Watch as Urmi puts up a brave stand in front of an arrogant Samrat. For how long will Urmi manage to hide about the dance classes from Samrat? Why do so any mothers consider bahu is robbing their son? He asks the two of them to kiss each other and decides to stay in the room until then. Urmi gains consciousness and starts yelling and pleading for forgiveness from Samrat. Urmi gets irritated and hurriedly keeps them with her. Later, ‘tauji’ advices Urmi to take revenge for the injustice done on her. In the temple Anu is waiting impatiently, and gets happy when she finds ishaan coming through and composes herself.

After they are gone, shashi leaves. Anu begins to plead saying that its very urgent for her to meet him today. Sri Lanka batsman passes 12, Test runs. She wonders whats anu upto now. Saroj is tensed still. Surrounded by guilt, Samrat kills himself.

Doli Armaanon Ki – Episode – June 03, Writhen parents come to Samrat’s episod and request Urmi to take back her complaint, Shashi goes to the extent of touching her feet and requests her to free Samrat from the prison. They discuss plans, while samrat teases ishaan if he wants a masseuse for him to get rid of his tiredness.

Humsafar1 Sony tv 2 January In her room, damini is angry, while sandhya comes trying to taunt and instigate her all the more, by pointing out her big claims and then falling flat on her face.

What will Urmi’s steps be to get her revenge? Samrat and Urmi kiss each other on the cheeks. What an awful thing to say! He greets everyone goodbye.

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Doli Armaanon Ki – Episode – June 17, Later, ‘tauji’ advices Urmi to take revenge for the injustice done on her. Sangakkara started his innings on 11, runs and was given an overwhelming applause when he turned into the armano Sri Lankan to achieve 12, by thumping Trent Boult square for two.


Doli Armaanon Ki – Episode – June 13, Later she relaxes when Samrat postpones his visit to Shaurya’s classes. Sign in Recover your password. Samrat tries to ask wt happened, armaabo shashi diverst the topic.

Ek haseena the 1Star plus January December http: Amaano asks his father to come for his swimming classes. The screen freezes on her face.

On the road While samrat and urmi sit on different ends of episoe car, ishaan teases them to sit tight, as their honeymoon has officially started. Will Samrat catch her dancing? Why do so any mothers consider bahu is robbing their son? Meanwhile, Urmi’s mother-in-law prepares ‘halwa’ especially for her and this surprises everybody and makes Urmi get emotional.

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After they are gone, shashi leaves. Later, Samrat tries to threaten Urmi and holds her arms tightly to hurt her, but Urmi does not keep quiet.

Later Samrat meets Manish outside the house. Have a bless day. Doli Armaanon Ki – Episode – June 09, The screen freezes on her face. This is attachment to the extremes in both cases. The year-old attained to armawno accomplishment in his th Test innings, amid his side’s second Test in New Zealand. Rudra speaks to Sashi and asks her if she was the one januxry had informed Samrat about Urmi’s dance classes, Sashi denies it.

Meanwhile, the police arrive at Gaurav’s house and accuse Asha of stealing a baby from the temple. Doli Armaanon Ki – Episode – July 7, Next day, the whole family is shocked to find an article about Samrat’s domestic violence case on the newspaper. The whole family sees this and get shocked. They decide arkaano go to the police station and complain about Manish to the police.


Urmi asks him not to bother and start this over again, as its isnt possible, and she is extremely at discomfort to even imagine that.

Samrat orders Urmi to stay away from Divakar and his family and asks writetn to not share anything with them. Divakar is extremely upset with Samrat’s rude behaviour towards him and expresses his sorrow in front of his wife. In the temple As buaji retreats, anu heaves a sigh of relief.

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Tauji convinces Urmi to force 20144 and his mother to come for the marriage celebrations. He eyes the girls and says that they should relax then. Samrat agrees to go to the classes but after a few days. When he meets the police he realizes that the police is here to arrest him.

Watch the entire episode here? He apologises saying that he has too less armaajo and too much work. He tells her that she doesnt even understand the true sense of this term, and its xoli time to study, and not get distracted, and should focus on her career, and think about these things later on.

She calls Samrat and finds out that his car had broken down and he had to take an auto. Veera Star plus 1 January http: With tauji on her side, will Urmi gain success this time as well? Sri Lanka batsman passes 12, Test runs http: