However, the young mermaid cannot talk to him anymore because Banak forbids it. Lucia answers that she knows how the mermaid feels. Everytime she tries to bring herself back in, Fredo is a step further away from her. As she and her friends, with the help of Fredo, were strolling around the city, they happened to spot a wooden cart being pushed by kids. Liro prepares a surprise to make her happy and he succeeds. Fredo is on the rescue after learning that someone gets his girlfriend using an L car unit. The baby becomes her inspiration and move on after the death of Tino and the loss of her daughter.

She learns that the man needs help to save his wife from Reyna Dyangga. Now, Dyesebel learns that her mother Banak is looking for her, and even risking her life being with humans in her mermaid form, just to go out looking for her. Dyesebel came face to face with Reyna Dyangga who still thinks that she is a threat to their Kingdom. Perhaps, it is time for her to flee to go back to the sea and find her mother, Banak. Liro is now pursuing his intention to win the heart of Dyesebel. Reyna Dyangga is pretending to be nice with Dyesebel in order to know her secrets.

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On the other hand, Elena is pretending to help Lucia when it comes to Betty. It is also his way of saying sorry for what he has done to her.

However, Liro could not believe that the very person he loves is part human. Well, then comes the “funny characters”, which Dyesebsl must say is top-notch, led by the superb young Robert Villar.

Piece by piece, she puts back the puzzle of the identity of her mother. Share this Rating Title: Dyesebel Fredo Betty Gildo. On the other mariian, Fredo is staying near the seabelieving that he might see Dyesebel again.


Lucia celebrates with Dyesebel as she welcomes and introduces her as her long lost daughter. Dyesebel is determined to learn the truth about her life despite her misunderstanding with Banak.

On the other hand, Banak gets away from the hands of Reyna Dyangga to find Dyesebel. But Lucia insists she is the real mother and she should not be deprived of this right. She thinks that Lucia only cares about looking for her lost eivera. She wonders why the young lady is looking for such information.

On the other hand, Fredo feels tired epiode his relationship with Betty. Lucia, seeing Dyesebel lonely, asks her what she feels deep inside. But Dyangga will never stop until she eliminate Dyesebel and get the magic conch-shell.

Now, Lucia negotiates with Dante to finance his project, Bantay Sirena or the hunt for mermaids. Dyesebel is busy searching for her magical shell that she accidentally lost inside a gymnasium. But one day, Fredo goes home after the rescuers found him on the island.

He introduces Betty and Dyesebel to each other. At the end, Dyesebel finds her shell necklace dyesebbel the bay which gives her a clue that Banak just might be around the city. She turned down the love of Fredo because she cannot bear to see Betty getting hurt. Since Dyesebel is determined to find Banak, she decided to use the magic conch-shell in order to get human legs that she needed on land. Liro pursues his plan to kidnap Dyesebel.

The love story of Dyesebel and Fredo is very “touching”, as they dyeseebl through all the travails of a mermaid-human love. He starts asking permission from Banak as a sign of his respect and expression of his clear intentions.

Fredo is hoping to meet Mmovie again now that he finds the magic conch-shell. Now, Lucia confronts Banak about it, and she is starting to realize that Dyesebel, whom eivera thinks could be a mermaid, might be her lost daughter. But Fredo will follow her, further stamping her true love for the fair mermaid.


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But Dyesebel also finds out the most difficult truth: The price of knowing the truth seems to be too much for Dyesebel. Meanwhile, Banak escapes from Kanor’s evil hands with the help of some street children who hid her tail and put her inside a cart. On the other hand, Banak is still safe in the hands of the street children.

Soon enough, Dyesebel finds herself in the middle of an insurmountable ordeal as her secret is ful, before everyone. Because of these, the Princess is planning to sabotage Dyesebel so that Liro will not pursue her interest on the mermaid.

His chemistry with Marian Rivera Dyesebel is undeniable. And to make matters worse, she already knows the truth riveea her adoption. Elena, the long-lost daughter of Stella, returns with her two sons for reconciliation. rivfra

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Upon seeing him and Dyesebel, Fredo instantly hits this man and Dyesebel gets the shell. Because of that, she decides to learn it in her own way. Mermaids on film posters. Dyesebel has been told that her biological mother is alive. But Betty will find an unlikely ally in the merman-turned-human.

Aside from that, he is also doing it after learning that the mermaid has a relationship with a human being. She cannot accept that Liro loves Dyesebel and not her.