The proposal includes other factors that should be considered when implementing professional development programs for mathematics teachers in the field of STEM. These results inferred that the highest resistant starch was found in the green banana could be considered as a potential application of healthy foods. Population pressure is currently pushing the sustainable system in the uplands to its boundaries. Spectroscopic characterization just provided qualitative information about the organic matter, but spectra have shown absorption bands around cm-1 which may be identified as species containing silicon. In this work, it will be shown the results for elasticity module and percent elongation for bioplastics obtained from a mixture of starch of bananas and potatoes peels, with glycerol as plasticizer. Each POCs have different properties of auto- and cross-correlation and spectral efficiency according to its construction of POCs. Bone marrow stem cells transplantation might be useful for the treatment of SNHL.

This indicated that the hands-on activity: Studies of kinetics and equilibrium were also performed using the most known models to evaluate the viability of the process In line with the concept of circular economy, this study adds value to this by-product as well as contributes to liquid waste management. All parts of the banana are used for many different purposes, including use in folk medicine. The activity of phenylalanine ammonia lyase PAL , polyphenol oxidase PPO and peroxidase POX were estimated in leaves and roots at interval of 24 hours for 5 days after treatment. Onya , Christian Wolkersdorfer. F In tropical regions, where the banana pseudostem and the pineapple leaf are transformed into hard-to-handle solid waste, they can be low-cost raw material and environmentally sustainable in research for composite materials. The more selective and low cost is the biosorbent the more attractive becomes the process. The experiment was performed in the randomized complete block design RCBD with four replications.

The treated cells with 5-azacytidine was shown to have positive reaction for desmin. A more advanced alternative is the Performance-Based Design PBD method, which evaluates permanent deformations and amounts of repairable damage under seismic loading. The disease incidence was significantly low in yam treated plants. According to the two-year average calculated yelloe various parameters checked in the smooth bromegrass lines, the main stem length ranged from Karibale Monthanneutraceuticalhigh-frequency regenerationmorphometric evaluation.

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RaswatiGita RahmaningsihIna Agustina. The adult MSCs were isolated successfully from synovial membrane and characterized with stem cell markers. Agricultural waste of vine stem was collected from Manisa region, Turkey. Results showed that preventive method of application of the mixed actinomycetes against Foc showed promising results.


Replication tanzsnia was performed by plating cells in well plate and counting them at various time points of culture. There bahana need to explore alternatives and food-baits application is considered safe for the environment and effective for fruit fly management.

A factorial design of 24 was used, the design has variables such as pH, time and concentration of hydrolysis, another variable is the time of fermentation that is of 7 or 15 days. Analysis of the deduced amino acid sequence of the coat protein gene revealed that the EG-A strain of CMV shared from The unripe and ripened plantain and tanznia were subjected to microbial analysis by isolating their micro flora Bacteria, Yeast and Mould using pour plate method.

This design approach applies pseudo-OTA as input stage cascaded with buffer stage. Socio-economic characteristics of the respondents were also identified.

Different protocols were elaborated to qualitatively determine some material properties of the Calceta, and if they could be designated as design attributes. The causal agent tlm identified as Cucumber mosaic virus CMV on the basis of symptoms, transmission, serology, movif electron microscopy and reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction RT-PCR.

ChitosangelatinAlginatepore morphologystem cell differentiation. The experiment was performed in the randomized complete block design RCBD with four replications.

These were evaluated in comparison with a standard GF Both activity of PPO and PAL increased, but the total free phenolics content decreased, tanzahia the increases of ripening stages. Banana, coffee, maize, beans, tomatoes, and cassava are the most important food and cash crops. The result revealed the value of R2 to be 0.

Simple descriptive statistics and Hedonic prices ttanzania were hellow to analyze the data collected for socio-economic and consumer preference respectively with the aid of structured questionnaires. Results are discussed in term of substrates wetting properties. A research methodology is developed in which pseudo-static, permanent-displacement and finite element analysis are employed, calibrated with an experimental reference case that considers a typical anchored sheet pile wall.

Several disciplines contents such as biology, engineering, and technology were regarded for inquiry-based learning to build biological prototype. Mercury is one of the most troublesome toxic metals responsible for the contamination of the aquatic systems due to its accumulation and bioamplification along the food chain.

Sensorineural hearing loss SNHL is largely caused by the degeneration of the cochlea. This research project investigates how the effective, planned, intentional integration of ICT into a STEM curriculum, can enable the shift in the teacher mindset.

The compositions of bananas change dramatically during ethylene-induced ripening that are categorized as nutritive values and commercial utilization.


One major threat to the industry is Fusarium wilt caused by Fusarium oxysporum f. Arumeru district is located in Arusha region in Nanana Pangani basin in Tanzania.

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The experiment consisted of four treatments, namely: To investigate the potential of rat’s liver damage repair using human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells hUCMSCs. Furthermore, particles fracturing resulted in surface area increment from 1. Cancer stem cells CSCs represent a subpopulation of cancer cells that possess the characteristics associated with normal stem cells.

Thereby, the aim of this study was to analysis the potential of biomass residues for energy production and applications in new materials. Plantain and banana is highly perishable at the ambient temperature prevalent in the tropics.

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Sorption processes are widely used in wastewater treatments due to their many advantages such as high efficiency and low operational costs. Despite the economic importance of the growth prospects g,m these activities and the increasing of the agricultural waste, they are rarely explored for energy and production of tanxania materials. The mechanical milling was employed using planetary continuous milling machine and ethanol as process control agent, the sample were taken at time interval between 10 h to 30 h to examine the structural changes.

STEM has been increasingly mentioned for several educational researches as the approach which combines the concept in Yelolw STechnology TEngineering E and Mathematics M to apply in teaching and learning process so as to strengthen the 21st-century skills such as creativity and critical thinking.

In a recent decade, accumulated attention has been paid on nanoscale electrochemical surface modifications on TiO2 layer for improving bone-TiO2 surface integration.

Effect of banana peel BP and seashell SSh fillers on mechanical properties, such as tensile twnzania, elongation at break, and hardness of M-ERs were investigated.

Considering the findings of several preliminary studies, five formulations of the jam were prepared by blending yllow percentages of carrot and banana including control where the only carrot was added.

Only the bacterial counts Total Plate Counts were observed after three months of storage below the critical level, and all formulations were microbiologically safe for consumption.