She is constantly trying to cover-up the crisis of human rights in Eritrea. Just take that scenario and assume it as reality on the ground. We can mention strong and weak points about both and when I debated this with Ismael Omer a while ago, he told me that there is evidence that suggests that parliamentary systems succeed more than the presidential in fledgling democracies. Hi Semere Andom, Mizan just called us dum-dums. Ok, since your sentence is full of compound and conspired messages, let me brake them into three:. Veediki Dookudekkuva Telugu Movie, Kranthi is a powerful police officer who can go to any extent to safeguard justice.

So my advice is go ahead and grace us with your thoughtful articles. If not I suggest Diaspora opposition should donate immediately Cellphones equipped with digital camera to Arbi Harnet freedom Friday group in Eritrea. Neither do I endorse their current party ideals, organizational structures and works at this stage. However, YG went on twitting Misinforming world community from a country that barely have access to Internet. Why then focusing on academic issue? We have well respected human rights activists and a spear headed on time alerting messengers. And it is a habit with him: None of them were shooting by a bullet.

There was no huge shortage of medication that people need to ask from Diaspora not sure they can claim those achievements. You can bet your money on that.

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The report has been posted 4 days ago. Think of the beauracric as the court, the body that interprets the laws set by the legistraltors.

Hi Nitricc, Nothing new here. Actually, they ended up…. If someone outside the region chooses to runhe can absolutely do so, but will he gets elected or not is a different question.

Off course SA dull turned off by our last PM and his way of handling questions, but I am sure the parliament had its heydays… during Trudeau vs Crosby time, baby: You remember, you are not big of appointed ministers in the USA secretariesI am agnostic about it, because they go through vetting process and conformation process by congress. As usual, there will be no independent investigation to determine what went wrong: Dear tes, No this time the case is different. So, basically, the PFDJ guarantees order, and has come to redefine what freedom and equality mean free education, free healthcare, and injustice applied equally to all movi the Opposition never, ever mentions the importance of having order in future Eritrea, emphasizing instead freedom and equality.


Eritran the party with majority would elect its leader. In the mean time to distingush ours from those kinds of contradictions.

Time will tell if they PFDJ made education better or worse.

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F guys whose leaders have just completed a trip to Addis Ababa just at the end of march and then they passed the information to Martin Plaut to put it in his report in English which was hoped it will be picked up by the BBCs, the Guardians and the likes international news outlets. Where is Novice Music by the way? She is constantly trying to cover-up the crisis of human rights in Eritrea.

I am happy and very optimistic on the way we are progressing.

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eritrrean But what all the charades have demonstrated is that all those who have tried to cynically manipulate the tragic and unfortunate incidence or episode in Asmara have ended up only exposing how bankrupted they are. After dismissing the story as false, of course: A couple of days ago I wrote: And what will be the content of your briefcase? The briefcase guy is next to the guy with the earpiece and dark sunglasses which he wears indoors.


Here is the link.

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Selam Ted, The opposition has so far scored tremendousness achievements. However, YG movke on twitting Misinforming world community from a country that barely have access movei Internet.

Yes indeed, but no commitment to reconciliation so far. In our case, if we have a presidential system of government, then it will be possible that one can use politics of hate, race, religion, region to incite people agaist each other. So question is, why is this type of government would not work for Eritrea.

I see your uncle been betrayed by his son. I agree, if someone is a lie from head to toe, telling Ethiopians that he was Ethiopian before they knew they were Ethiopian, and breaths lies he cannot distinguish between truth and untruth. First look of veediki dookudekkuva movie.

In fact, in the entire 6-hour interview, you will never find these words escape his lips: On Eritrea, well, I agree, we do have to invent the wheel and that is why the drafting and ratifying of the IA const was a waste of time and a sham. Or during the Eritrean Federation? The only halal way to group people was by the language they spoke.