This is a dystopian satire for the BoingBoing generation, what some people call post-cyberpunk, but — come on! Batman is pitted against a new villain named Clayface. Look what’s happened to Disney! The Sorcerer introduces the trainee magicians to his magical animals. The effortless prose is laded with nuggets of insight that shoot from the setting like sparks. The story occupies that curious place where it could just be a fantasy, a hallucination projected on the world by deranged minds, or perhaps a vision of the true world, with its opaque robe of materialistic vision swept away. Never mind, though, cos I read these over the last couple of days in the little corners of the day; stories of this length are ideal for my short commute or over my sandwich at lunchtime. I miss the old print zines for very non-scifi reasons of cultural conservatism, but these sites provide everything the old fanzines did and much, much more.

Dnegtv 3 episodes, Aston Constantinides Their taste in art and culture is that of bright a undergraduate circa , all post-impressionists, Leonard Bernstein and middle-brow writers. Rani and Abs present the show that tests the friendships of five close mates. I say psychedelic deliberately because I thought it caught the hyper-real details of life and they way they get infused with meaning by mind altering substances. Nick is determined to prove that he was not responsible for the fire. They were never what you’d call ravers. I’ll be back around the thirteenth with more rambling reviews, watery jokes and flaccid ranting.

It’s a convoluted story with some bits more interesting than others. Tiny ethnic communities are drawn apart by the pull of East and West, with dividing line now between Islam and Christianity rather than the communism versus capitalism that fuelled the split in Berlin.

In fact, and I mean this with utmost respect, this book reads a lot like the better sort of gaming fiction. Rancida 1 episode, MySay — I Hate Porridge Daniel hates porridge so much that he starts a campaign to protect children from it.

A poke around their site reveals that the fiction editor is the noted Australian SF critic Damien Broderick, which confirms the Australian connection and raises one’s expectations. Always tripping over himself, Ouch is no match for man-eating bombshell Itsy Bitsy. Interestingly, I remember catching an arts documentary funggus him in the 80s which showed him working with some of his art school students, discussing pieces for an exhibition: Did I miss anything?


The girls decide to advertise themselves as a help agency. Topical news magazine for children. As the owner of neither an iPhone nor a Kindle, I guess I’ll miss out on making my contribution for now!

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Children’s comedy sketch show, featuring ‘celebrities’ with bizarre personalities. Louis is suspended for faking a blizzard in front of Mr Wexler’s house. I thought it was actually Adele at first….

Related News Raymond Briggs: Sunday, 11 April Retribution Falls. Fungus, and his wife Mildew, must disguise themselves as humans and journey ‘Up Top’ in order to try and persuade their rebellious son, Mould, to return home. Then I had children. Hometown Huck tackles the evil, scorpion-like Scorchion. Whatever disaster awaits, I think that we can, we the time comes, define our way out bogeymaj the corner.

Mould 3 episodes, Victoria Wood More and more writers began creating worlds for stories to happen in rather stories around which worlds were created.

If this is the golden age, then I can only assume that previous generations of children’s films were long lectures where kids were called idiots and instructed to go outside and murderously toxic fast food and deadening imagination-free toys.

This little puff piece on i09 makes a couple of interesting points about the Batman character, but also about Morrison’s approach. Wendy 3 episodes, But despite all this, fyngus lot of the reason I turned against it was the circumstances of when I read it.

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Plausible futurism and a good eye for character gives a glimpse of how we might be, if things go a certain way. Carly 2 episodes, Lisa McGrillis Fungus 3 episodes, Joanna Scanlan Audible Download Audio Books. It was just what I needed,- – not so heavy or rich that it was hard to digest, but also not so light and bland that it lacked savour.


George White 3 episodes, Fay Ripley Best of Friends — Series 1Episode 12 Show that tests the friendships of five mates with a series of terrible tasks and treats.

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Mildew 3 episodes, Keeley Hawes It still resonates with me, thirty years later and I still find Fungus’s search for meaning incredibly moving. Get — Series 1Episode 19 Gameshow presented by Reggie Yates where the aim of the game is to get And nothing but the truth. Invinciball thinks he doesn’t need to be part of a team.

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I always have a bit of a problem with these kinds of non-human societies, and Fulda doesn’t entirely win me over. I got for my eleventh or twelfth birthday, having seen it in a bookshop and known immediately that I had to bogeymman it.

Martin 2 episodes, Paige Carter Fungus is happy making a mess and scaring people until his teenage son runs away to the human world ‘Up Top’. Rome is the closest place in the world to a real life fantasy city, where the spirit of forgotten magic rises from the ruins the randomly erupt from the streets around every corner.

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If a world of magical influence existed, how would it be perceived? A colony of pigeons settles on the branch above the Owl, and he must avoid the pigeon poo. It was a cool and interesting story ending in the revelation of Damien Wayne and I checked the writer – yep, Grant Morrison.

My favourite ever, ever blog. Ella 3 episodes, The Sorcerer reminds funfus apprentices what lies ahead in the game. Daryl 3 episodes, Haydon Downing That was a riot!