That’s gotta be pretty important later on. I wasn’t fond of Zach up until tonight, especially with Hannah. I really liked this episode, it was probably one of the best ones this season. Submit a new link. What struck me was Dexter not giving Jamie the day off or something, or her taking the day off herself. This is exactly what I would have written after last nights episode. Martin doesn’t make the likability a sudden thing.

Not the same kind of awesome as the earlier seasons, but great fun nonetheless. One by one, each character will die, ala Identity. Anyone notice that the song that was playing in Dexter’s apartment when he found Zach was the same song that Vogel was playing at her house before Yates attacked her? Didnt they meet at Jaime’s birthday party? I’ll amend this and say that if the brain surgeon isn’t her, it is someone she is working with. I don’t see Quinn killing in a case like this. Dexter subscribe unsubscribe 52, readers 44 users here now Post-Finale Discussion Subreddit Shoutout: I really liked this episode, it was probably one of the best ones this season.

I like him too!!

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The stuffed animal is going to come back to bite Dexter in the ass in some way. Dexter is going to regret keeping Hannah around They show a clip of her holding the brain piece with a shocked look in her face. She had a wtf face too. We were left wondering, who is the Brain Surgeon.


It’s the “Ryan Gosling”. And that Dexter died a long time ago, and that every character in the show is a multiple personality of Harrison. If he was already stalking Dexter in the early half of the season he would know all about Cassie being his neighbour, Dexter meeting with Zack, and how Dexter operates in general. fexter

He then immediately kills Clint McKay though because he wants to kill. If he ever would commit a murder it yft be by accident that he had to cover up for.

Even though it’s obvious to assume that Quinn set up Zach for Cassie’s murder, it could be Oliver. Also, if Quinn did it, why have the bf come to take a look at Zach’s pic?

Damn, this ending has left me wanting next week to be here already. Because that would explain why that scene was present in the episode.

Dexter submitted 5 years ago by ManWithoutModem [ M ]. He could have paid somebody to frame the kid.

Dexter S08E08

That type of post has been done to death, use the search function. I think someone on here posited that her wnglish could be the brain surgeon. Oh dear, that’d be cheesy. I liked Zack,it would have been perfect for Dexter to have a baby Dexter in training; But also this ends his story line and gives us an opening for an awesome ending of this season.

Also what the fuck. Zach’s little face when they walked in on Deb and Hannah in a checkmate Didnt they meet at Jaime’s birthday party? Join me for dinner guys, I just so happen to have made a shitload of food even though I live alone and wasn’t expecting anyone. Can’t wait to see how they build this one. I took that much better than expected. I love Hannah but she’s a wanted criminal, and high profile in Miami.


Dexter (S08E08)

All w08e08 ‘dude-bro-ing’ with Dexter. Thinking he may be after Dexter. I don’t see Quinn killing in a case like this. I’m still annoyed that they’ll show the tits of any unknown actress in a sex scene but Jamie or Hannah?

What the fuck was all that talk about Zach having potential and being smart? The first half of this episode was almost too boring for me, but I think the second half was worth the wait.

How do you get to him? I have no idea what everyone’s deal is with Hannah. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Holy fucking shitballs, Dex, you’re right. I think that’s just silly. All these times we’ve thought he was in Dexter’s head, he was actually there. Premeditated to catch a murderer is not his style.