Please enter your username or email address. We knew from the beginning that Jae Kang is going to die from the synopsis and character description, but I applaud the writing and acting of all the casts, we love JK and his relationship with his whole family that his loss now is really hard to take. I love that at one moment JH will remember that, and will remember that he promised to take care of the little hands that cooked and cleaned for her Apa. I totally spoiled it!!!! I get enough excitement from K-dramas lol. This drama is going to be one of the classics, and I can imagine in the future even schools will use for learning.

Aw man – I was hoping that JaeKang wouldn’t be gone so soon If it was the North Koreans doing the security work here, this wouldn’t have happened. Episode 12 by LollyPip. Because it is his way of entrusting his most beloved daughter to Jae Ha, and to ask him to take good care of her. Secretary Eun will eventually and hopefully only temporarily go over to the dark side, because of his guilt and his desire to hide his mistake, but Secretary Eun most definitely did NOT bargain the king’s life for a Beatles album His hands shake as he grips the railing, and just stands there, on the ledge.

The contrast between the hope and vitality of Jae-kang’s words with his imminent mortality just had shivers running up my spine.

Not just because of the king’s death, but for other things as well. Mom says that she was a commoner when she married into the royal family, and she basically had to lie down on the ground. Jae Ha suddenly has to grow up now, so glad that he has Hang Ah by his side.

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Jae-kang has left such an indelible mark on us that henceforth it’ll be bittersweet to remember him!! MmeShahSG April 14, at 7: And he was also so composed when he was with his mother. If only fairytales came with some useful life lessons, like how to turn your prince back into one if he keeps mouthing off.


She looks up at him like he just shot her all over again, and this time, even he knows he was wrong. A Couch Kimchi Roundtable. I really love it, Lee Yoon Ji sang it beautifully. I find it beautiful. Loved him in What’s Up!

I draamcrazy expecting Jae-kang to die; I mean I knew hearys the get-go that he wasn’t the king in the “K2H” but I guess I wasn’t really expecting it to happen so suddenly is it sudden though?

I’ll take one of those too.

I love that at one moment JH will remember that, and will remember that he promised to take care of the little hands that cooked and cleaned for dramarazy Apa. It was almost comedic seeing the bad guys scrambling over the hill behind the TWO guards.

Shi-kyung leads the guard rotation down below, and he salutes as Dad passes on his way out. Where Jae-kang would stand down, Jae-ha will dig his heels in and weather the storm. Cruelsummer April 12, at 9: Just then, Jae-kang calls her, just to check in and be his awesome self.

As much as I wanted to stream or download the vids, my connection’s not very much cooperative. Sign In Sign Up.

They close their eyes and clasp their hands, and Shi-kyung sneaks a little peek at her. Yeah, same here, that was some fortress of a fence heartd All ten feet of it!

Did you guys bait and switch on the kiddos? Jo Jung Suk Main Cast.

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Wish they would do a duet together It has a role but is on precarious ground, and the Queen Mother is constantly aware of that and plays that roles with her community service and care for public opinion. And damn, the names they use for these villains. I kept replaying the scene when the Royal Family had dinner together, since it’s the last time this family gathered together.

Apr 4, at 4: Think about how lonely she must feel, here all alone. Secretary Eun leads the security sweep of the mountain villa before the king and queen are left episoee for their vacation. A wonderful project for all involved to do. I think my favorite scene in this episode was the one on the bridge, where JH struggles to contain his grief.


Jung Man Sik Supporting Cast. Jae-ha fidgets, stammering that they had too much to drink….

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Get your spidey sense tingling! I did that a long time ago. But the preview for ep 9 look really bleak; sigh this drama plays with our emotions so much. Here are the links: Since our new JH-King will be running into a lot of tough situations, I hope there are memories with hearfs hyung that we haven’t seen, and that he will call upon for strength.

How about if I hide behind you and keep watch? I can tell I’m going to need a hug after the next episode. I know I’ll cry for sure when I watch it. What, he couldn’t have taken JH aside for a moment first? And it’s something amazing at the same time – this drama is realistic and not really a drama drama, where everything is all happy happy.

I don’t think i’ve cried this much since shining inhertance. I watched the raw, read the recap and I would also watch the subbed. Although he shuns politics, he is thrown in the midst of dpisode political turmoil with Kim Hang Ah, a female North Korean special agent.

How could anyone deal with all this at once? Hopefully she can recover quickly enough. Yoon Je Moon Supporting Cast. So many levels to one scene. Jeon Gook Hwan Supporting Cast. Community hasn’t filled out any information yet.