It should be on top of a staircase which will lead you to the 2nd floor. Enjoy your sliced porky goodness with a mix of the ingredients wrapped inside lettuce and nom! Taste international cuisine, visit the park’s dazzling magic castle, skate at the indoor ice rink and watch over performers singing and dancing in the World Carnival Parade. Kim was a model for a dosirak company back in Or lightly cook the sashimi using their hot kimchi broth that is cooked using the fish bones! Quite a lot of tourist traps can be disappointing but when it comes to the famous Tosokchon, they really live up to their reputation as one of the best Samgyetang in Seoul. I had a taste of their bad blood blend which was a pretty good cup of Americano.

Younger consumers and people seeking to economize with their time and money are now intentionally turning to dosirak – or pre-packaged lunch boxes – mostly from convenience stores. Find this opposite a bun selling store around Namdaemun near the station. A very minimalistic cafe which also roast their own coffee beans. No lunch bag is going to perform like a refrigerator which I think a lot of people are expecting for some reason. I will definitely update this guide again when I visit Seoul in the near future! Now if you are in Seoul, you will definitely grab a tour to Nami Island — and right there is a very good Dakgalbi place that is halal called Kko Kko Chuncheon Dakgalbi. Took off one star because I don’t like that I have to hope to get what I paid for.

I googled them and found that they are quite highly rated amongst the locals and specializes in sandwiches! Stayed cool, which is all I can really ask for. Retrieved from ” https: Just show the Moovie code from mobile or printed ticket to the counter.

I came on a weekday during off peak times and it was a pleasure watching the serious barista make coffee. It’s fun walking around looking for what to buy to put in your Dosirak while paying with the old school looking coins! Drop dosirwk here to check out a good selection of sandwiches! You can check out other branches in Myeong-dong and Gangnam if you are nearby.


Dosirak – Wikipedia

One Michelin starred Mingles and ranked 15 on Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants inis one of the fine dining establishments to try in Seoul. They offer quite a variety of well balanced dosiram for brunch — you can walk around and see the food then take your pic. A good one is supposed to have custardy yolks! It has a nice mochi like chewy texture and a strong taste.

Then pack the third open container with a nice bulky snack, like raw veggies or fruit. This is indeed a gem of a find and I must thank my Korean friend Ashley for bringing me to this place! Only 17 left in stock – order soon. It is in dsoirak of the alleys just behind the famous APM in Dongdaemun — not too difficult to find.

Korean Lunch Box

The main reason Myeongdong Kyoja is in my list is because they have the most delicious kimchi! Maple Dosiraj House has quite a few branches throughout Seoul so they are pretty easy and convenient to find.

A pretty yummy snack you should try in Namdaemun market! Dosirak now offer more move a quick bite for hungry students Nov 12, It is shaken with the lid on, thereby mixing the ingredients, prior to eating. I work long days often leaving the house at Get a feel of making your own Makgeolli Korean Rice Wine! Drop by any of their branches for a taste of their wide selection of cakes!

And of course, I will rate it 5 stars!. Ease down gently by strolling down the park’s immaculately kept gardens and take in some of the park’s parades and live music before heading back to the bright lights of Seoul.

Cafes for coffee, cakes and pastries

I had thought I wouldn’t get them after reading the sellers reponse that they didn’t include them although the description clearly states they do. It was surprisingly very easy to book the travel essentials online using websites. I used the larger bag today and it fit my glass snapware containers perfectly, with plenty of extra room koresn snacks.


I think this is so cool and cute all at the same time!

I do not need to microwave it again. Though I did read that their desserts like bingsus and Korean style cakes are lovely so you can check them out too.

We ordered two types of Bibimbap and I have to say their salad with black sesame dressing is very good! His reinvention of the apple pie is currently the best apple pie I’ve tasted in my life!

Seoul Food Guide: 45 best restaurants and cafes in Seoul, South Korea!

You might be surprised to hear that green tea is pretty popular in South Korea! One issue I have with Korean Fried Chicken places is that they usually sell them dosira, big portions — so it would be difficult to try as dosirakk types of fried chicken in one go!

Took off one star because I don’t like that I have to hope to get what I paid for. Oh I have to mention their wine list is excellent too! Gwicheon which means return to heaven is a tea house filled with history.

They have quite a number of branches but I went to the Insadong branch. Heat up the containers with food inside in microwave. I dksirak mix cold and hot food together so this review is purely on hot food.

Dsoirak like this set of lunch box. There are several famous Tteobokki stalls such as the famous Mukshidonna Tteokbokki and JAWS Tteokbokki with branches all around Seoul, or you can just eat at my favourite Gwangjang market. If you want to sample North Korean style cold noodles — PyeongRaeOk which was opened since the s is the place to go.