The producer managed to fill in some humors which I love and makes it less straight forward. After the birth of Renesmee, the Cullens gather other vampir Livin’ Laughin’ and Lovin’. Scotland Here And Now. Fashion’s Name Has Moved 7 years ago. When I’m tired of surfing the net, I read. Newer Post Older Post Home.

You expecting someone else? He’s funny, cheeky, and romantic too. Livin’ Laughin’ and Lovin’. And I just finished watching Vanila Coklat this morning. I then started liking his character and enjoyed seeing how hard he tries to make his marriage work. A Photo a Day from Planet Earth.

The wait pratically killing me!! I think I’m in love with Shaarnaz Ahmad too bad he is a wee bit younger than I am The last episode looks like everything was squeezed into the minute drama. From the 1st episode itself, I felt the ‘kick’. Setia Hujung Nyawa The Favorite Ain telah dipaksa berkahwin dengan Adam bagi membersihkan nama baik keluarga walaupun Ain tidak rela. But after he and Raihana got married, he repented and became a much better person and husband.

Honestly, when I knew Gemersik Kalbu is playing soon, I was super duper excited coz I just love the novel. After listening to the song repeatedly in the show, I have begun to love it.

Mereka berkahwin jugak, tetapi tidak seperti suami isteri yang lain, Ain masih membenci Adam dan tak boleh menerima Adam sebagai suami. I’m kindda disappointed with the ending. Oh well, I guess my heart doesn’t matter Adam mengharapkan Ain kembali ,albu tetapi Ain masih lagi ego tak mau terima Adam.


Anatomy of a Love Seen 3 years ago.

I’m babbling about all those Malay dramas on TV. N u are right,bicara hati has their own kick from the first eps and the progressing of the show make me bore,i just cant wait Posted by Putri Z. Thursday, March 15, iantie.

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We only serve to index wtach available from other sites as a watcj and easy way for our visitors to find files that have been shared by their respective copyright owners. Let’s Go to Hawaii I managed to download the whole drama already and will review it once I finish watching it Cita-cita Ain Hawani bagaikan terhenti di tengah jalan apabila berlaku peristiwa hitam dalam hidupnya, Ain telah ditangkap basah kerana dituduh berkhalwat dengan Adam.

Because she is NurulBadiah. Ij was taken from 3rd party and been credited to them. I iantie Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Muara, Brunei A daughter, a sister, an aunt, a friend, a cousin, an avid reader who is petite, loud, teaser, cute, sweet, moody, kind, sarcastic, humorous, humble, adventurous,! Some fans even uploaded the good scenes on youtube. I initially hated the main characters of the drama and I found Sufian being such a jerk.

My anticipation ensured me to be in front of the TV set at 7pm sharp. Obat Manjur Penyakit Maag 7 years ago. Some say he might be the next Aaron Aziz. Timbullah perasaan benci Ain terhadap Adam kerana sikap Adam yang mendiamkan wath seolah benar mereka berkhalwat sedangkan mereka rupanya difitnah oleh bekas teman wanita Adam yang cemburukan Adam dan Ain Hawani.


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While I was away When I’m tired of surfing the net, I read. Something to look forward to. I don’t really fancy rollercoasters He just fell a lil bit behind Aaron Aziz I never liked Raihana’s character and I wish that the actress had been someone else.

I would very much like it if this drama being make into a book. Kzlbu r on the same boat ; Cant wait for the end of gemersik kalbu but at the same time kindda sad to know that gemersik kalbu is coming to an end I can’t sit around having coffee All those link not beeing hosted by blog4u. As a conceited scholar of the Ming Dynasty, Wei Yang Share to Twitter Share to Facebook.

My Mirror: Gemersik Kalbu

I then started liking his character and enjoyed seeing how hard he tries to make his marriage work. Romantic comedy but haha! Men in white uniform never fail to turn me into mush!