Ion Antonescu, Mihai Antonescu, C. The Lajos Kossuth Military Academy opens. Alexander arrives in Belgrade for discussions with Tito concerning operations in Yugoslavia. According to Lane U. The Communists make use of the incident in their propaganda for nationalization of schools. It is the last German offensive operation of the Second World War. The right wing unsuccessfully attempts to take over the leadership of the party.

Verbal agreements are reached to permit the Anglo-American forces to temporarily occupy Trieste. The main objectives of the armistice: The National Party is refused legalization. Soviet Foreign Minister Molotov makes the most concessions. The Peasant Party is given independence but the Labor Party remains controlled. Hungary — February 14, HC The National Committee of Budapest, referring to the severe health conditions and other medical disabilities that the women had to suffer Soviet soldiers raped a large number of females , lifts the ban on abortion and makes the operation free, but only if it is performed in medical institutions. According to the report of the Congress, elementary and high schools exist in Transylvania, Romania.

A commercial and cultural accord is signed on the occasion.

The bipolar world order two camps doctrine is declared by Andrej Zhdanov, head of the Soviet delegation.

Imre Nagy Communist Party is elected as Speaker.

All Auction Buy It Now. The Yugoslav Government replies the same day, repeating accusations of American planes violating the aerial territory of Yugoslavia.

A few weeks later he is joined by U. Clark-Kerr, are received by King Mihai I. The pact includes the mutual defense treaties of the signatories. His party, the Hungarian Independence Party, is dissolved. In 4 Hungarian language middle- and 4 upper high schools 6, students study. The aim of the government is to separate the church from the Vatican and form a national Catholic Church. Year of Production Furthermore, all citizens of Hungarian national affiliation are barred from holding land.


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Puskin, Soviet envoy in Budapest, presents his credentials to the Council of Ministers. The participation rate, similarly tois especially high: Romania — JulyPIR A session of the propaganda and agitation sections of the regional PCR committees takes place, during which the political, economic and organizational situations, the party education and the activity of syndical commissions throughout the country are discussed.

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Gomulka is said to be unable to attend due to bad health. Professor Constantin Parhon is appointed as the chairman of the State Presidium. Minorities in both countries are given a legal right to national, cultural, political and economic development with their own schools and associations.

Death sentences are passed by a summary court on the deputy notary of the village for murder and the parish priest for incitement for murder.

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Military formations and organizations and their organs are completely and finally abolished, and the German acquisition of war materials is forbidden. Hungary renounces the whole of Transylvania to Romania and also a part of Ruthenia and Eastern Slovakia, re-annexed from Czechoslovakia in It states the accomplishments of the land reform, and orders compensation wherever necessary. Czechoslovakia — February 18, KCA The Czechoslovak Communist Party issues a manifesto accusing the non-Communist parties of provoking a crisis in the Cabinet and of working to overthrow the National Front Government before the upcoming general elections.

Settlement Offices are established in Bratislava and in Prague.

The court finds all of the defendants guilty of carrying on political warfare by giving state and military secrets to foreign spies. Three men are found guilty and sentenced to death for the murder of Hungarian Jews.

Romania states that accepting the aid would lead to interference in internal affairs. Stalin assures Harriman that the Soviet Union and the Western Powers will come to an agreement and that peace treaties could dobrk be signed. Petkov claims that many opposition deputies and adherents have been ssousede and placed in labor camps before the elections. The remaining five defendants receive prison terms. An additional five representatives, who disagree with the decision, decide to leave the party.


This would facilitate Soviet economic and political penetration in Hungary. The speech stated that the goal of Soviet policy was to rebuild the Soviet Union’s economy to match its military needs. The note claims that such campaigns are inadmissible in the view of the Yugoslav-Romanian treaty of friendship. The division of the municipal members: Thus, the former members of dousede London government in exile leave the government.

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He is executed on November They agree to change the Polish and the Yugoslav governments to be coalitional, and so they revoke their support of the governments-in-exile. The Democratic Federation of Women in Romania is constituted. Souseds of State Marshall announces that a U. Bulgaria — January 29, KCA All former members of the Bulgarian diplomatic service are ordered to return to Bulgaria by March 15 on penalty of deprivation of citizenship.

In order to filter out content unsuitable for children, please indicate if you have reached the age of majority: The Allies decide on the four-zone occupation of Germany and Berlin until the conclusion of a peace treaty, but they agree to treat the country as one single economic entity.

The total value of U. The Soviet Union demands control over at least one Italian colony, two eastern provinces of Turkey and military bases in the area of the Straits, on the Dardanelles.