Please enable Javascript or upgrade to a modern web browser. Overall I’m not totally sure how I even feel about this episode. Shout-outs to everyone else who stuck through to the end like me. If you took the time out of your busy schedule to complete this show, rest assured that the fortitude of your mental strength has been proven. The characters were just poorly written. The thing is, they weren’t so much fragments of the future as they were the desires in their hearts visualized. If I’m not mistaken it was never mentioned until this episode, so it literally was brought up to raise more questions. Sorry, just me being optimistic.

Never made a better choice. Everything’s very, VERY simple. The writer seems to be a veteran director but had never been the head writer for a show before. We did it reddit! Please log in using one of these methods to post your comment: The characters were bland and never came out of their shallow archetypes. Flashback of the ending to Guilty Crown anyone. No, it’s drawn out until it goes into a coma, and never wakes up.

So you’re saying that I just watched 13 episodes of “character development” being foreshadowed through Go watch True Tears if you don’t believe me. Because of their love, because of their fears, and because of their sensitive nature, Touko and Kakeru experience and share discuseion emotions through imagination, otherwise known as “fragments of the future”.


This is man was the reason I watched this show because he looks like he can be Kirito’s brother. This show was full of terrible metaphors that could have been portrayed in a much better way. It wasn’t an easy show and it required a lot more effort than we normally have to expend to understand. Like was there anything even remotely interesting to say something happened? This episode was the worst in the series.


Seinosuke Matsuda as Track club member A eps 5, David thinks that he’s hurting Touko. This is unique as just about all other shows focusing on teen’s end up with a harem story or an overly zealous story line.

The Final Mission from the Boss 23 Feb, Unaware of the terrible infection that has taken over her body, her family agrees and departs from the source’s lair. I don’t care about flaws if the other factors are really good. Answering to the top comment so people can see it.

When you watch paint dry, it at least eventually IS dry! I award this anime 0 points, and may god have mercy on its soul. I opened that picture and sat for a second waiting for that picture to load before I realized it was literally nothing.

I am amazed that I made it to the end. The best character in this show viscussion probably Touko’s dad. I would’ve liked this show a lot better if it weren’t for the fragment stuff. Glasslio Release Discussion Charlotte. I think a lot of people stuck with the show just because the animation was stunning and the soundtrack was decent. Option 2 – he settles down to stay with Touko who makes him feel home here.

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Never made a better choice. The characters were just poorly written. Especially since yuu remembered the events that happened in that alternate future. The only obvious pairing is Hiro x Sachi. In my opinion, it would have been better if the series had 24 episodes.


BBCode Please don’t feed the trolls! God knows what the rest of the group were doing this episode. As much as there is depth to the show, most people simply don’t pay attention to these things.

The timing was just no good with this series, it’s been a running theme it seems. Also try understanding lonely people, they’re most of the time pretty interesting. It felt so rushed how it montaged him plundering abilities over the course of a year or so.

It was pretty, the OST was marvelous, and if you worked really hard at it the ideas behind it were pretty engaging–but I wanted more closure damn it. Welp, that sounds pretty horrible indeed.

Touko and Kakeru spend all their time together in this episode.

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Sorry, AniList requires Javascript. But I did find it funny how David has reached almighty powers and as become one with the sun, very fitting. I still love you P. It was so bad Works; eps Tomomi Kamatani P.

And it seems Touko’s mom experienced it too at her age. If Yuu had discyssion be shown stealing abilities which was neat to watch, I’ll admit they coulda just continued onto another season. Rather, they always had the tag line about it being a show about nothing. Satoshi Namiki Executive producer: