Towards a New Generation. Hakugin no himitsu heiki. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Shin voit alors que Eyeshield 21 est un joueur rapide et agile. Sena uses it and runs towards the end zone with Shin right behind him. Hiruma, who is trying to convince an old man to be the Devil Bats’ coach, sees the Wild Gunmen and replaces Mamori. The mayor of Tokyo sees his alma team Uraharajuku Boarders has failed to reach the Kanto tournament, but then he gets a call from Mutto who is the new member in the sport counsel of the city to put his team in a match with Deimon which who is weak team and if they win they can play in the tournament.

Retrieved October 14, It turns out not to not be enough and Sena lets go of the ball. As a celebration of their progress, Mamori decides to buy Sena and Riku new shoes. Sena grabs on to Monta when he catches a ball and uses the Devil Hurricane for a touchdown. The ball belongs to Ojo now. They go to a stadium where a professional American Football tryout is being held.

Sena is launched off the bike and lands in the stadium with a flashy appearance. In the end, he promises to rejoin once his father recovers. Hiruma Vs The Kongo Brothers. Once he gets home, Kurita goes into hiding, not wanting to be the cause of the Devil Bats’ failure. With the Devil Bat Dive running at 4. Sena then tosses the ball in the air and Hiruma catches it and scores by running it past Agon. Archived from the original on May 6, Sakuraba attempts the Devil Backfire but failes and makes a nasty fall losing consciousness.


Towards The Shining Light. An interview with Hiruma and Agon. Vs The Top Player. Also, Mamori is accepted to join the American Football Club as manager, while Sena acts as secretary.

Jumounji, going to the bathroom because he feels airsick, brings the stuffed toy back to Cerberus’ seat when he returns.

It turns out 141 is indeed an idiot and Suzuna leaves in frustration, with Sena following to comfort her. Musashi wa koko ni iru Musashi est parmi nous.

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Retrieved June 15, Ojo still wins, however, because the Iron Horse has to sit half of the game out. This means that the Devil Bats have to steal the Stteaming from the White Knights and score a touchdown – all in one go; if Sena gets tackled, then all is over.

Right after that, the announcer says Sena’s name Then, shy Sena says the words that Mamori was sure she would never hear: The Lone Warrior on the Battlefield. The coach has agreed to train them.


Eyeshield 21

Before the match, Sena removes his helmet to reveal his identity to the world. Retrieved October 5, The Deimon Devil Bats are in trouble due to Shin playing.

Things start to look bad for Deimon as they are apparently caught in a loop from the Spider’s web, giving Bando a significant lead. Meanwhile, Musashi watches the game from his father’s hospital room.

Shin Seijuurou Vs Kobayakawa Sena. But Shin wants to see Sena’s devil-like Ghost Run instead of it being sealed. The current score is After which Hiruma comments that if they get through the first 10 minutes the rhythm of the match will turn in their favor. The coach makes the team wear masks that greatly reduce their oxygen intake, which will greatly increase their lung intake for one day. With four minutes left in the game, the score isBando to Deimon.

Half Time 4 Koma Show.

At night as the marker is marking the sheet when Hiruma’s shadow appears behind him. When The Dream Withers Away.