But “Hercules Returns” is the apotheosis of the idea. The film does away with reaction shots after a couple of minutes, but they were needed early on to reassure us that the cinema audience was indeed enjoying, and would continue to enjoy, the show. The producers of Hercules Returns shows the world that corner cutting when it comes to movie making is not only acceptable but should be promoted. Not knowing what to expect, the audience gets treated to something they’ll never truly forget. The film is basically like a feature version of the “Whose Line is it Anyway” game “Film dub”. A very funny movie! Now it is a difficult film to get a hold of. Hercules talking to Zeus has got to be so stupid it’s dumb!

The hero and two friends decide to save the day by lip-synching over the film. During the course of Herc’s stay in Climidia, a medium reveals that the real reason Zeus sent him there was to openly reveal to the world Herc’s true homosexual tendencies. I actually remember watching the original on a rerun one school afternoon, and thinking that the last chicken was a little slow. The comedy writing stands as some of the best ever done in this country and the movie has so many funny lines it is almost painful to watch from the laughter it induces. One can only suppose why anybody would give this movie anything but a good review since the humour works on all levels, in slapstick and the more cerebral ironic. This is the part where our list gets a bit more interested as we continue with a completely new set of voice-over videos for your pleasure. Not only do we laugh all the more helplessly, but every time we do, we feel more certain that the heroes are going to succeed.

Hercules talking to Zeus has got to be so stupid it’s dumb! It’s probably one of those films whether you love it or you hate it.

You will literally fall in movid with the expressions that the dog makes and the words he speaks as the owner continues to tease him in the most hilarious way. There are a few good jokes in the beginning part, but the real magic is in the voice overs they choose to create for the film, from commentaries on Austrlian cuisine to educated conversations during fight scenes and truly “Aussie” deathbed laments. They screen it anyway, ad-libbing all the dialogue and sound effects.


Even if you don’t understand most of the dialogs in typical Australian slang you will find enough slips through to make it a worthwhile flick. We will leave the rest of the detail for you to explore yourself as a bit of a treat that you will surely love. These voice-over videos, often an exquisite example of art, are mostly aimed at making the content funnier regardless of what the original message was.

Perhaps if we all petition them funy can get them to finally release this movie on DVD. For me it seemed even more funny because it is familiar: This is what this movie rrdubs.

So make sure that you go through each and every one of these videos and feel free to share them around as much as you want to help raise awareness of this extremely potential and deserving genre of comedy.

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I never laughed so hard at pulling off a movie before I haven’t seen anything MTS3K has done except the movie. Herc demurs that he “doesn’t like to plan that sort of thing”, so Muriel offers to sneak up on Herc from behind.

Voice recognition and Sci-fi October 30, Live captioning is the creation of subtitles and closed Do yourself a favor and see it. The voice-over work in this video is so off that it actually makes it hilarious. Apart from the Fosters adds and the Mick Dundee films that is off course, oh and neighbours!!

As he contemplates the upcoming championship fight with Hercules, Samson muses “If I lose, my reputation is buggered Even if you are not expecting it, you are going to be laughing like anything at the end of this video. The reaction shots at the start serve a similar purpose. Good honest slapstick humour is provided by the campy acting of the original movie and this is only enhanced to a peak of hilarity by the superbly written dubs.


The 10 funniest dubbed & voice-over videos

redub Absurdly funny mikealike 13 October Audible Download Audio Books. This movie has two plots because it is a movie in a movie.

But this here is taking such a random act to the hilarious level, they contort their voices, they adapt the lines and you either watch glued to the screen to get every witticism, either laugh your pants out. But misplacement and ineffective use of the voice over work could, unintentionally, produce some of the most hilarious content out there.

I don’t know much about Aussie stuff being NZer myself but this was amazingly humoured, I’ve watched it about 15 times by now and still want to. The comedy writing stands as fnuny of the best ever done in this country and the movie has so many funny lines it is almost painful to watch from the laughter it induces.

The hero and two friends decide to save the day by lip-synching over the film. Yes, the humour is considered childish yet works within the film within this funny film.

One guy is sick of working for a big cinema corporation fubny decides to capture the essence of movie going by reopening the old Palace cinema. The one thing that I am sure about is that you are going to love every bit of these upcoming videos as you try not to fall of your chair laughing. Unfortunately Labia, Herc’s wilier and less chaste betrothed, has other ideas about that. It remains the funniest movie I have ever seen.

One of Australia’s best. The amazing talents of the voice-over teams involved in the videos discussed above deserve much appreciation and love.