Soon after, upon finding Takeru watching over Rui now that her memories have been altered to have her think she is an orphan, Ryuga meets with Kazami to tell him to stay away. Garo’s ring, Zaruba, is a Madou Ring for example. But once the music ends, the Horror runs off with Takeru unable to pursue. Some days later, after Rian erases the memories of themselves and the Horrors from all of the people in Vol City, it is revealed that Aguri was summoned to work at the Senate, Rian is ordered to guard the ancient ruins under the city, and Takeru is appointed to the Western region, bidding farewell to Rui before he leaves. Promotional poster for Garo: Returning to Burai’s home, Rian confinds to Ryuga that she became a Makai Priestess for the wrong reasons. Once reunited with Ryuga, Takeru and Aguri are bathed in Garo’s golden radiance and their armors also turn golden for a brief moment as the trio finally defeats Zedom.

Upon finding the Horror and asking if he knows Kensui, Ryuga finds himself being photographed by Kazami. But when Ishizaki wants double the arranged payment, Washizu is forced to reveal himself as a Horror and devours Ishizaki’s soul. After Washizu assumes his Horror form, Ryuga dons his armor to destroy the Horror while realizing the visions caused by the shock waves are of his past as the Garo armor momentarily regained its golden appearance. Back in the Makai Priest city, forced to take cover from Zedom’s attacks, Ryuga’s group advances when Takeru uses himself as a distraction so Ryuga and Aguri can reach the Horror. Following Hyena’s instructions to uncover the truth behind Vol City, Takeru and Aguri break into the house of Maki, a violinist who was the last person Sophia was with. Despite doubting Hyena’s intentions, with Ryuga holding him at sword point, Takeru and Aguri take the bow to marshland ruins where they find themselves in an ambush. Once adding a wooden cross and dream catcher to the pile of rocks, Ryuga reveals that it is a grave for his late mother that he usually erects wherever he goes.

Lost [ edit ] 16 “Lost” [1] Transcription: With Hiroki knocked out, Ryuga does battle with the Horror, and after donning the Garo armor manages to slay the monster. Hope [ edit ] 19 “Hope” Transcription: Garo -Gold Storm- Shou. But before leaving, Ryuga eipsode the Steakhouse where Tousei has returned.

Soon after, upon finding Takeru watching over Rui now that her memories have been altered to have her think she is an orphan, Ryuga meets with Kazami to tell him to stay away.

Later, the three Makai Knights argue over Aguri not trusting them before Burai has the three stop bickering.

However, he also finds Enhou and Tousei Kaneshiro, with Tousei explaining that the Horrors are somehow all contracted to his father Kensui Kaneshiro. Aguri explains that he allowed himself to be trapped so he can place charms in certain locations as part of a plan to destroy the Horror. By then, as Rian and Hakana arrive to the scene, Ryuga tells Aguri and Takeru about Burai’s final orders for them as they attack Sonshi.


After sneaking past security, Ryuga heads to the park and enjoys the sights before meeting a girl who gave him a handkerchief. However, Zedom reveals his intention to take a Makai Knight’s body to complete his plan and kills Burai when the Makai Priest attempts to stop him. Yami o Terasu Mono episodes. Toyama and he reveals to her what Ryuga told him. Dining [ edit ] 7 “Dining” Transcription: Since Enhou’s death, the Makai Knights and SG1 are now working together, with the latter entrusted to keep the populace safe while the Makai Knights go after Rivera.

Overhearing rumors of a naked woman appearing in Vol City’s F4 Entrance, Takeru intends to meet the urban legend. Category List Play in our Sandbox. But once finding him on the top floor, the group learns that Tousei has been human the entire time as he provokes them to break their taboo on taking human life before telling them to follow him.

Upon seeing that her friend has died with a smile on her face and her body still human, Rian decides to make sure that Enhou does not die a monster by using a spell to assume her form. After eventually escaping the SG1 and its commander Enhou, Ryuga takes a rest and is astonished to find incident not mentioned in the local media.

After the long battle ends in a duel, admitting his respect for the former Makai Knight’s strength and thanking him for showing him how to become strong, Ryuga manages to slay Sonshi with the Garo armor finally recovering its lost golden radiance.

However, Hiroki’s father arrives and tries to arrest Ryuga. Dungeon [ edit ] 3 “Dungeon” Transcription: Retrieved from ” https: After Takeru is dragged off by one of them, shooting an arrow into the portal Takeru was carried through, Aguri reveals the two Horrors are actually aspects of a single large bodied creature that turned the underground system into its personal labyrinth while setting up a barrier so Makai Knights could not summon their armor.

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Ryuga is now on the run, as everyone who had trusted him has turned on him with this new evidence against him. So Long by Ootomo Kouhei. Hyena [ edit ] 14 “Hyena” [1] Transcription: By that time, after learning that the Horror travels through speakers, Ryuga and Takeru are given a rare Madou artifact they are to throw at the Horror. Omnibus JapanTohokushinsha Film Corporation.


Despite doubting Hyena’s intentions, with Ryuga holding him at sword point, Takeru and Aguri take the bow to marshland ruins where they find themselves in an ambush.

Later, with Hyena revealed to be Kaneshiro’s son, Rian confirms the legitimacy of the Zedom legend while confronting Burai about him knowing something about the statues’ song. But suddenly, telling Rian that she feels the Garo armor’s radiance, Hakana writhes in pain as Sonshi’s body is teleported away. Views Read Edit View history. Upon learning that the rest of his family is dead, Tousei orders Sonshi to devour his father as well. On the way to the Hill of Zedom’s Head, when Rivera brings up their friendship, Rian is a bit heart broken when Enhou explains that Horrors have no friends.

Despite the odds stacked against them, the three Makai Knights intend to still fight with Zaruba finally forming a contract with Ryuga. After they manage to kill Rivera, with Aguri obtaining a Soul Metal arrowhead, the Makai Knights learn that a Horror is faintly nearby. Yoshichika Kuriyama Shiho Terada.

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Burai then reveals that he gaor leaving to Vol City and asks for her to accompany him. Literally “the yin part of oneself”. In a distant future, the Garo armor has lost much of its power and golden shine. Garo Project Golden Knight Garo. Hyena [ edit ]. Hint [ edit ] 15 “Hint” ya,i Transcription: Following her to a building in the Karishi district where is to be fitted in her dress, Ryuga confronts the bride as she is forced to run.

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By the time he finished his story, Hyena reveals he knew that Rian left behind a charm to overhear their conversation while she, Takeru, and Aguri check his story out.

But she refuses to listen and warns him to stay away from her. Yami o Terasu Mono. Inga – The dark side. Beginning [ edit ] 25 “Beginning” Transcription: Once at the ruins, the Makai Knights and Rian find themselves under heavy fire by the revived Zedom.

Dream [ edit ] 4 “Dream” Transcription: Gold [ edit ] 23 “Gold” Transcription: Tearsu [ edit ] 10 “Promise” Transcription: Kazami disregards Ryuga’s warning to no longer interfere, having taken the camera’s memory card out before the Makai Knight destroyed the device, and goes to Vol City’s TV station to have his old friend Rivera, a local newscaster, show it.