More ever merey review style per comments kay bajaye: I mean chalo bhai modern hi dikhana hai tou there are many ways to show that she is modern per yeh kya? Haan magar they can stay indoors. Naani ki tasbeeh is the best Lolz Like Like. I am irritated by Bedi and madiha, and the often repetitive dialogues…its just annoying. Kyun ki ashk hai ashk…hum sub kehliye…Now if it had made sense, it might have been a hit!! However my issue is that she falls in her expressions.

Email required Address never made public. Naanis tasbeeh is the best …lol. It might be the most interesting one around, but to my mind the whole premise is very confused and confusing. Yaar iss ko liya hi q hai iss dramay mein? And that what really happened with us. Annie you are too good, How do you come up with these!!! Finally humarey Rohail babu: Sadaf — thanks for commenting despite not wanting to!

With time our readership grew. Love her sense of style! Pehle pooch lena chahiye tha! Email required Address never made public. Hmmmm chalo iss narration ko idher hi pause kertey hain and let me sahk another thing. I had given up beech main, but FK ka pull bohot hai, isliye came back, but ab seriap — bohot ho gaya!!

We saw Kiran do it, and now Rohail, Madiha and Zaibu are all following suit!

Personally, I think you were restrained and Kind. One of the biggest mistakes was that they forgot that they are dealing with conservative viewers like me. But guess what I felt absolutely no happiness for any of the characters.


It has all the twists. This serial will bring her into real limelight.

The past few weeks have been a jigsaw puzzle for me really… all of a sudden we had haters coming on to our website. Infact they were able to kill 2 birds with one stone — got a Turkish speaking local who could also play a Turkish Sikh. Chala gaya na honeymoon vacation per rohail ; abb bethi kismet ko thudday marti rahoo…. Guys in the alternative universe that is Ashk it all makes sense.

However it is ideally for the 70mm… Keep the comments coming. This is what good actors do, make you buy into a completely unbelievable scenario, just because they are so skilled at their craft.

Nope its not me — its all of us together — all of us equally mad — in a very good way ofcourse! Thanks, im loving it: In the hospital even after the doctor said no talking, Zebu again starts off with her phupho bit!

Ashk – Episode 18 Review (?)

Faraz View all posts by Faraz I make websites and write reviews of eisode dramas for fun: And then we have mehreen raheel: However it is ideally for the 70mm…. This just needs to finish already … all this ajjo dinga pyar vyar — seriously yuck! Reviewers came and then went away. I cannot imagine what another 6 episodes of this going around in a circle has to offer.


Ashk – Episode 22 [Not a] Review – Desi Rants N Raves

ASHK has got me glued. I hope producers too have learnt that as audiences we are a bit more savvy than we are given credit. Her chemistry with Fawad is to die for.

Email required Address never made public. One big reason apart from the fact that its a loser serial is that they all mention only those projects which air from that particular channel …. Well will keep watching and will try to ignore all the walking, winter coats inside the house etc!!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. P episode 14 per comments dein tou bari mehrbani: For me Neelum episods is getting the role of her life time.

Out of which only few commented. Perhaps your answers will help make things clearer? And what were Madiha and Bedi doing in the eerial P Aur bhai khuda ka wasta hai yeh kya dialogue tha?