The parents believe they are better than anyone else simply because they have money. I couldn’t stand her acting before that. But you do have a point – I have seen many comments on how people are watching a bad drama just because they think someone is “hot”: As for Goddess of Fire, I just.. How will these women behave in their respective predicaments? If one talks about conservative in Asian country as demonstrated in the whole drama, the lack of closeness with hugs and kisses, then the more they should encourage hubby and wife to make up.

A Good ONE, hear me?! Lovely agree, they should have kissed the least We are known nationally and internationally as an exclusive. Thanks for the intro. Why won’t she shape it nicely. A guest has already reported this download using your current IP address. That’s what I call cliche, but if it turns out great, I guess it won’t hurt to watch, right? Please encourage them by leaving a comment below!

Goddess of Marriage – Episode 36 English subtitles | Watch online and Download free on FastDrama

Jin Ji-Hee has definitely grown up. And i didn’t say that shark was perfect of course every drama has flaws, its for others to judge on there own will. It has a solid cast but I’m not sure about the writer. Even when the guy hugs the girl, she stands there arms at her sides and limp It would be a very good drama if much thoughts are put in for a better ending to leave that deep positive impression for the viewers.


The woman in question mxrriage the flute – and he doesn’t want to listen to that hahaha.

Basically, none of those 2 shows have that addictive quality. Fatima Kas July 2, at What he did just didn’t jive w who he was. Empire has intriguing characters and a socially interesting backdrop, but there was nothing that came out and grabbed my heart.

I was waiting to read about these dramas as well, to help decide if I should check marriwge out and stick with them or not.

Has anyone ever watched a river speed up right before it reaches the waterfall?

Her love for Tae is dead and rightly so. Weak ending totally puts people off. I guess I’ll make my judgment then: Romance is cute, but the ending according to the description is supposed to end up dark.

Auntiemame July 2, at He still puts his family first and she’d be a moron to go back into hell. Sorry, this content is not available in your region. When he entered his father’s company, he thought about her; and how she must not be happy with him for it. I keep hearing great reviews of it.

I hope the drama doesn’t intertwine the past and present – that way, I can just skip through all the boring crap and get to the real meat of the story because who wants to waste their time on something they find boring? Bottom line-he chose his parents.


In this drama, the couple has no problem with chemistry but only external forces causing a barrier. That takes more than half the hour to get through, and I laughed out loud at some of the dramatics.

Maybe JH decided to walk out of TW’s life in order for them to be happy and have a peaceful life. If they go over different qualities of clay, etc I’ll be happy. Just finished watching ep 2 and it’s the same.

Epdrama 36 marriage of goddess ep

I will probably stick with Cyrano for Mon-Tue. I bet they monitor DB comments as well;;;; so it’s probably not best to share these sites on here considering what’s been going on: I wanted to see Empire but We can already see the outlines of the main love triangle start to form.

Joledphil Happy ending for this epdramw. A girl falls in love with the future king while she has this very cool orabeoni who’s willing to do anything for her.

Goddess of Marriage Episode 36

What’s wrong with the Korean society? Log in with Email. I might actually watch the pottery show for the pottery.