From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Karachi region is believed to have known to the Arabs as Debal. The script was written in such a way that it makes compromising seem like a virtue which does pay off after a while. The set is very creatively designed and looks just like my house, hence, about the format of show Hassan said, My vision is beyond Koffee With Karan. The region may be the site of Krokola, where Alexander the Great once camped to prepare a fleet for Babylonia, in C. Arfeen falls to the ground in shock, but then regains his composure and asks Sara to give him her address, so that they can go there and gather her belongings. Tonite with HSY Urdu: The play shows how daughters look up to their fathers.

Meray Qatil Meray Dildar title card. Retrieved 9 November Naturally Delicious Nirmala’s Spice World. A big thanks to Umera Ahmed for some of the most heart-warming, soul-stirring and effective dialogues. Under Mirza Ghazi Beg the Mughal administrator of Sindh, development of coastal Sindh, under his rule, fortifications in the region acted as a bulwark against Portuguese incursions into Sindh 5. Mansoor and Haider both were not able to tackle with the ups and downs of early years of marriage tactfully other than that both of them loved their wives and were good human beings.

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan —whose vision formed the basis of Pakistan. She further tells that she had to episodf a lot to gain her acceptance and also the true love of Mansoor, who had earlier neglected her on the words of his mother. Shows debut episode premiered on September 13, which features Pakistan two most prominent and famous faces, Mahira Khan and Fawad Afzal Khan, without any self introduction HSY, spontaneously conducts the interview with the guest and follows the show arranged format.

Romance film — Romance films make the romantic love story or the search for strong and pure love and romance the main plot focus.

Standing Buddha from Gandhara. Both of them are impatient, uncompromising and immature.

With the advent of the British Raj, Persian was no longer the language of administration but Hindustani, still written in the Persian script, the name Urdu was first used by the poet Ghulam Hamadani Mushafi around The way the viewers are transported from present to the past was beyond impressive. Not to be confused with the Turkish Princess, Durru Shehvar.

The Karachi region is believed to have known to the ancient Greeks. Nadia Jamil was flawless as the confused, bitter and depressed Shandana. The new constitution stipulated that all laws were to conform to the injunctions of Islam as laid down in the Quran. And thus, she often compares Haider and her father. For instance, the Arabic ta marbuta changes to he or te, nevertheless, contrary to popular belief, Urdu did not borrow from the Turkish language, but from Chagatai.


The play shows how daughters look up to their fathers.

Hearing this story Shandana realises that her mother’s life wasn’t a bed of roses. Some of the viewers thought that DeS was regressive because it was asking women to compromise alone while the men had no such responsibility.

Drama Durr e Shahwar 15 (Last Episode) دُرّ شہوار Full Episode

Anthology series Saare Mausam Tumse Hee. Back in present time, Sara and Haider become good friends and she visits the rest of her family, including her aunts and uncles, and each person she asks refuses to give her any details about what happened. Arfeen panics and asks Saras aunt Aqsa whether she told Sara what happened with her mother and this prompts Haider to ask what happened, and Arfeen launches into the story.

Thus linguists usually count them as one language and contend sgahwar they are considered as two different languages for socio-political reasons 4. Hearing this story Shandana realises that her mother’s life wasn’t a bed of roses.

Drama Durr e Shahwar 15 (Last Episode) دُرّ شہوار Full Episode – video dailymotion

It is separated from Tajikistan by Afghanistans narrow Wakhan Corridor in the north, Pakistan is unique among Muslim countries in that it is the only country to have been created in the name of Islam. He reports this matter to his sister i. Examples include Killers, Knight and Day, Mr. She married Usmaan Peerzada, a media personality, in The couple have two daughters, Anum and Amal and their younger daughter Amal is a miniature artist.

Shawhar hands him a letter, and he seems shaken after reading it and he asks her where Saba is, and she replies that she died four days prior.

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Karachi features several examples of colonial-era Indo-Saracenic architecture. The conversations between Shahwar and her father are very epiode throughout the play. From the 13th century until the end of the 18th century Urdu was commonly known as Hindi, the language was also known by various other names such as Hindavi and Dehlavi. One review cannot do justice to this masterpiece. But Shandana envies her mother thinking that she led a comfortable and happy life with a loving husband and nothing to worry about.

The Arab conqueror Muhammad bin Qasim conquered the Indus valley from Sindh to Multan in southern Punjab in AD, the Pakistan governments official chronology identifies this as the time when the foundation of Pakistan was laid. It is based on Umera Ahmads novel of the same name and it is an emotional story of a girl named Saba and her daughter Sara. The communal nature of the language lasted until it replaced Persian as the language in and was made co-official. Durr-e-Shahwar has been written by Umera Ahmed, it has been directed by one of the best directors in the industry; Haissam Hussein.


Allama Muhammad Iqbalthe national poet of Pakistan. They head back to Arfeens estate, where he introduces Sara to his son and it is revealed in a series of flashbacks that Saba was Saras mother and Arfeens first cousin. But recently there has been a breach in their relationship due to which Shandana decides to spend some time at her maternal home in Murree along with her young daughter, Sophia Sophia Syeda. When they arrive at Saras home, which is small compared to Arfeens mansion, she leaves Arfeen in the main room.

Romantic comedies are films with light-hearted, humorous plotlines, centered on romantic ideals such as true love is able to surmount most obstacles.

Durr-e-Shahwaar by Hum Tv – Last Episode 15 – Promo

This does blemish Shandana’s respect for her father but it calms her down and gives her morale to start a new life with Haider. The best aspect of this play is that shaywar and men from the older generation can connect to Shahwar and Mansoor and those of the new generation can see a reflection of their own selves in Shandana and Haider. It is dra,a one of the 22 official languages recognized in the Constitution of India, hyderabad, Rampur, Bhopal and Lucknow are noted Urdu-speaking cities of India.

The background music is haunting and mesmerizing; it fully gels in with every shagwar. It ended its run in India on 6 November The series is based on short stories on real life situations and it aired every Friday at 9,10 pm. Shandana also undergoes a stage of semi-depression and evens thinks of divorcing Haider. She tells her that eipsode she had got married Sanam Baloch as Young Dur e shehwar and moved to Mansoor’s Mikaal Zulfiqar as Young Mansoor house, Mansoor’s mother Saba Faisal was cold towards her and did not use to appreciate her for good qualities.

Historical romance – A romantic story with a period setting and this includes films such as Gone with the Wind, Doctor Zhivago and Titanic. Urdu was promoted in British India by British policies to counter the previous emphasis on Persian and this epidode a Brahman backlash in northwestern India, which argued that the language should be written in the native Devanagari script.