The two screens behind which there were two typewriters, on down stage left and right, were the most beautiful aspects of the play. It merely narrates to the audience, almost in a clinical fashion, incidents from his childhood, teenage and adult years. A Totally Afghani mood was set and we all were excitedly waiting for the play to start. It was minimalistic set up but use of props such as a door frame was very interesting and effective to convey the divide between self and unself. Azaadi Special [1 Hr Special] “. Just before the interval, Darshan Zariwala brings the agent alive in a performance that has the audience in splits with its situational humour and one-liners.

To their credit, none of this affected the actors. However, the play quickly manages to pick up from there. Despite that, the actors carried on with same level of high energy and gusto. The premise for Dohri Zindagi is straightforward enough, but from the get-go it is made clear that the characters in the play are anything but ready to bow down to societal expectations. The Bollywood child star struggling to accept lack of success as an adult, the corporate executive from Versova who talks about his bittersweet childhood in Bandra, the Gujarati young man on his way to USA remembering his Navratri escapades and the connected middleman who ironically labours through the bureaucracy to get his passport renewed the honest way. I was completely in awe of Nasiruddin Shah. All those of you who could decipher this coded message must watch “Diary of a Word”, especially if you are somewhere in your early twenties and are not aware of existence of vowels and punctuation marks! Spunk is a play about ordinary characters and how they behave under the influence of extraordinary semen, and full marks to the director for successfully making a slice of life scenario, memorable and interesting.

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Part 1 ” January 7, ” Double Trouble: Part 1 ” December 9, ” Murder by Marriage: They dream of travelling to Africa in flying balloons and build tents where dojri adults would be allowed inside. It tells the story of an attempted murder inspired by the legend of a fearsome, diabolical hound of supernatural origin. But the problem is that if you were asked to summarize the play or write a review, as is the case of yours truly, you are stumped when it comes to commenting about the story, screenplay or script.

It’s difficult to judge e;isode that’s exactly what the director was going for, but for a while you no longer feel hooked to the play. The play did not evoke helplessness odhri loneliness and lost love as it was meant to be.


The older ways of society when the entire village used to come together in the evening to share affairs of the day; when they used have communal dinners and cultural programs.

The play is as wonderfully abstract as it is real. One of the things that really intrigued me was the presentation of certain key events at three levels: There were times when I would feel I have got a grip on the storyline and dohrl very next moment I would lose it.

How languages of more powerful overpower dialects dohir how world politics has played a great role in extinction of some of the languages and cultures.

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Right in the beginning, the play set the grim and severe tone in which the evening would advance. One such performance was one man show by extremely talented Nigerian Poet Inua Ellaham, now settled in London.

But an integral part of this relationship is that everyone needs to pay his or her dues. In the cast, Tariq Vasudeva is his usual brilliant self, and pulls off the insecure and jealous ex-boyfriend with effortless ease. It does not treat the target audience, the children, as students in a classroom. As I said before, the introductions of the various seemingly unrelated characters automatically set the stage for the audience to indulge in guesswork of how a connection might occur between them.

This80 minutes odd long play tells ushow andwhy the words need to be protected. While it helped me identify scenes and characters from the original play, it also drew attention to the fact that script was erratic and chose to include only those elements that maximized the entertainment quotient.

It was a hint given by some supreme epiosde to stay away.

The play has 3 sets of stories going on simultaneously. Why is everybody making plays about elephants. Part 2 ” May 28, 12 ” The 15 year old case: When I left Sitara studio after the show, I had many questions in my mind about what could have been and what should have been and where do we draw the line.

Darma line made my evening worthwhile. Part 1 ” August 27, ” Abhijit in Danger: Special points to producer Niloufer Sagar for backing this eposode one-woman wonder! For me, the saving grace of the evening was the comedy brought by Abhishek Pattnaik, but on the whole there was a lack of interesting ideas and insight.


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Besides, these women are indispensable to the truck drivers who need sex on the highway as badly as they need food and fuel — the demand far exceeding the supply. It was fun to watch him run around the auditorium every now and then. The light design by Arghya Lahiri sets the mood of this bittersweet comedy.

Movies get rated out of 5 stars. It was enjoyable to watch the journey of changing equations between these two political figures and also how their relationship with each other at a personal level would have impact on history of two countries.

It was pure and simple situational humour played with impeccable timing. I am fairly sure that people from the entertainment industry would have been able to relate a lot more to the trials and tribulations that the central characters experienced.

But she goes about her back-stabbing with a sweet sugar coated knife. But do watch, because it is a powerful piece of theatre. Just as we all are now immune to the noise pollution around us. There are various means and methods of communication available but there is very little communication between people.

Even their costumes follow the same stream of imagination as the stage design.

It was heartening to crama the growth young Amatya He seemed more sensitive to staying true to the story, odhri than trying to illicit reactions from the audience one of the cringe worthy elements of Woh Chaar Panneh. If this relationship is good one can fall asleep. While Cassandra is hiding in the bathroom, the interaction between Anna and Halim takes an ugly turn and Halim suffers a fatal injury.

Part 3 ” December 2, 23 ” Murder by Marriage: He makes us hate his character so much that at the end we do not feel sympathy for his tragic fate. They scold Vivek for starting the play without making announcements about the fear factor of the play etc etc.