I havent watch a drama where i was so satisfied with all the kisses the real ones and the smooches too damn cute. Fritzie December 11, at 1: You can kinda teared me up a bit with that comment. Like you said marriage is such a bad solution and the odds of a couple like this realistically lasting thru marriage is just slim, but I applaude the writers bold move. Jang Mi Hee Supporting Cast. Let the games begin! I hope it gets available in your country so that you can watch it as soon as possible. As soon as I saw the Galaxy Note I said:

I guess that explains their “gossip girl” angsty promo pics. Loved it from start to finish!! But Ga Young still doesn’t remember him yet. Just finished watching the second ep!!! Your email address will not be published. The guests are a hodgepodge of high-end executives and high-schoolers:

But overall I’m very satisfied with the extensions, and the whole drama overall. Min-seok, Yoo-ah, Duk-hwan, and Tae-seok.

But I love him all the more for it. Remember how he refused to give money multiple times to Young Gul? I think it’s the lack of sleep. I see a bit of Style fashino Cinderella Man in Fashion King, but from the first episode it definitely looks more promising than the 1st two I mentioned. You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too!

I don’t know if I’ll live but there’s always time for a marathon. Jang Mi Hee Supporting Cast. Cast – Fashion King. Min-seok receives the call from Soo-young but ignores it. We now cut to the actual Fashion King competition and see Jae Hyuk, Madam Jo, and several others going around looking at the various clothes that each designer has come up with. Yoo-ah gives her mother a hug and jokes that she should find a young man for herself.


Also loved that they went the route that not everyone is cut out for academics and a degree.

[Drama Recap] Fashion King Episode 15 | K-POP! rage

I would’ve bought that plot point if she called the university from Korea and found that out about the Madam. I kept saying “Piripiri ko Piri”. The cast was really well put together and had great chemistry.

YAI’s mouth was in full display throughout, and I believe Fahion will be tortured by it for the series because of how often he touches it. However, I wonder if there’s more to their shared past. Okay, I am going o the record to say that SIG is officially the best kisser in kdramaland.

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But they are indeed late. Only gets better with Yuri today. This drama is so unrealistic in so many ways. Esther August 13, at How amazing to have a cast of supporting characters who ground each other in reality but build the OTP up when push comes to shove!

CaroleMcDonnell August 12, at 3: Ok, with this and the other three dramas that I plan to watch, I feel overwhelmed. Episode 6 by Helcat.


Ha Ji Won Sorry Seunggi, you know who’s the fighter in that duo. It started slow and turned into something wonderful. He can be married yet still finish college and continue to work.

My favourite scene was actually when they were opening up to each other on the streets. He is over the top sometimes, but I think it complements the story’s uber dramatic, sometimes wacky, fasyion.

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And the fact remains that it’s always been true: They pester him about whether they use two rooms on business trips and say that it seems like Anna likes him. Now, I will seriously suffer from withdrawal syndrome. And thanks to the frequent Savvy beanies for the engaging discussions and commentary in every thread! Tomorrow at 5 am, in front of XX.

Cha Seo Won Supporting Cast. Sang-hee tells her that marriage is three months of love, three years of fighting, and thirty years of patience.

Bwahaha, I could not agree more. Madam Jo plays host to an unknown rich woman as she laments fqshion that she lost in the fire.