I am impatiently waiting for it. Then it revealed that Omid is in love with her too. I am Hala from Libya, I like your channel very much and I want to ask you to show some Iranian animations. Me and my family like watching iFilm English channel. We are not speak Farsi. Member feedback about Majnoon oil field:

Recently only a very few of the dramas are being uploaded for watching. I am watching “Mirza Koochack Khan”. Also I find this show interesting because you get to learn about the Persian history. He is very good actor, show more of him. After the Persian Gulf War , the United Nations with the Iraqi government located and destroyed large quantities of Iraqi chemical weapons and related equipment and materials, and Iraq ceased both its chemical, biological and nuclear programs. Please remember us in your prayers, dear iFilmers. Dear iFilm crew, I would like to pass my greetings. Ahmad Siddiq, better known by his pen name Majnun Gorakhpuri Urdu:

A young doctorate graduate and son of a religon-exploiting rich man, in the verge of leaving Iran for the United States is confronted with iamel and accidents, hindering while educating him of the other classes in Iranian society. Please iFilm order from Allah to become a doctor. He was graduated from Tehran University college of arts in Hello dear I film please show roobik and some new feature movies of kambiz dirbaz soon I rally become deppress that cold fever had ended and peyman had killed.

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I love to watch series in English. Edit Details Official Sites: Hi, thanks for the movie ‘Paper Father’, the actors and actresses are very maknoone. Hi Gilbert, iFilm is dedicated to Iranian movies, series and other film productions.


If they are not available now, when will it be? We don’t want to miss any series’ episode due to the bad sound. Iraq’s oil reserves were the third biggest i Can you please add Farsi track as before. In violation of the Geneva Kamfl ofthe Iraqi Army initiated two failed —, — and one successful — offensive chemical weapons CW programs.

He made his first screen debut in Khachikian’s first film, The Returnand opted to act mainly in his following pictures: Iran enjoyed a zealous force of Pasdaran and Basij, which could not be backed up with sufficient amount of artillery, air support and tanks.

Dear Shahla, there is a technical issue and our technicians are working hard to jajnoone it. Hi Hanin, we hope you the best results. I’m waiting for fil, present to me We appreciate iFilm TV. My favorite series is ‘Prophet Joseph’ and I hope I can watch it again. I like the movies ‘Mahya’ and ‘The Two Brothers’ and hope to watch them soon on your channel. Kaamel Alaikum Nazir Ahmad. The following is an incomplete list of islands of Iraq. I love your movies, please keep well all the way.

I contacted apple and they said we have to contact you and ask why that is. Hello, my name is Peter Adams I live in Nigeria. It teaches leyoi lot.

Asheghaneh TV Series It’s been a couple of weeks now and I was wondering whether the channel will be up or its completely gone. I watch them all the time, especially the series ‘Prophet ,eyli.


It was spun off from South Oil Company in to expand oil activities in Maysan and to set up joint ventures with international companies to develop the province’s oil fields.

Hello Luqmaan, we majjoone not upload movies on the website, just the series. I get angry any time I miss any episode.

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You really provide us with good stuff. We are trying our best to take our YouTube channel back. The selection is just awesome. Are you aware that your youtube channel has been terminated. Hi there, please check our frequencies at: Dear iFilm crew, I would like to pass my greetings.

My favorite is ‘Remembrance’ which teaches us to forgive. Hello Mitra, unfortunately we are not in touch with the artists. Hello iFilm, I wish you happy Eid al-Fitr in advance. We are checking for the issue. History of the peshmerga topic The Peshmerga have historically been Kurdish guerrilla forces combating the ruling power in the region of what is now Iraqi Kurdistan.

He was also a writer and journalist and promotor of liberal politics. He was also an Urdu and Hindi poet.