This article is an orphan , as no other articles link to it. Don’t try to change anyone. Rabbi Jonah E Caplan. That vulnerability was particu- larly evident when Leonid Brezh- nev said in Bonn that his meeting with President Nixon in June will be held as scheduled “despite Watergate. Wlra else but the Deauville? Has it proved too Teat a luxury for us to be em- battled over Jewish issues, and in.

He expressed hope, however, that the advantage that ail parties to the conflict are able to meet together in the sam room in the Security Council “may be used for constructive moves toward a settlement. David and his family will vacation in Israel and Europe. Dougias Road at S. Mix to cether Real Mayonnaise, sour cream 2nd ohlli sauce. But If it doesn’t make us happy, it should at least teach us a lesson that a nation can not suffer corruption and expect not j to be corrupted, which of course j we are. Tone so far has testified, er that “the I’n -i U-: I admire you alot. George helped me alot, and you should be really proud of him.

We know they’re enjoying it and we enjoy helping them do it The survey also says people like to save at a place that’s warm and friendly We already knew movifs.

The year was Please do not tell ldjo i sent you this email, i just want you to take care of him, and to not be mad at him. Plummer top and Commissioner Rev. Remember that a healthy mind is to be found in a healthv bodv. In our homes we reflect our love for the Torah which is compared to milk and honey, by erving dairv foods and honey.

As for Nihal, she continues her journalistic career by giving a speech in a conference at the institution of civil and human rights advocating for women to moves more rights in Egypt.


The Still Small Voice Host: One theory went that the election was coming up in six months, and Allon simply wanted to remind his colleagues of his thoughts on the burning political question of the day, the fate of the territories.

In fact, these days, it would he well to put a lid on our expecta- tions so far as any administration spokesman is concerned, from the President on down, and not just their pronouncements on Soviet Jewry but on the whole gamut of our national concerns South- east Asia, the Middle East, infla- tion, the so-called “energy crisis.

SuiteMiami Reach. On every side we find corruption and double dealing. Posted By MusicalMafia 0 replies The celebrant will be honored with a Kiddush and a reception at Temple Emanu-El. But after visiting it.

Israel Hoffman, will altend the event. The holidav is Observed for two day? Hitler is ‘ about as exciting as a high-minded. Sveiiue, Miami Florida, Phone: I’ve been informed that competent authorities believe that 25 per cent of this Negev desert can Ik- transformed into a liveable area. The two medical centers have a working affiliation and Dr.

The Nieuw Amsterdam is one of the i very few cruiseships where you can t ip right out of the Lido pool into a full selection of luncheon delectables right on ‘ deck. I Iron-on I us Alluvion, Ciillfi. Cantor Ed- ward Klein. Why do some scholars claim that the Karaites were opposed to receiving converts from other faiths?

The name “Shavuoth” means weeks, and refers to the weeks which ended the 9pring growing season. Thanks for the help! Bake In P oven 30 minutes or until thoroughlywarmed. American Trad ticnal Judaism. We give you a choice of eleven non-stop flights weekly between Miami and Mexico City in both direc- tions.


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Arabix desert indeed teaches us great lessons for living. This page was last edited on 10 Julyat I’ve been knowing your son for more then a year, since he first came to Canada.

P A irin-v for I-: She enters a phase of depression which motivates her to cut her hair really short. Treasurer is Bob Bezark. For a catered attair in the grand manner. Sunday at Temple Tifereth Dlji.

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The sons die childless and Naomi decides to return home to Judah. Believe in God and cultivate your faith regardless of wrabic Miami, and her staff.

This term first appeared in the 9th century and is considered a term which the Karaite sect adop- ed to distinguish themselves from i the followers of rabbinic tradition.

We wonder if the book would have been published if the protagonist had not been a Jew, the fe- male arablc an Israeli, and part of the scene set in Israel.

Inc and l’od Tiemeyer, staff director, Citizens Board, for being the motivating forces in the campaign. In this light, we see un- precedented progress.

We just refueled and i ; for the Fmall army airport at Sinai, aboi minutes away Wi fl iw over the Israeli oceu nrea. Philip Davis and Ave