It is so elusive. Baek-hee is now the new outcast at Kirin, thanks to her showcase disaster. What do you do in it? I had a squeeeal fest when I saw the scene.. Stirred by those words, Oh-hyuk hurries to inform Sam-dong that there may be a way for him after all: He hit President Yoon while saving me.

Had fun watching Jason at turns look surprised and annoyed at Sam-dong. I rewatched that part so many time. But oh how I long to have perfect pitch; would have made aural exams so much easier. Another for HM and JG! I need to know too! Meta [Happily never after] 49 days of still bitter by Guest Beanie.

Schmazel February 16, at 9: That nonsense pisses me off too, because I try to hard, but fail even harder. Thanks so much JB!! I believe it’s extensions, which she got for the showcase last episode. BIP February 16, at But oh how I long to have perfect pitch; would have made aural exams so much easier.

I too hope that the Show will use it to comment on the casting couch practice. I tried expressing these pitches to my Korean friends once but they just looked very confused and said I was repeating the same word four times.


Thank you e; doing this: Totally stalked for the update! What do you do in it? Kaja February 18, at 5: This show rocks my world. Perfect fifth was Twinkle Twinkle little stars, perfect fourth was Amazing Grace Park Jiyeon Main Cast. Or anything with lemons, really.

Dream High 2

Oops, I thought she was talking about something else. I don’t have absolute pitch but I’m awesome with relative pitch. About Dream High 1 is about children turning from dust into drfam. Gah, why am I obsessing I’m always on the edge of my seat after each episode!

In Montreal and no doubt countless places around the world, there are lots of Chinese people who speak perfectly good French and English. Jin-gook arrives at the school in time to join Oh-hyuk and Jin-man outside the test studio. There it’s not so noteworthy.

Where can I watch Dream High 2 episode 11?

I couldn’t agree more with your comment. I doubt there’d be a kiss scene for the milk couple.

That bruise was only a figment of Ah-jung’s gossipy imagination. Love how they released an OST album this week instead of the part 1, 2, I find sightreading easy, thanks to my high school drmaacrazy teacher.


And as much as I would love Sam-dong to overcome his condition and become the first Korean Grammy winner, I don’t think he’s “K. Oh, Pil-sook and Jason, you just make my day. I really like sib misfits friendship. It’s been three or four episodes when HM wouldn’t let JG talk – explain because she was so mad, hurt by his not taking part in the unofficial concert, then she finds he’s been with BH.

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Sam-dong turns back at the last dgeam to toss something his way — the K pendant, which he no longer needs. Wait, Kim Soo Hyun is not the lead???? Barring some physical defect, babies are born with perfect hearing — and I do mean perfect. She could be the next Mozart lol.