In Volcano High , the principal has a manuscript that every student and teacher wants. A nice touch is the soundtrack which has everything a mid 80s moody soundtrack should have. Cheers — and voted up! Some articles have YouTube videos embedded in them. Battle Royale is in the same area as Class of Time to go see the other movies included on this list. Alecia, I remember having to read The Outsiders then watch the movie at the theaters with my grade school class.

Cry Baby , Waters This campy take on juvenile delinquency stars Johnny Depp as a drape a delinquent who falls in love with a square a good girl. Good, in general gang movie though! He sings the title song and really brings the whole movie together with his raspy vocals and edgy guitar. You should definitely give Volcano a try and you should put Crows Zero on that list too. These are 20 somethings fully expecting to go to jail, not to juvenile hall. This website uses cookies As a user in the EEA, your approval is needed on a few things. This is a cloud CDN service that we use to efficiently deliver files required for our service to operate such as javascript, cascading style sheets, images, and videos.

It’s a really good movie that delves deep into the generational gap in Japan. Amazing list you pretty much covered most that I can remember Set in a futuristic England and sprinkled with Russian dialogue, it is the imagery that takes A Clockwork Orange into a whole new dimension. He sings kkrea title song and really brings the whole movie together with his raspy vocals and edgy guitar.

You can also check this website: The students are divided into different gangs or school clubs, like the weightlifting team, the kendo team, and the rugby team. It could very well have been 1, had it not been for that crazy thing about high school. Well-played mentioning The Warriors. Heya rabbit, I love the Outsiders and it really is a movie that is timeless, while still capturing a moment in history.


I do love Romper Stomper. This is an awesome list! On last season’s Ru Kora drag race they had a clique of queens who called each other Heather and it was hysterical. This list, more than anything, is to show how many great high school gang films there are. This is used to detect comment fillm.

I veered towards To Sir, With Love instead. This film is sero there next to Stand and Deliver and American MeOlmos when exploring the complexities of being a Mexican American while existing in an impoverished community. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. Sadly, like the Warriors, those gang members not not teenagers and has nothing to do with High School. Man, this is tough.

Growing up in the middle of East Oakland, I think we all identified with the Greasers and it has stuck with me ever since. I’m glad the Kubrick classic made the list. I loved seeing him in those roles, but am equally glad he grew out of them. This entry has 3 movies with a similar storyline, though they are approached very differently. Instead, the movie shows the ugliness, pettiness, and harsh realities women have to face within their own culture and society and as well as kotea opposition of their male gang counterparts.

It has nasty gangs crow go to war and a battle scene that pits kids against fully armed robotic soldiers. Some have been honorably mentioned above. You should definitely give Volcano a try and you should put Crows Zero on that list too. This gang of drapes fight, steal, get tattoos, and wear leather. This movie is a classic where others have used it as a template for their films.

Having a town full of bored kids is just asking for crowd. Great list Tuff Turf is a must watch, James Spader with hair.


The Top 10 Best High School Gang Movies

This is a cloud services platform that we used to host our service. The whole time I was going down through the list I was thinking That’s one of the most spooky sequences in movie history, when the guy is mmirip de-programmed to commit violence by being made physically sick while being shown violent acts, all to the immortal music of Beethoven.

I was a huge S.

I voted for The Outsiders. Collenmt, I’ve always loved The Outsiders and though Tom Cruise was young, he was 21 when he did that movie.

If the couple you fllm seen happens to be Volcano High and Crows Zero, go out right now and watch them! Maximizer, I do love the high school genre, especially gang films.

The Top 10 Best High School Gang Movies | ReelRundown

Every good high school gang film has that extra special something about it that lifts it up and makes it stand out. The movie does a great job interweaving mirjp storylines of several other female gang members, including a girl in love with a prisoner and another just coming out of prison.

These high schoolers are gang leaders, drug dealers, and vandalizers who are taken from their school and juvenile hall to the Florida swamps to learn how to survive and depend on each other. It was such a groundbreaking movie, and so disturbing. The teacher is tasked to teach the gang of kids, but they prove to be cunning in their desire to stay young thugs. I’ve seen Romper Stomper, which stars Russell Crowe before he won his Oscar and started throwing stuff at people.