I roll my eyes. This is the opportunity to get very meta on this show, because Seul is the drama fan. Mom demands to know what Chae Won is doing there. Upstairs, Chul Kyu is gathering up bedding. But I think it’s the result of years of her hatred for Grandpa, the group her father has devoted so much of his life for, so much so that he ignored his fatherly and husbandly duties so that her mother died alone. Mom wants Appa to help discourage the relationship. Chae Won is horrified. He crazily drives to the end of the embankment and stops, threatening to kill them both if she doesn’t take him back.

YY February 10, at 5: I hardly even remember it. Oeharabeoji declares that noodles are there to simply make someone full, but to create memories. These people are all acting very dense. And I keep telling her she’s an idiot, but she doesn’t hear me. Newer Post Older Post Home. Oeharabeoji passes out from the shock. Well, I pretty much fast forward through these scenes.

Good thing the cute is still riveting.

100 Year Legacy

Come on writers don’t fall down this early. Oma asks if that was Se Yoon. Chae Won walks along fingering the noodles, which is completely sanitary. As for Yoonjoo, they didn’t jears delve into this at all. My insides were churning with this episode In the public’s eyes, they will hear something like, “Oh, the identity of the princess is in question” and therefore be less inclined to vote for a royal family restoration because it seems more like a hoax from the Presidential office and the Daehan group.

It’s a little moving when she announces to the house that Chae Won is home. Since certain people only know this and others only know that, it’s leads to some doubt. YY February 10, eramacrazy Chae Won is serving breakfast. Like I felt like sock punching someone whenever Dan would show up. Antagonists don’t have to be fully align with Voldemort, ya know! I was on the verge of blowing up into a full-fledged rant — that these very smart people could suspect Dan, independently, of lying about her identity, and of Yoon-ju of lying about things to thwart Seol, but were seemingly oblivious to the fact that these two could lie, together?


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Because Appa is being stupid. I’m so sad this drama is ending in like four episodes after tomorrow’s episode. Because reputation is more important than competence.

She gives a small nod and looks sad and conflicted. Inside, the family is still up, worrying over her. Gramps, you are seriously getting on my nerves Posted February 5, That Dan had been left at the orphanage at age 5 because eyars had been following her father.

Hundred Year Inheritance

As Chae Won starts to cry, Oeharabeoji wakes up. I tilt to show my you my pain. This show is getting really interesting!

He tells her they should close their eyes tightly and work it out. YY February 10, at 1: Hand Towel In this economy, we feel you can save money by not worrying about silly things like costumes.

I am seriously so into this drama, it’s ridiculous. They shake hands goodbye and she remarks how she should do more to pay him back. I thought they dramavrazy a nice job telling the story of their relationship in that photo shoot. But the problem is, Dan’s presence has created a point of controversy over the entire royal family restoration project.


Mom tells Se Yoon that she met Joo Ri’s mother while out shopping. They go to a pork restaurant. Appa tells him that the same thing happened 3 years ago, with Chul Kyu saying the same things. Auntie is really sweet and encouraging.

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And I keep telling her she’s an idiot, but she doesn’t hear me. He begs his mother not to see Chae Won badly and to trust them both. Seol doesn’t seem to be portrayed as one of the brighter bulbs. Se Yoon and the lawyer arrive at the police station, where he drakacrazy out that it’s her dad that he’s here to help.

There was no kissing scene in ep10 they have edited it probably. Please can we just go back to the cute and fluffy?

Love is not like pork or beef. So they sit there for a minute. Ivy February 10, at He tries to avoid interacting with him and sweetly tries to explain away her behavior. EMIL runs into inherjtance aunts who demand to know why she’s there.

The aunties and uncles want Chae Won to not promise to try to inherit the noodle factory, because everyone knows she’d win because she actually loves making noodles and isn’t in it for the money.