James Hart’s screenplay may put Bram Stoker’s name up there in the title, but there’s no certainty that the author would recognise the result. What sweet music they make. Jules Sylvester as Zoo Keeper. Jonathan meets Dracula, who discovers a picture of Harker’s fiancee, Mina, and believes that she is the reincarnation of Elisabeta, his long lost love. It isn’t all beauty; there are some horrific, bloody moments in here. Coppola’s remake throws so much fancy technique at its story that the usually foolproof drama at its core gets drowned in a tide of images. Don Lewis as Shadow Puppeteer. When all is said and done, however, the majority of the meat on the films’ bones rests with the leading man and Gary Oldman really delivers the goods.

Nov 7, Rating: It’s a shame they don’t make movies like that any more. Fred Spencer as Shadow Puppeteer. Soon Dracula leaves for London. A somewhat dispersed and overcrowded story line that remains fascinating and often affecting thanks to all its visual and conceptual energy. This film has had so many parodies making fun of the lines and hair, but I think that goes to show the impact that the film had. I think this movie is a great cinematic achievement and very underrated. There are quite a few scenes with Dracula and others speaking Romanian, and the dialogue is subtitled in the film.

Hubert Wells as Zoo Keeper.

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This isn’t just a generic horror tale involving coffins, drracula and garlic, this cuts across each characters personal journey; from lovers Mina Murray and Jonathan Harker to vampire hunter, Abraham Van Helsing, with each of them 192 equal and ample screetime. Altogether this is a really good Dracula adaption. There are quite a few scenes with Dracula and others speaking Romanian, and the dialogue is subtitled in the film.

However the whole movie comes together because of Gary Oldman’s intoxicating essence. Full List of Academy Awards Winners. It’s not scary, it’s not suspenseful and its eroticism is largely theoretical.

It works beautiful with the pictures. Instead, director Francis Ford Coppola stayed more true to Stoker’s novel and put a focus on an intense love story that transcends time, the elements and even life and death.


We got the scares for the boys and the romance for the girls and it equals Dracula.

Billy Campbell as Quincey P. The subtleties aren’t there when it comes to sex anymore.

Another set of Subtitled dialogue I can’t make out is when Dracula first catches the brides seducing John Harker. Renfield, who has gone insane. This one is particularly so, with beautiful colors, wild special effects, lavish sets and a handful of pretty women, led by Winona Ryder. He becomes who he is playing, however in this role I think it was Gary Oldman’s performance, he made a very memorable Dracula.

Is it my imagination, or is he a terrible actor? No, no, not really, I just want to cut off her head and take out her heart.

Next to Max Shreck and Legosi, Oldman’s rendition of Dracula might be the definitive version in this ostentatious take. Oct 20, Full Review…. The major departure from Stoker is one of motivation as Count Dracula Gary Oldman is motivated more by romance than by bloodlust. Keanu Reeves feels so out of place in this movie. Maybe it’s just his voice. One thing that can’t be said about the film is that it lacks style or is anything less than ambitious and hugely extravagant.

Melvin White Super Reviewer. When Mina receives word from Jonathan, who has escaped the castle and recovered at a convent, she travels to Romania to marry him. There are some truly outstanding things in this film.

For Carpathian art direction, set design and costuming the vermilion leather ripples on Dracula’s battle armor, etc.

Cully Fredricksen as Van Helsing’s Assistant. He punctures the necks as a means of avenging the death subtiitles his wife in the 15th century, and when he comes to London, it is specifically to meet heroine Mina Harker Winona Ryderthe living image of his late wife Ryder plays a dual role, as do several of her costars.

I think this will go down in the horror classics when it comes to vampire movies, it’s got class, violence, blood, style and a lot of sex eubtitles.

Many people ask me what is with the appeal of vampires?


You never loved and never will love” Dracula: What devil or witch was ever so great as Attila, whose blood flows in these veins? Jan 26, Full Review…. This luscious film restores the creature’s nobility and gives him peace. Monica Bellucci as Dracula’s Bride. Ranging from creepy and disturbing to romantic and charming.

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It’s not faithful to the novel, but gets more things correct compared to other films like Dracula’s death and some lines directly taken from the novel like “Yes, I too can love”.

Normally, Hopkins delivers strong work but he absolutely hams it up here with another poor grasp on an accent that he simply can’t get his tongue around.

By the lateth Century, the titled character is trying to lure back a reincarnation of his one true love Winona Ryder and of course attempting to eliminate all those that might stand in his way Ryder’s fiance Keanu Reeves and professor Anthony Hopkins most notably.

However, there are some phrases that aren’t. This naturally turned off many horror enthusiasts who would rather see a film that thrives on shock value rather than a movie that thrives on heart, brains and emotion. This man belongs to me? AG] sub download 0 Turkish subtitle Dracula cortomaltese subtihles.

This page zeu last edited on 27 Juneat Already have an account? Does the film have flaws; oh yeah. He makes the best of his underwritten subtirles.

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Laurie Frank as Lucy’s Maid. He knows when he’s required to crank it up or play it down and his range as subtitlez actor is on full display. Anthony Hopkins as Prof. Views Read Edit Add topic View history. Overall “Dracula” is an amazingly good looking film that benefits from high production values and guaranteed performances mainly from Oldman and Hopkins.