With human resources on the verge of depleting two gorgeous gays are chosen to fulfil the mission if the first 10 minutes of the movie do not make you laugh, this is definitely not your movie. Raumschiff is the German word for spacecraft; Traumschiff means “dream ship”, which was also a reference to Das Traumschiff , a German television series, similar to the series The Love Boat. To save Earth from the aliens, the team has to travel back in time to prevent the discovery of alien lifeforms in Area And now T Raumschiff Surprise Instead, we get a Han Solo’s type character played by Til Schweiger named Rock that provide the action scenes that these three can’t do. Stay tuned during the credits, where some blooper scenes are shown, and if you stay until the end of the credits, you’ll be rewarded with yet another short hilarious scene. In the future, Earth has colonized Mars, and some aliens aren’t happy with it, so war is declared on the Earthlings.

No progression in all those years since “Manta,Manta”. There should always be some goal left. It proves what nobody thought was possible. A rather dull brew that Bully the name says it all has concocted here: The superficial ones that loves the movie because they are shown as most positive, sympathetic and nice guys and who are even influenced in their behaviour by the stereotype shown in the media. I am completely shocked by the many negative reviews.

He also wants an Oscar. The “icon” of the movie, the gay trio of Kirk KorkSpock Spuck and the other one it isn’t clear which Star Trek character he’s meant to beis the weakest point of the flick, but fortunately it is a minor intrusion. Once upon a time these comedians decided to make a movie.

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Yeah, so, I’m not German though I do speak it The story of course is mad, weird, fast paced and garnished with the occasional joke below ssurprise waistline – exactly what you expect when you know Bully is involved. And what can I say about Bully.


The movie was so popular in Germany that a PC Game was create, and then was even a campaign for a burger restaurant theme of the movie. To start off, the film’s producer Michael Herbig asked Germany to vote on his next film after “Der Dreamshop des Manitu” and the people chose T Raumschiff Surprise to be its topic.

Drsamship only thing he does, is pretending to be gay. Mileage will vary of course, the more scifi you know, the more of the jokes you will get.

The same jokes repeat throughout the whole movie. There were more surprises: Tramitz actually succeeds in doing a accurate parody of William Shatner. And there has been another Spaceballs already, for humanity’s sake! Some of the ‘gay’ gags may not be up everyone’s street and may cause a little offence to some dreamsuip but it’s hard to say but that’s par for the course with any parody.

Bones McCoy, while the doctor, in the film seem more like Scotty. I think the creators, got confused, as he looks like Dr. Definitely recommended for an evening after a hard day’s work. I was looking for more than a couple of gay jokes.

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Frankly, just look at the effects movies like this may have on the self-image of gay youth. For example a gay man is always sympathetic, he knows much about fashion, he is the man who understands women, he behaves suprise little bit over the top in every aspect. Schrotty spends most of the movie, doing nothing as he was captured early on.


And the others, more sophisticated ones, how know that they are all thrown into one an the same pot. I surprse to say, the movie directed by Michael Herbig was part of my childhood when I saw in Germany. Most of the time my ratings for a movie are below the IMDb-average so me rating it the same as the average voter while saying it deserves a higher score is not a contradiction.

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To show this movie as a great German comedy is simply embarrassing for Germany – or it proves that the stereotypes concerning German humour are either embraced by the German media or not that wrong after all. A similar theme appears in the Terminator movie series.

The whole story is about evil human martian settlers,who come back to earth as some sorta Star Wars-inspired Empire,and quickly occupy the planet.

Herbig once described the movie as “a group of girl-roommates on adventure”. I wish I could be an extra in his next film Even the title is a funny pun: Directing and acting are mediocre at best and most of the time just pathetic.

Audible Download Audio Books. After making ‘s Manitou’s Shoe, Michael Herbig allow his audience to choose, what subject his next movie should be.

Was this review helpful? And yes, I definitely had. I am German and I understand the mostly excellent jokes of that movie. They decide to call for a three man crew from Dreamship Surprise, Earth’s last available ship, to travel years back in time.