Laurent Ballesta underwater photos , Barbara Brou land photos Blogger: Mouse Click, Enter or any Joystick Buttons. Blancpain, “The Chefs’ Watchmaker”, supports the selection of the Swiss representative to participate in the Bocuse d’Or cookery competition. Research valorisation aims to transfer the results of academic research to the socio-economic world so that society can benefit from the results of With the humans able to be so close to the animals, precise experimental and non-invasive protocols could be set up under conditions which did not disturb the animals. To accomplish this, the team of divers took on a hostile sea in order to conduct a painstaking mission that involved a great number of tough, technical dives to a depth of more than m.

Just wait and look around you! Experiencing the power of discreet elegance. Do you authorize the installation and reading cookies to analyze your browsing activity and allow us to measure the audience of our site: Locally known as Gombessa, this peaceful giant measures two metres long and was once thought to have become extinct 70 million years ago. The fish Out of Time by Gil Kebaili. Who are the collections for? Laurent Ballesta marine biologist and photographer and his team of deep water divers:

This prehistoric fish, formerly thought to have disappeared 65 million years ago, is regarded as carrying traces of the passage of fish to the first four-legged vertebrates and therefore hailed as living proof of their exit from water million years ago.

Just wait and look around you! The scientific protocols were designed to be the least dangerous for the divers, the least disturbing for the animals and to answer the celacanthe questions regarding coelacanth biology and conservation. This coelacanth population is the only one known in the world which is accessible to deep sea divers. Experiencing the power of discreet elegance.

However, this rare fish, when discovered alive in has come to represent one of the most important zoological discoveries of the 20th century: The fish Out of Time by Gil Kebaili. Blancpain and Gombessa Exhibition: Coelacanrhe The collection groups Biological anthropology Cultural anthropology Terrestrial arthropods Botany Document, archive and art collections Live collections Marine invertebrates Mineralogy and geology Vilm Prehistory. Not to mention Dr. Will his study explain why, million years ago, fish came out of the waters to give birth to terrestrial vertebrates and thus to humans?


Three years later, divers and researchers put their equipment at the base camp in Sodwana, South Africa. However, this rare fish, when discovered alive in foelacanthe come to represent one of the most important zoological discoveries of the 20th century:.

Virtual reality Journey into the heart of Evolution. By continuing to use this site, you agree with our Terms and Conditionsnotably that cookies are used gilm provide statistics on visits. The results of these studies will inform and facilitate reflection on coepacanthe best conservation policy for this rare and iconic are in the evolution of vertebrates.

Unique collections Loan requests and consultation of the collections. Its historic heart is situated in the In this regard they With his undeniable talent as a storyteller, his propensity to poetize the underwater world and his football references — he quotes Manchester United’s coach! As an underwater photographer, he shares his discoveries and proves the extent to which a twilight world can dazzle us.

The deep diving cielacanthe are challenging, with strong currents, often difficult sea conditions and the time for studying the coelacanths in situ limited to 30 minutes for a decompression stop time of 4 to 5 hours. Most of these protocols require a brand new methodology involving all kinds of expertise and experience.


The expedition consisted of an international scientific team composed of geneticists, palaeontologists and biologists who for the first time were able to study the coelacanth in its natural environment. The main objectives are:. Portrayed as a crucial link between fish and land animals, it is without doubt one of the most dissected and debated creatures of our time, and yet we know almost nothing about its way of life.

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What are the collections for? A demonstration of a shared passion for the ocean, the exhibition reflects daring and know-how, advanced technique and precision, authenticity and emotion — all elements with which the Blancpain family identifies. Go to the website. In this 1st version, no dive simulation and no need to move, all animated creatures will reach you Extremely rare and living at a depth of over metres, very few direct sightings have been witnessed until now.


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Laurent Ballesta underwater photosBarbara Brou land photos Blogger: From January 20th to February 23rdBlancpain is presenting a unique exhibition that retraces the history of these deep dives to meet the coelacanth, incorporating extracts from spectacular films, photographs and original diving equipment. Beau Carrel Music by Clair Obscur http: He chronicles the daily life of the expedition between honest camaraderie and professionalism, moments of exaltation and discouragement — the coelacanths have fled the search zone for more than a week due to the increase in Water temperature, before reappearing on the last day.

Inwhen it was only known in the fossil state, a coelacanth was discovered in South Africa in the nets of a fisherman.

Ate Trailer Menu DVD Presentation metres down off the wild coast of South Africa lives an animal once thought to have been extinct for 65 million years – the coelacanth, locally known as Gombessa. Laurent Ballesta marine biologist and photographer and his team of deep water divers: This is reflected in ffilm hypnotic images of the coelacanth evolving peacefully in its natural environment. Blancpain Valentine’s Day Accessibility Mobility-impaired visitors Blind or partially-sighted visitors Intellectually impaired visitors Deaf and hearing-impaired visitors.

And what about the vestigial lung found at the back of its huge mouth?

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Who are the collections for? Laurent Ballesta, a pioneer in the world of deep diving, goes to greater depths than the usual limits, discovers a world that was previously inaccessible, and takes the time to observe it.

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The GOMBESSA expedition, the result of two years of scientific, logistical and human preparation, will for the first time enable observations and scientific experiments to be carried out in contact with a living coelacanth.