To sign up, please enable JavaScript. Santa Ana, California , US. College football and ‘Family Guy’ on top”. Sudbury, Massachusetts , US. After years of tragedy and suicide, this mansion, which is an American landmark, is now known by Life magazine as “one of the ten most haunted places in America”. Guthrie, Oklahoma , US.

Bridgeport, Connecticut , US. The guys use Zak’s pet dog Gracie in an attempt to contact the spirit of a deceased little girl named Sarah Logan who drowned in the brook around Xochimilco , Mexico City , Mexico. The Ghost Adventures Crew visits the Old Montana State Prison in Deer Lodge , a place haunted today by an old inmate nicknamed “Turkey Pete” and by the inmates who planned the deadly prison riot where the deputy warden was shot and killed. Hurricane Mills, Tennessee , US. Long Beach, California , US. Zak and the crew land in Deming, NM, to investigate a mysterious school situated on land that is soaked with the spirits of the Apache and their violent struggle to keep it from the pioneers during the s.

Retrieved March 28, The Ghost Adventures crew gets locked inside the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum for their first-ever live paranormal investigation.

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Kansas City, MissouriUS. The Weston Hospital, in Weston, W. Anthony, ID, to investigate a former school with a dark history of suicide and death. Portland, OregonUS. The guys remember all their international lockdowns in the world’s most sinister places. The guys investigate the claims of violent hauntings and the suicide of a monk who hanged himself in the tower when the castle was a Jesuit monastery. Turner, OregonUS. Big Sur, CaliforniaUS. San Jose, CaliforniaUS.


Cities of the Underworld 11am 10c. The Ghost Adventures crew come across some shadows and members of the Houghton family and beyond during this episode. Yuma, ArizonaUS.

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

Zak, Nick and Aaron set off to New Orleans to search for more ghosts in three locations. First they investigate the Yost Theatera venue from the early s which invites some of the worlds best electronic DJ’s also houses several spirits. Westerfeld House 20 Photos. Eureka, NevadaUS. The Asylum’s Horrid Conditions Retrieved July 18, Erie, ColoradoUS.

By using this site, you allegyeny to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Zak and the crew travel to the small mining town of Eureka, Nevada, to investigate reports of an aggressive spirit at a hotel as well as a mysterious underground tunnel system built by oppressed Chinese laborers.

Nick and his family attended the funeral the day of the investigation although he was still able to participate in the lockdown. Prescott, ArizonaUS.

Season 3, Episode 12 January 15, Carmel, IndianaUS. Las Vegas, NevadaUS. Nick is in his hometown of Boston where he and his fellow investigators, Zak and Aaron visit the location where just this year several people lost their lives and hundreds were injured as two bombs exploded during the Boston marathon.

The crew heads to Mokelumne Hill, CA, to investigate one of the state’s oldest operating hotels.

Granby, ConnecticutUS. Season 3, Episode 7 December 4, But when you have haunted houses Bisbee, ArizonaUS. SeattleWashingtonUS. Retrieved 25 October GAC is given special permission from the Navajo Nation to investigate the Ojo Amarillo Canyon, known alleghdny paranormal enthusiasts as Skinwalker Canyon, a place where many residents refuse to enter in fear of encountering shape-shifting creatures.


Ghost Adventures S3Ep 1- Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum – video dailymotion

Then it’s off to their lockdown an hour outside the city to Pierce Victorian Mansion, a century-old haunted home. The team investigate claims of paranormal encounters at the Market Street Cinema strip club in San Francisco, California. They get locked down inside the house and search for the real life demon s that possessed a year-old boy on March 16, and also inspired the film The Exorcist.

Josh Gates’ Destination Truth 2pm 1c. GAC heads to Yorktown, Texasto investigate the town’s old hospital, where it is claimed that as many as 2, people died. Lake Arrowhead, CaliforniaUS. Joining in the lockdown are Kane “Jason” HodderR. GAC travels to St.

Ajo, ArizonaUS. Terror in Fontana 20 Photos.

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Zak and the crew investigate strange phenomena at the Enchanted Forest in Turner, Oregon. They also investigate John Mackay’s old bank after the owner says there is a negative entity tormenting workers who go down to the basement. Perryville, KentuckyUS. LouisMissouriUS.