results after months of witnessing and preaching the Gospel. Kickstarter is not a store.

Of course He taught the disciples…. I oonline saddened to think this will lead even more astray. Check out the FAQ. Are people being raised from the dead? A man inside saw me on his sidewalk and came out to greet me. Please write an Book about the raising of Dead and your experiences and testimonies…It would be awesome to get such an book…Please write such an book Pastor David Hogan…It will be read in African Continents and western World and India too.


Please write about The Raising of Dead….

May 29, deadrauser Jul 13, 45 days. It is a touching ending to the story, to be sure. That, in my opinion, is his most effective strategy. So these miraculous works were obviously not reserved for the apostles only. Above is scripture that lets you know that it was not ALL that Christ called, only twelve.

I was blown away by the passion of these guys and the lengths that they would go to to see people hear the good news of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Name required Mail will not be published required. My brother passed away I pray you pray for him to be raised from the dead. Funding period May 29, – Jul 13, 45 days. Those events took place after His resurrection and happened to people who were not present when He gave those commands.

This cutting-edge film follows a lively group of supernaturally noline men from different backgrounds, theologies and geographic locations as they release kingdom power in love and live out the words of Jesus Christ from Matthew What this is is a hit and miss going after any corpse in hoping to find a stiff that will come back to life.

One of the guys was rushing between sessions to pack a whole suitcase full of bibles to an undisclosed nation…. The problem with this view, however, is that healing the sick and raising the dead are never depicted as normal activities movif the Christian life anywhere in the New Testament.

Will this turn out to be a fulfilled prophecy after all?

DEADRAISER | A Film About Supernatural Resurrection by Johnny Clark — Kickstarter

Let God do the calling, and we do the living as an example and sit back and watch the results. Show the film and activate your crew. To Jesus be all the honor and glory forever ,ovie ever!! David has been beaten with machetes, stoned, shot in the head, and his persecutors have attempted to drown him on three separate occasions.


If you are not currently healing people or raising the dead it does not mean that you never will or that God is not in it. I agree that a huge error has been made here! This is contradictory to a bunch of scriptural principles and what Jesus told all to do….

He said whatever you have done for the least of these you have done for me…. This world is not our home. And, be encouraged, God will work through any of us who will make a similar whole-hearted devotion to see the God of the Bible breakthrough and deadrziser His Love, Power, and Glory right in the midst of where we live, mofie Bless you sister, for again warning the flock.

The area I live is full of doubt and unbelief in the areas these ministries cover so please pray for what I believe the Lord wants to do here…His work. May love and the fruits and gifts of the Spirit flow fromyou everywhere you go. This film is the perfect example, all talk and no results. I wonder if some of these people are even saved.

I too believe God will do and can do what He wants to do and when He wants to do it. I hear what you are saying Shawn, and Deadraised was trying to make that point.

He redeems the broken-hearted and sets the captives free. If this was a God thing, God would lead and the success rate of raising stiffs would be very high. That is what happens when you live a lie deadraiiser out of the hearts of men. Thank you God for your Holy Spirit! I, too would love to read testimonies from those who have been raised from the dead by David Hogan.