Stefano was furious with Marlena because she did not live up to her side of the bargain. Find out what’s ahead this week on GH. Daniel asked Melanie about a phone call he had received from an unknown woman. Paige learned about Kayla’s rape. Clyde had arranged for the police to find the evidence they needed to solve E. Marlena displayed a new talent to save the gala.

Sami’s family stood by her and the kids during her time of need. Liam found a new way to break up Daniel and Jennifer. Ben learned that Jordan was staying in town because of Rafe. Roman wants Marlena to get Sami clean clothes. Kate reached out to a grateful Gabi. Theresa told Eve to stay away from Brady or else. Diva’s th Days Blogtalkradio Archive Ready!

Daniel pressured Nicole to tell Eric the truth.

Paul is the first character of his kind—a gay Asian-American male character in a lead role—in daytime. The surgery proves successful and Paul starts physical therapy.

Nick continued to draw Gabi into his world. Eve’s plan to have Theresa talk sense into Paige did not go as planned. Brady was outraged when he learned that John and Theresa had lied to him. Paul talked to Will about his lost love. Nicole was shocked when Eric told her that he would not have sex before marriage. Sonny and Will asked Marlena to marry them.


Eric told Nicole that he was leaving town to go on a retreat.

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Chyka’s file that could clear Eric’s name. Michael LoganSoap Opera Digest [3]. Hope was upset when she learned that Ciara had been harassing Chase, a new student at episodr.

She cries in his arms. Sean’s previous experience in daytime included two 10-331-14 of The Bold and the Beautiful in Clyde moved forward with his plan to double-cross E. Abe helped Maxine through a bad day. Amnesiac Will finds himself attracted to Paul. Kate discovered that her gun was missing. The three actors did a network test opposite Freddie Smith who played Sonny.

Eric learned that he needed Nicole to testify on his behalf at the Vatican if he hoped to clear his name. Marlena was upset to learn of John’s injury. When he learns he has been lied to about who he is, he comes home to Salem. Maurice Benard says yes. Chad’s true reason for dating Jordan became known. His grandfather encourages Paul to build a relationship with John and Paul agrees.

Eric struggled with his feelings for Nicole. Roman gets a call from Marlena. Kristen went wild when she overheard Theresa tell Anne she was pregnant with Brady’s child. Jennifer asked Julie for doo, to get through to Eve. Archived from the original on April 2, Eve remained determined to break up Paige and J.


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Paul selflessly tries to help Will regain his memories by injecting him with an experimental serum. Abigail gave Sami a piece of her mind. Paul believes Sonny has changed his mind about being together and Sonny admits that he briefly considered asking Paul for a loan to help keep his club afloat. Paul supports his father and meets his half-sister Belle Martha Madison epsiode Brady is involved in a near fatal car accident and receives a heart transplant.

San FranciscoCalifornia. Sonny feared his and Will’s marriage dpisode in trouble. Days Promo for Oct 20th.