She further says she will throw nandini out once she gets her work done. Yug gives all the updates regarding marriage ceremony to Radha on phone as promised. Here are some BTS photos. Aradhana cheers her up saying she is lucky that he got a husband like Mritunjay! RP says to himself that his people must have caught Radha by then and she will not come to court. Yug on the other hand tries to reach Radha but he could connect the call.

She confronts him and asserts her determination not to let him go to jail no matter what happens. TV rivals who turned friends. RP gets a dream of him being stabbed by Mrityunjay. She roams around in the jungle to find out a way to reach Bhopal. Nirmala asks her to wait outside. Yug too wants to accompany them but Mritunjay refuses and assures him that he will bring Radha safe. Tara then asks her to bring all the family members to the hall as she wants to reveal a secret. Nandini asks meethi to help Tara.

In shekhwat mansion, Yug helps Mritunjay to dress up. Nirmala notices them and tries to remind Mrityunjay of his promise and he immediately frees himself. He stops her from seeing those pictures. Yug is shattered with Radha death.

Nandini manages to out the envelope in the gift packet for Meethi. She tries to run but RP calls her from back. Jairaj and adi asks him on the results but RP tells them to concentrate on the wedding first. Radha applies mehendi for Tara. Radha hallucinates of putting Sehra to Mritunjay.

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Drzma asks Mrityunjay to pacify Tara and bring her home. She requests him to give her a chance to see Tara to which he agrees. Further Mritunjay goes to see Dadu, but finds him missing.


Radha gets shocked and informs him that she was never raped.

Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Vasu takes a picture of Dadu and shows it to Tara. Later they hug each other. With Mahesh out of the picture and Rishi not trusting her, Aditi has no one to turn to! He reveals that he is loyal to both RP and Jairaj. Yug fumes in anger and declares that he will find out his fathers murderer.

We can not wait to see him in the latest Viu Original 13Mussoorie. Tara misses her mother and calls her but her mother refuses to talk to her. Vivian Dsena gets candid in Lucknow. It was kept in her locked car. Things were back to square one.

She hides herself and later comes out surprised to see her man Mriyunjay Singh shekhwat in short hair and trimmed beard, as she wished.

Later RP comes to prison to meet some prisoners and instructs them on something. Mritunjay,Tara and Radha are locked in a chamber and poisonous gas is leaked.

Which is your current favourite Indian web series? When questioned further Dadu asks Tara for Bhagavat Gita. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

Mrityunjay goes to the stable and takes out the pearl which Tara gave him. Police ishhq orders solitary confinement for Mritunjay and refuses his meeting with Tara. Mrityunjay promises her to follow her wishes. Adi comes to the kitchen and helps meeti. She then requests Yug to take her to central prison as she wants to meet Mritunjay.

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Jairaj is on his way to Ramnagar,gets a call from DIG that Mrityunjay should report police Head ishhq by tomorrow, or his parole will be cancelled and new charges will bopnd filed as he violated the rules.


Based on he backdrop of the beautiful city of Mussoorie, this psychological thriller series includes 13 riveting, nail biting episodes which are streaming exclusively on viuindia ShowDart recommends to watch this thriller!

Meethi gets shocked to hear that. Meethi,Nirmala ,Aditya and Jairaj wait for Tara in the hall. Tara pleads to nandini to believe her and reveals to her that RP is an eunuch.

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Week ending 7 March Epi bond Someone rings the bell, Radha rushes to open, thinking its her brother. Power comes and Tara runs out of the room. Ek Shringaar-Swabhiman actress Ankitta Sharma to play soundless garba with fans. She fire the balloons and wins the game. Yug calls up radha to inform about the case reopening.

She informs RP that meeti is not willing to divulge anything when she herself saw her talking to Tara, which means she is hiding something. Kalawatis henchmen inform her that her work is done and all her three enemies are dead.

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Tara then asks her to bring all the family members to the hall as she wants to reveal a secret. He tells her that he is going to help MJ to get ready.

Nandini slaps Tara and asks her to leave. Suddenly she sees RP and tries to hide. Cops drag Mritunjay and Tara sees this. She gets excited to hear that.