Imam Ali Shrine TV. Hi I have one dish pointed to E-shail sat ,how can i receive Sudanese chanel’s frequency. Or tell me the correct satellite where I can see them. New public television channel specialized in Saudi and Arab drama. Radio Cairo Al Mowaghat 1. FM Behir Dar Nat Geo Kids Abu Dhabi. Iza’at Al-Iskandaryah Alexandria Radio.

Please guide if I can see Iraqi channels on nilesat in Pakistan?. Pls help what should I do and get clear reception my dish is 6 feet. Or tell me the correct satellite where I can see them. Sout Al-Arab Voice of the Arabs. They did not include East Africa especially my ountry Ugaanda Since then Ihave lost the picture and only receive the audio of whats goong on the background of the movie pictures. United Arab Emirates Arabic or English. What do you mean?

Thanks for this site. I live in Belgium and I would like to ask about all arabic channels, Lebanese and Syrian channels can I receive in Nllesat at arabsat satellite dish cm Please and if I can receive lebanese channel NTV.

Sout al Khaleej 4. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Morocco Arabic or French.


Who runs this amazing website? Founded by Michel Gabriel El Murr. Christian television channel from Lebanon founded in by the Catholic-Maronite Church.

On which frequency is max movies now because it’s now lost. I am asking about the English version, not the Arabic one? I am interested in receiving every free to air Arabic channel I can. United Arab Emirates Arabic or Hindi. State-owned Egyptian satellite television channel. Dubai Sports 5 HD.

Nouvelle fréquence de toutes les chaines TV sur Nilesat

Azimuth angles toward the satellites True North. Al Etihad TV left Nilesat. S at E xpat. Al Kahera Wal Nas 2.

Nilesat & Eutelsat 7 West A at °W – LyngSat

Pls help me in getting this channel. Eritrea Arabic or English or Tigre or Tigrinya. FM Behir Dar Headed by Egyptian journalist Abdel Latif el-Menawy.

Sama Al Yemen TV. I am in Uganda nnilesat East Africa. Germany Arabic or English.

Television Satelllite Channels

Best regard, Hotel California. Leave a contribution, comment or correction Name or nick Email it will not be displayed Comment Number of remaining characters: An Freqhence Al Ashraf.

Holy Quran Radio Qatar. Thank you for helping me in advance. Khaleej Al Arab 2. Nat Geo People HD.


Imam Ali Shrine TV. National public television first channel. Hi i used to recieve aljazeera englishmubasher bot now i am unable. Coptic Christian television channel in honour of St. Frequency and Polarisation V. Djibouti Arabic or French or Somali.

Frequency of OTC Rotana TV channel on Nilesat 7°W – Frequence

I am get nilesat in mombasa kenya but some frequence is not showing or are weak and some time iam get channel in morning and everning it not show. The only website that has both W7 and W8 transponders in one page, which is extremely convenient.

Best sat channel website I’ve ever seem. It mostly broadcasts American Hollywood movies. Pls help what should I do and get clear reception my dish is 6 feet. So pks send me this data on my email Tks nilrsat lot Salah.