Railgun is kinda slice-of-life ish, and slower than Index. B a LOT stronger. I need to start to watch more anime, I am so far behind on my list. I was imagining things. Ouran is another personal favorite of mine for it’s amazing character development. I’m leaning to my first guess cuz it kind of gives hints of that.

Kiki’s Delivery Service had 2 versions, one with the original style box art, and one with Disney up at the top the image was different too. I’ve really been loving watamote and kill la kill lately. I found another that shared the same reaction as before: Or was everything just a dream or something? OR, you may choose to have a replacement. Total eclipse Code geass OMG you are such a plebeian baby. If you have not received your orderafter 30 days from payment, please contact us.

Tatsumi The Uncrown3d Kings Riki’s only redeemable feature is his optimism and kindness. Mysterious Girlfriend X is a year old – so it’s basically new.

Yeah, the ending to FMA wasn’t good. Let’s hope it goes smooth – Atlus recently went through a lopp thanks to parent company scandal.

I would assume it’s 25 episodes of bad boob jokes but I didn’t make it past episode 5. Let’s just say “Everything ever done by Satoshi Kon. I am already trying to get into some VN’s and Manga’s. Ginyama still gotta catch up on LB “All war is deception.


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I almost lost it laughing at that point. Panty and stocking with garterbelt! Iron Wolf Saber Den of Swords At least I think it is till the end and then it gets a bit touchy.

I’m watching Kodomo no Jikan lol. It’s the burner I see the most.

To be fair most of those are pretty bad. I am now up to date, and I have to wait a whole dang week for the next episode. Anita Hardone Fraternity of St.

Stein is a badazz by the way. Dengru Royal Uhlans Amarr Empire However, things go wacky and the first arc ends. The VA to the library girl was fantastic.

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Next rpisode the list is Bakemonogatari. So that leads us back to Rin and her memory wipe – She reverts back to the way she was as a child – but Riki didn’t know Rin to be this bad, leading you to believe it’s not just Riki’s dream world, as he would not want her to be shy, but more open with him and those he cares for. It gets a solid 9. Epiode direction you would like to take?

Ive watched the anime K and guilty crown recently both were really good.

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Car rear camera rearview paking camera reverse monitor rear backup camear rear viewer for Nissan Sunny night viosn. Azura Sakura Militaires-Sans-Frontieres I know how you feel, this entire anime season will be remembered as one of the greatest.


I just watched the latest episode of Samurai Flamenco and Clannad Season 23 is slow The only problem is every time I try to get one of my friends to watch kill la kill they immediately pass it off as hentai.

D You are evil, but I agree, twould be funny.

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Or to be more clear, I really don’t like the most prevalent conventions and tropes of anime. I’m still a bit upset because it was one of the most underrated animes of that season So I used DVDFab and it worked, but it replaced the actual menu with a stupid aanimewaffles and gave me adds for it at certain points throughout animewafffles movie I sped through it to see how it turned out I also think it dropped the quality a bit.

I use to watch anime on animeseason but they don’t have too many anime to choose from. What are you in the mood for?