Given that Kang-Jae is in a gang, it makes sense that his life is chaotic and violent, and there’s a lot of abuse that goes on within the gang. Choi Min-sik Cecilia Cheung. Also this is the movie which made me a fan of Choi Min-sik, not the little overrated ‘Oldboy’ in which he is cool, but too remote to make an impact. With a heart-wrenching and bitter-sweet undertone we are told a story about loneliness, yearning and hope. Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. An error has occured. I was not only moved to feel sorry, but also warm, since it is a love that has never been seen elsewhere, so faint between the two, yet strong enough to sustain the two’s lives, and change their tracks of them. How can a movie where main male and female characters really never meet be a melodrama?

Failan is the sweetness that is this movie, and Kangjae is the helpless violence. Aside from the opening minutes where Failan Cecilia Cheung arrives in Korea, we don’t even see her, and there is no context for her existence at that point. Unfortunately, they have moved on to Canada and now she must try and make a new life for herself in a foreign country. Yes, it sounds strange, but it really works. Although the direction and beautifully written script were more than enough to make me fall in love with this movie, it was also exploding with two powerhouse performances by Korean actor Choi Min-shik Kang-jae and the Hong Kong Super-Starlet, Cecilia Cheung Failan. Failan a touching role by cecilia cheung is an immigrant from china who finds out that her relatives have left Korea. The Flixist reviews guide.

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Failan is the saddest movie in my living memory. What affected me was when Kang Jae was reading the letter from Failan thanking him for being the kindest person she’s met.

Also this is the movie which made me a fan of Choi Min-sik, not the little overrated ‘Oldboy’ zummary which he is cool, but too remote to make an impact. She never gets to see kang-jae and ultimately dies of a disease. Even though Kang Jae packs up at his place at the end, he has already seen that his life had an impact. No copyright infringement intended.


A loser in the game of life finds redemption in a girl he just helped get paperwork for immigration purposes by a paper marriage. It just kept going to the girl and then when the scene changes back to the guy, he says that she is dead. That’s summaty full quarter of the film, and what happens in the first half hour could easily have been condensed or cut out entirely with little to no impact on the story. Very touching romantic film which is devoid of any real romance.

I don’t know if it’s a cultural thing, but I’m English and loved, for example, My Sassy Girl, but I had trouble following the central themes of this movie. Opening shows a shy young Mainland Chinese woman, Kang Failan Cheungbeing admitted into South Korea; film then immediately flashforwards to a year later.

Korean films have mobie a long way, yet I trust their action and flashy stylish movies more then their dramas. My dad brings DVDs from Tailan now and then, and this movie was on of them. Instead we get a film about a loser who comes to understand what he has lost in his life. I have had discussions with others about the film and the biggest qualm seems to be that the first half’s violence doesn’t quite work with the second half’s intense drama.

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A great story and two excellent actors imbue failam movie with an enchanting magic and make “Failan” a definite wummary I guess, after all, we are to see and realize ourselves in every period of love, and in the permanent pursue of love, not our partners. After a close call with Korea’s sex trade, Failan eventually settles in a seaside town as a laundress. If you can’t find it, I’ll lend you my copy!

Failan Movie Review

What is typically expected of Asian produced and directed movies are badly dubbed Kung-Fu flicks with the exception of Crouching Tiger, and Hidden Dragon. Having faipan seen 2 Korean movies before viewing Failan, Failqn was quite skeptical about the quality of Failan. Even though Kang-jae don’t care for her at all, she is to him forever grateful for what he has done and keeps writing him letters like a loving wife. Failan, is one of the most beautiful characters put onto film; not just in terms of outer aesthetics, but in terms of inner beauty.


The film ends with a scene, which I think is one of the best endings I’ve ever seen.

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I expected a lot from him, and I was not disappointed. Despite her long working hours, she remains ever-appreciative of her marriage to Kang-jae, and eventually falls in love tailan him because of this singular act of ‘kindness’.

But he said this is the one movie that made him cry.

After losing both her parents, Failan Cecilia Cheung immigrates to Korea to seek her only remaining relatives. The rest of the film is equally as wonderful. The Korean movie Oasis actually made me cry. In here he is like Kitano Takeshi in his seedy gangster-don’t-care fashion, but rawer and even cooler.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. However, before he can turn himself in, the police notify him that his wife, Kang Failan Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung of ” The Legend of Zu “has just died, requiring him to head out of town to claim the body.

Sure, “Schindler’s List” had amazing worksmanship, but it summray do anything for failzn, and “Grave of the Fireflies” is equally as good, but neither, as well as pretty much any other film I’ve seen, has made me cry. The devotion and hardship of Failan is very touching and the indifference of Kang-jae makes it all tragic.

The way she posthumously affects Kang-Jae is even more depressing.