His wife Supriya asks him how much money he has spent during the day because of his habit of betting. Ghana tells Manav that he is upset because his alliance is broken. Vallari’s daughter Kuhu is busy composing poetries. She shows it to Ghana. Radha too speaks out her feelings to Mahesh. Digambar explains to Ghana that couples have some specific habits. Radha is stunned to hear Sonia asking her husband to take her shopping for Radha’s engagement. Mahesh Desai 1 episode, Mohan Joshi

Mayi scolds them for making noise. Prachi instigates Radha saying that the engagement date is fixed at a very short notice. Mahesh finds it very difficult to convince Radha. Must say there have been moments, both emotional and comical, which can be enjoyed for ever. Mahesh and Prachi too are glad that the engagement ceremony went off well. Pak Pak Pakaak His wife Supriya asks him how much money he has spent during the day because of his habit of betting.

Kuhu Kale 1 episode, Digambar asks Ghana to choose a finger. Devki expresses her fear about Ghana having different preferences. Ghana requests her to speak to the family.

Eka Lagnachi Dusri Goshta

He tells Ghana how he raised Radha after his wife’s death. Devki is helping Radha choose a sari when she notices the bracelet given by her lying on the table.

Ghana explains to them that it won’t be easy for his wife to leave them after she develops an emotional bonding with the family. Ghana suggests that they should elope so that their family members won’t be able to do as they will. Ghana firmly tells Mayi and the others that the engagement will not take place.


Radha comes downstairs after changing. Digambar tells Supriya that eeka liked Mahesh as a person.

Eka Lagnachi Doosri Goshta – Episode 1 – video dailymotion

Mahesh tells her that he is a very big fan of hers and wants her autograph. After the ceremony is over, Mayi declares that the wedding date should be fixed as soon as possible. Mayi is elated when Pari informs her that Ghana has gone to see the girl. Mahesh tells him that Radha has refused to meet the 71st boy.

Seeing Digambar busy talking on the phone, Supriya asks Ganga to get the phone from him. They compliment each other on the outfit they had worn for the engagement. Ghana is about to make Radha wear the ring when Mayi shouts out of excitement. They remain firm on their decision to have a lagnach marriage. In the office, Avinash reveals to Manav that Radha is on leave as she is going to meet a prospective groom.

Both try to find excuses to reject them. Radha explains that she didn’t dusei mean to call off the marriage. Dhyana offers to accompany the women for shopping.

Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video. Ulka decides to speak in front of everyone. She tells Radha that she will teach her to wear the sari.

Prachi tells Mahesh that she will also have to inform the jeweler that she won’t be ordering the jewelry from him. Supriya makes an excuse to avoid going with her. He lies to Radha that he wanted to talk to her. Radha tells Mahesh that she is very busy.

He asks Radha if he said anything wrong to Ghana the previous night, but she deliberately refuses to tell him just to pull his leg. Mumbai Pune Mumbai 3 shows Gautam and Gauri’s after marriage life. Avinash tells the staff members that he is giving them a holiday as it is Radha’s engagement.


Prachi points out to Mahesh that there was a hidden lagnacni in the suggestion that the ring should have a gem stone if not a diamond. Prachi expresses her frustration about Radha’s decision of having a registered marriage.

Ghanashyam Kale 1 episode, Devki informs him that Ghana has agreed for the engagement, and he has gone dsuri meet Radha. Ulka also tells Vinod about Ghana’s alliance being fixed.

Script and dialogues are fantastic. Devki seems to have misunderstood. Just then Ghana returns.

Radha too is shocked to see her boss peeling potatoes. Ghana is unable to utter a ,ovie, out of surprise. Radha decides to talk to Ghana, but just then Ghana calls her.

Eka Lagnachi Doosri Goshta – Episode – video dailymotion

Each title is ranked according to its share of pageviews among dusti items displayed. The moment Supriya leaves the room, Digambar calls someone to talk about a bet.

Start your free trial. Most Anticipated Indian Movies and Shows. Ghana comes to meet his aunt Ulka Asavari Joshi and tells her that he is fed up of meeting girls and rejecting them. Manav hides the ring under his feet while others are searching for it.