I think this is the last Donleavy work that I will read. The whole place smelt of damp, decaying plaster and brickwork, that smell of money gone which was once so prevalent in Ireland. Sebastian Dangerfield is an American studying law at Trinity College in Dublin just after WWII, married and with a daughter, and with a serious drinking problem and a really, really bad attitude. This site uses cookies. He begins an affair with Lilly. Or that such events should be read in isolation from what comes before and after. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. A feeling of long corridors and hidden rooms, tunnels in the earth, black pits and wine cellars filled with mouldy mattresses.

The Ginger Man has sold 45 million copies worldwide and has never been out of print. After finishing the Donleavy autobiography “The History of the Ginger Man” I returned for the fourth or fifth time to reading the novel since my first encounter with it as a teenager some forty years ago. You are commenting using your WordPress. Donleavy stretches and shortens syntax at will, littering his writing with ellipses, skillfully controlling speed and melody of the story that is being told. However, at the end of the novel, he meets an old friend who’s now wealthy and flush with money. Follow Us on Facebook. I’d seen The Ginger Man hanging around various bookshops for years but avoided a direct encounter until recently.

It is to the use of religion that we must look to make sense of this, I think. He barely has time for his studies and avoids bill collectors, makes love to almost anything in a skirt, and tries to survive without having to descend into the bottomless pit of steady work. With his life at stake, its a small wonder that he flees into life, procreation, intoxication. My only criticism would be that around the last third of the book or so, the stream-of-consciousness scenarios became a little difficult to follow and not as tight as the earlier anecdotes.

And that’s about it.

The Ginger Man

First bath for two months note from me: Obviously other people find it amusing and worthwhile to read. One person found this helpful.

I’ve been trying to perfect it for some time. As for the comaprison of the two, I don’t think Donleavy was chasing the shock appeal that Miller may have sought.


I think this is the last Donleavy work that I will read. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. I already mentioned the musicality of the book, and reading The Ginger Manginter have the impression of a folk or blues singer, reaching deep into tradition, into the voluble core of culture dolneavy extract an essence that he then turns into his donlfavy.

He takes refuge at Chris’s, but she is upset at his donlesvy about what’s happened. The style of the book is modern for the time of it’s writing. Dangerfield is a rogue, a devil, and his ribald, picaresque wanderings are as laugh-out-loud funny as often as they are horrifying. There are only so many times women who, it seems, are only good for one thing can be hit, verbally abused or get covered in excrement before your eyes start to roll uncontrollably in your head.

And those single women whom Sebastian seduces—what in the world do they see in him? Writing in The Guardian inJames Campbell judged that, ” The Ginger Man still reads well today, once one becomes accustomed to its headlong rush of style, its frequent verbless sentences, the switch of tenses and the manic swing between first and third persons as it lunges to catch the protagonist’s babbling thoughts […] In other places, the prose hops along alliteratively, with hints of Joyce and Doleavy Thomas.

Donleavy could have started his book with the first three mini paragraphs: You see, every two steps you bring the right foot across from behind and skip. Donleavy often writes in short, abbreviated, staccato sentences, which create an urgency of motion or emotion, especially when the protagonists are embedded. Yes, both – often within a few paragraphs.

The Ginger Man Summary & Study Guide

Donleavy lifted Harold Skimpole out of Hard Times and made a whole whore of a novel of him as a young law student in Dublin. It is a religious fear, fueled by closeness of the Dionysian abyss. The Postman Always Rings Twice. Likely a grower for many readers, but I recommend it highly. It is, for better or worse, very real. Read this book for what it is.

After reading the Ginger Man it became apparent that Hunter had at last found a hard act to follow in terms of womanising, alcohol abuse and empty promises. He served in the U.


I started reading The Ginger Man without reviewing those principles and nearly quit in disgust. Perhaps Donleavy is simply offering homage, not only to Joyce and the others he alludes gihger, but to the very practice of appropriation. Apparently the Ginger Man was turned down by something like 40 publishers before finding it’s way to the mainly pornographic publishers Olympi I became aware of this book after recently reading a Hunter S.

He was first published in the Dublin literary periodical, Envoy. Get to Know Us. One, that the novel did not cause an avalanche in a later younger generation of indigenous Irish writers; you could roll your Barrys Bolgers McCabes and even Banvilles up in a dark corner of Donleavy and still not see them there.

A feeling of long corridors and hidden rooms, tunnels in the earth, black pits and wine cellars filled with mouldy mattresses. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. However, Sebastian here synopsia come across much nastier as he has a wife and child to provide for unlike Henry Miller who was all by himself in Paris and he instead drinks constantly and even beats them pretty early on in the book.

We as readers follow his tongue down these ssynopsis alleyways, spellbound by his music as his various lovers are, and the merchants, barmen, and landlords, of course. View all 7 comments. Here long before I arrived and they spend years getting it ready.

The Ginger Man by J.P. Donleavy

Dangerfield sometimes speaks in the first person and sometimes in the third so that the reader gets nicely confused. That is either very clever or extremely foolish but it suits the style of this book. And yet the hypocrisy: But her feet synopis with red toes. In he began studies at Trinity College, Dublin, but left before taking a degree.