Within that short span of time, we suffered a lot. We were terrified that an accident would happen. Mahmud Ousman – Amare Eritrean music 5 years ago. Food, water and medical service. In the Dahlak Islands, they were offloading and loading weapons from boats which they did not know where they came from and where they were heading to. They also beat the victim with different tools and various methods while still tied up. In the police station where I was detained, I stayed for 8 days with others who were detained a week before me, to a total of two weeks.

Those in national service get 30 days leave per year if they are lucky; but if they are unfortunate if they are in Denkelia, for instance , they are given 45 leave days in two to three years time period. The underground prison is reserved for cases considered serious. Initially, the proclamation on national service was meant to last for a period of one year and half and to apply to adults both men and women between the ages of 18 and And what is worse is since people who claim to be sick are often suspected of faking it to avoid hard labor or arduous military training, instead of medical treatment, they usually receive punishment that exacerbates their condition. Eritrea Instrumental Music Dawit Kidane 1. As an eye witness, I will limit my report to what I and others in similar situation have observed and experienced. Within that short span of time, we suffered a lot.

Every evening the prisoners are made to move hadaniit the daytime compound, carrying their luggage and drinking water, to the nighttime compound and vice versa. Moreover, what is distressing and humiliating is that in the places where prisoners relieve pat wastes in the open, they do that under heavy guard, in a very confined, narrow place and in few minutes maximum of 5 minutes. Once a week, in thousands, the prisoners are also made to walk under a heavy guard about 4 hadant distance to a flowing stream to wash their bodies and clothes in a very crowded and rush manner.

Because of their mental problem, they were unable to keep the necessary documents that certify their exemption with them all the time. Yosief Asmelash – Amakrni 4 years ago. Tareke Tesfahiwet – Enbabay 4 years ago.

The people of Eritrea are really facing a savage and merciless enemy that has remained relatively invisible in the eyes of the wider international community and egitrean Eritrean Diaspora. Tesfaldet Weldetinsae – Nzur Ketema 4 years ago.

Girmawit Tesfamariam – Zeben Temelisha – 5 years ago. Washing clothes and taking a bath was allowed once a week on a nearby stream, within a limited time of 10 to 15 minutes. Mahmud Ousman – Amare Eritrean music 5 years ago.


The Ethiopian children were in a very distressing condition. Some were shuffled between Mai Serwa and Adi Abeito prisons because the prison officers were unable to decide in which prison they should be kept; there was confusion as to what their cases fall into. Likewise, people whose health deteriorates while in national service are provided with no attention and little medical care. In places like Adi Abeito and Barentu, people have never washed their clothes and bodies even for two months.

Yet, the prison authorities are not satisfied by the presence of all these guards and have placed an additional layer of guards to surround the nighttime compound. Under this topic, I will discuss further the supplies and health situation.

Thus, the soil is covered by the waste and the prisoners add to it continuously, making new layers of wastes. Scabies and other skin diseases are also common, and lice infestation is everywhere. And those serving the national service are treated as slaves with no rights whatsoever, made to work by beating and other forms of punishment, even to the extent of killing them, if they display the slightest sign of opposing the injustice and atrocities committed against them or others.

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Elsa Chyrum London, U. He also once escaped together with Meron, this time using the advice of Huruy 14 years on how to escape. Among those who were disabled by beating and other forms of torture, there was one who was caught by the national security officers around Tsorona when he was attempting to cross the border to Ethiopia. As the result of the fast driving on the winding road to Massawa, almost every one was throwing up.

Bsrat Aregay – Tim – 5 years ago. And even if one gets old i. In the police station where I was detained, I stayed for 8 days with hqdanit who were detained a week before me, to a total of two weeks.

For solid wastes, it is twice per day, once in jadanit morning and another in the afternoon. From Mendefera, about 70 persons were transferred to Adi Abeito prison, with hands on cuffs and bare footed, on a dumper truck having sharp floor which caused bruises on our feet on contact.

The various stages of physical torture and other forms of atrocities these poor innocent people go through are presented below: Eritrean Music Temesgen Yared 5 years ago.

Wedi Bayre – Adeyey 5 years ago. From those who completed training and graduated on the 8 th of Julyin my own battalion there were 17 children 17 of out participants.

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Another devastating result of these poor living conditions was a meningitis breakout in the center that killed many people in its first incidence due to the delay caused by denial of the government and, consequently, to the total lack of medical treatment. Innocent people are held in prisons in poor conditions, sometimes for years on end with little food.


As it was the case with those of us who were taken mobie to Mendefera police station, those who were brought from various other places too were brought on handcuffs. We were terrified that an accident would happen. Robel Haile – Aytnebie Ajoki 5 years ago. Day and night, it was hot like a furnace, suffocating, and with no space to rest.

A young man who was named Siem, from Asmara, and with whom I had been acquainted in Adi Abeito prison on our way back to the camp, was tired and sick and he eriyrean not carry his load. He was called Gerry, a graduate from the University of Asmara.

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Thus, those that got visibly most malnourished were referred to the fattening program till their body normalized before they were made to return to the general feeding system.

On arrival, they including Huruy, the one who advised them were not spared the routine torture that adult escapees face. If things seem to get out of control, they shoot a lot of bullets around the escapees — on their sides, front and rear to the extent that it severely limits the movement erihrean the escapees.

There is one health station that serves the three prison camps which is poorly equipped, with no laboratory, with extreme shortage of medicine and poorly staffed. Health services are almost nonexistent.

Many of the prisoners had to ensure their own supply. If one reports that he is tired, sick or disabled, they never believe him and keep beating him mercilessly. Therefore the nighttime purpose compound, which is outside the daytime compound, is designed to remedy this problem by concentrating all the prisoners mvoie stay in relatively large area during the day in a narrow area during the night.

There are also many cases where children between the ages of 11 and 14 were taken to training camps for similar reasons. Feven Tsegay – Habibi – 5 years ago. Sheebi threatened him that he would really suffer when he reached the camp for his tricks. Apart from these camps, there are movoe other prisons.