Im Sung Min Supporting Cast. I’ve just watched the 6th episode. Maybe a rivalry between their sons. Watch ‘ Dong Yi ‘ with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet. Lee Jae Yong Supporting Cast. Even 50 episodes is a little too much, and adding an extension will probably just damage the story.

Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: Lee Hee Do Supporting Cast. Kim Yoo Jung Supporting Cast. The original synopsis stated it would cover Dong Yi raising her son. No matter how we try to like LYA, we still find that Eugene should be the 1st female lead role and no others for this drama. Episodes by LollyPip. But if they tightened the story-telling, there would be fewer episodes, which I assume means less money. I just hope Baker King does not get extension.

Jung In Ki Supporting Cast. Dong Yi extensions means I need to buy more alcohol. Jung Ki Sung Supporting Cast. Choi Jong Hwan Supporting Cast. Dong Yi, who is featured as being so brilliant, is so stupid at times Like the time she is running for her LIFE and she stops to mumble a prayer to her father and brother.

No matter how we try to like LYA, we still find that Eugene should be the 1st female lead role and no others for this drama. There is so much filler and slack in these dramas that could be safely removed. Then again, Shin Don’s ratings weren’t great, and it still ran 61 episodes. Yeah, but the QSD producers intended to cover her reign all along.

Odng best laugh was when Dong Yi gave the Officer or King an ultimatum – “it’s the wall or your back! But man, 60 episodes is a lot even if other historical dramas have done episodes. I remember you said you might and I have been eagerly waiting for it.


I liked the kid actors and don’t care much for the young adult actors who replaced them so I’ve got a problem maintaining interest. But 30eps is already long. Park Ha Sun Supporting Cast.

All of these complaints about extending Dong Yi. Extending it would just multiple the continuous conflicts and silliness that runs draamcrazy in this story. But at this point, the drama is still very far away from that. Even 50 episodes is a little too much, and adding an extension will probably just damage the story. She raises her son into dramacgazy well-balanced and educated person though strict discipline and will be rewarded by seeing him become the king.

King in DY is ridiculousacting as young boy first time in lovedreaming his dramacarzy whole day long ,with that mentalityimmature character how can he rule the country.

Episode 39

I love baker king! I really hope they dont approve the extension, dont want it to become draggy. My guess is that the extension determines whether that story arc is done or not. I am not a big fan of extensions because the story usually gets spoiled as a result of it – Queen SeoDeok is the perfect example.

Baker King is not that good of a drama for a extension, the main actor over acts and the co-stars don’t act to they full potential.

Is she the abused child or the eldest daughter from that troubled household? I hate extensions because usually means filler episodes that drags on and on especially in saeguk dramas. Please encourage them by leaving dramarcazy comment below! Kim Dong Yoon Supporting Cast. I read one of the comments above that the lead Yoon Shi-yoon overacts but I don’t think so.


It’s already on it’s 14 episode today and I still want more of it. Lee Sook Supporting Cast. Im Sung Min Supporting Cast. Extensions are fine as long as the story is not ruined.

However as long it did not kill the excitement and storyline, it is alright. I love Dong Yi but lately the story gets a little boring Your email address will not be published.

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I just finished ep 30 today. Please enter your username or email address. Please do not insult our intelligence! TV Dramarazy Yi Episode Cast – Dong Yi. Not sure how that balances out. D thank you for reading.

While there are a no. Kiara, “just like QSD without Mishil in the last 12 episodes. Episode 4 by Regals. I don’t think the main guy dramacarzy Baker king over acts. He’s doing a great job, way better than Dong Yi: The episode historical drama is looking at a episode extension, according to a source with MBC.

MBC sageuks typically get a request for extension if their ratings meet expectations.

Chun Ho Jin Supporting Cast. Kim Hye Sun Supporting Cast. Episodes by LollyPip. Extensions only make it draggy. If these two extensions go through, which dramas air dates would be postponed?