Before this was not my intention to hide our relationship, but there was no certainty, I did not want to be excited. He opened the opportunity to me. January 22, adaptasi ayda jebat drama episode episode 1 marisa yasmin novel para pelakon shukri yahya sinopsis slot akasia tv3. The couple gained widespread publicity from the media until they broke up in I don’t normally watch dramas but this one and another, was it Nur Aminah or Nur Kasih? Surga Yang Tak Dirindukan 2. In she delivered a second son, Airit Qaqa Arjuna. A love being tested with accusations of unfaithfulness.

Thank you to all my beautiful TruDolly angels who have been loving… https: At the age of 12 she began her acting career as a child performer in Ali Baba: The last 3 episodes of Tentang Dhia were mind boggling. Whoever the director is, you fail la Mr Director Newer Post Older Post Home. January 23, Erra Fazira idris khan papa para pelakon pelakon segera sinopsis suhan movies telemovie. They separated in and Chung stressed that it was an amicable separation and that she still kept in touch with Teh. I would have imagined that the director should have gotten Ku Salmi to get some kind of punishments afterall the bomoh thingy she did on Zikir and Dhia and not forgetting killing Dhia’s parents.

Fouziah took time took some time out to grief causing her to lose focus in her career at the time. Surga Yang Chia Dirindukan 2.

They began courting in secret when they co hosted together. Dia Encik Imam Express. Awal Ashaari They began courting in secret when they co hosted together.


Demi Allah tiada yang lain selain daripada Abang dan Dhia tak nak berpisah dengan Abang.

To be honest, the early days of my marriage, I can not accept her jealousy, but when I have this child, I can accept and I am more focused on my family. Adaptasi novel Dia menantu rahsia karya Indah Hairani. KTR family Sayonara is not about good-byes! February 20, adaptasi aku drama drama baru global station novel para pelakon RTM sinopsis siti elizad ungku ismail yang kau tinggalkan. She had been rumored to be dating many people and she had this to say.

Tentang Dhia | Episod 30

Rita also said that the father-in-law did not like her. I run from my problems. Actually every time I wear busana haute coutureI will wear a singlet as I feel comfortable doing so.

Walau apa apa pun. The private marriage was held at Vhia Glasshouse and witnessed by approximately family and friends. But hubby and I were not happy that bitchy Ku Salmi did not suffer as a punishment for all her evil deeds.

Tentang Dhia | Episod 30

Fazura co-starred alongside two Indonesian actors in both Kayangan and Kasih Suci. Bravo to Liza Abdullah, her acting was real. Tak naklah, Dhia taknak cacatkan majlis tu. But this drama made me its ardent fan. That’s life but never, ever go against Allah. What a tragic ending to Tentang Dhia. On 2nd March Izreen Epiosd deleted her instagram account, izreen.


I highly recommend this drama for anyone who’ve missed it. She then signed to Vertex Music and released her first music drzma and subsequently turned into one of the local most popular Chinese female singer. She made an appearance in Damping Malam I prefer to make love after marriage to avoid the happening of something less sweet and violate the limits of religion. January 24, adaptasi astro mega drama drama episode Kamal Adli megadrama novel pelakon drmaa uqasha senrose zeera aziz.


I tried to save marriage”. Although I had started acting, focusing on the work, not.

Return to top of page. Subhanallah aku mencintainya Subhanallah aku menyayanginya Dari ufuk timur hingga ke barat Selalu dihatiku. I figured that our fans have probably missed our collaborations with other artistes, so this time around, we invited some of our friends from 8 Superstars and M-Girls and even the cast from Bad Students 3 tentabg join us.

I don’t normally watch dramas but this one and another, was it Nur Aminah or Nur Kasih?

A post shared by Zhafou Zhafoujr fouziahgous on Jul 19, at 9: Noir, Tqs for dropping by, am surprised that you do watch this kind of drama At the age of 12 she began her acting career as a child performer in Ali Baba: They divorced in Aidil replied that they were married in a neighboring country because they did not get the consent from their family members. Not just because there’s Adi Putra, who happens to be my favourite actor. Retrieved 30 March By they have released six albums together.