If you use your maid, it will split her focus. Do not take no for an answer. No, sweetheart, stay put. But by night, I’ll be Joey Tribbiani! The women face the men in a not-so-friendly game of poker. We can lose to junior-high girls some other time. If you wanna say anything, I’d tell her off. Super Speedy Speed Round.

Do I know anything about babies? Have you no control, Ross? Oh, and all those dinosaur knickknacks you have They might be better in the garage. I don’t know anything. Our first contestant is Ross Geller. The gang searches for Marcel, who slipped out of the apartment while Rachel was caring for him. It starts at 4: One less person to make small talk with.

I can do that. You can either pass your turn to Ross or pick a Wicked Wango Card.

And I’m just gonna swoop in there and be like sbtitles daughter she never had. I have it in my book. It’s time to open the presents! I don’t have one because I was invited late.


I have new respect for Chandler. You’re this big executive. It makes no difference. Okay, I’m really sorry!

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Do I know anything about babies? I’m gonna come live with you! Ross has parenthood doubts when he attends classes with Carol and Susan. Your sisters s08d20 make it.

Frieends sprains her ankle and persuades Monica to help her use Monica’s insurance. This game is kind of fun! They have really sharp edges. But I’m still really sorry! I’m practicing for an audition to be host of a game show.

Opening the presents is a little overwhelming right now. I’m so proud of you. In hockey, who is known as “The Great One”?

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Have you no control, Ross? Tris Look at this. I’ll let myself out. As great s0820 she was, I can’t afford that. How do you test bathwater temperature?

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So whenever you’re ready to apologize to me, I will forgive you. I’m proud of me too.


You can either spin the Wheel or pick a Google Card. Come, let’s get some tea. Oh, I’m so happy I’m gonna do this for my little girl. You’re gonna pick it up. The Wheel has not been my friend tonight, Joey. Which monarch ruled Great Britain friendz longest?