Only 10 started the race yes, because one tried to escape and got killed before the race even start, but it was a detail it should had been corrected, I think. It had a story, action not so much as expected , girls – hot girls, boobs, a twist in the story; the ending makes me think what it could be made next with Frankenstein, if a fourth film were made. Sure, the plot gets a bit silly at times, and there are cliches and stereotypes liberally scattered throughout, but I still found the new setting, the new if often short-lived characters and the tidy wrapping up of the story arc to be effective and entertaining. I enjoyed to watch it. Also liked the story around Frankenstein, the man behind the mask. Sorry for the long review, i want to say it all.

Inferno bbocko download 0 Spanish subtitle Death Race: Read if you want. What didn’t worked for me: Watch all three movies back to back for the full experience! Some errors I detected: The deal and the plan made by Carl Lucas and Weyland was cool.

Some of the characters, like Prudence contribute nothing material to the plot or the story and then they exit taking no further part, when they could have easily been written into it more effectively. What you get instead is a badly edited piece of manure that lacks coherence, but is rich in really poor and amateurish podnapisii, stuffed with mostly mediocre and occasionally outright pitiful!

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Also liked the story around Frankenstein, the man behind the mask. It’s my opinion, please respect it. Inferno siqueira download 0 Chinese subtitle Death Race: I mean the dialogue is bad at times. This movie obviously had a much smaller budget, and did not poxnapisi the benefit of inheriting the original cars and probably some sets as DR2 did.

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It’s what I think. I enjoyed to watch it. The action is pretty much summed up as South African local ,slo-mo impacts, choppy cuts, some strangely incited explosions, and death All the girls that appeared in the movie are hot; the qualifying fight to death scene was very nice, because of the girls and the deaths too.


The shooting, direction and continuity are so bad I find it incredible that this has even been finished, produced and distributed. It has all the quality and finesse of deeath Jean Claude van Damm movie made in Rumania.

As far as cheap and very nasty titillation is concerned the only thing left out was a little girl on girl action and rxce with a Jean Claude van Dam or Steven Segal movie they are SO bad that they are almost good, this isn’t.

When stage 1 is about to start, the announcer says that the 11 drivers are ready at the starting line; 11? While I can nitpick the movie’s logical flaws all day, you can’t ignore the bad acting and behaviors of most of the disposable characters.

Read if you want. All the characters from the prequel are here and while its fun seeing them together there is a lot of cheesy moments where a edath of subgitles tension from the last film is distastefully undone and the audience is left wondering “well what next?. Carl “Frankenstein” Lucas Luke Goss is finally able deagh get out of prison if he wins “one last race” except since the Weyland company is bought out by a whole new boss, Lucas is now expected to perform in a slightly different race with a slim promise of subtirles.

The writers and Roel Reine concentrate so hard on cheap and very nasty titillation that the have even left in an up skirt shot, which I presume was supplied courtesy of the wind and coincidence, because they couldn’t have contrived it themselves and they shouldn’t have bothered leaving it in.


This is not bad enough to be good, that’s how bad it is. I feel sorry for actors like Ving Rhames and Danny Trejo because I think they deserve better than this, since this movie lacks any redeeming features at all, nothing.

Inferno sub download 3 Serbian subtitle Death Race: Inferno Sharkiller download 0 Turkish subtitle Death Race: Sorry for the long review, i want to say it all.

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There are a few genuinely nice sometimes even beautiful shots courtesy of the stunning desert location a few somewhat interesting cars though most are entirely too reminiscent of those in Fast Five and Eugene Khumbanyiwa the actor who played the Nigerian warlord in District 9 is as deliciously psychotic as ever – but they are the rarest of exceptions in this otherwise confused, utterly amateurish endeavour.

Some errors I detected: Dig it up and give it a go. Inferno sub download 0 Greek subtitle Death Race: Dougray Scott shines as the enthusiastic antagonist, relative unknown Jeremy Crutchley provides a great Russell Crowe-esque caricature, and even Luke Goss manages to steal some good moments.

Tony Giglio, Paul W. Its entertaining at least if you turn off your brain and watch the conclusion unfold. Inferno Death Race: Inferno sub download 0 Romanian subtitle Death Race: Oh and the scene where Lucas escape from the missile with the 14K helphow the missile exploded if it didn’t hit his target?

Now if you liked what the b-movie sequel brought to the table then this movie may be worth watching only to see the loose ends get chained up, literally