Also it is flown every December 29 to commemorate the proclamation of independence of Trujillo in The city celebrates on April on every year the most important beauty event of the region. Retrieved December 15, I put our fate and that of people under the protection of Heaven! The foundation of the Municipality of Trujillo in coincided with a peak of prosperity for the city. Archived from the original on December 15,

These are used for fishermen in their work and also for navegation of the tourists as a distraction adventure. According to the climate classification of Thornthwaite , city of Trujillo would correspond to an arid climate type with no rain during all seasons. Moreover, considering the studies of urban development of the ” PLANDET “, the city is formed by the five districts that make up the conurbation of the districts of Trujillo, La Esperanza, El Porvenir, Florencia de Mora and Victor Larco Herrera in addition these also the minor municipality called ” El Milagro ” in the jurisdiction of Huanchaco district, which make up the urban continuum of Trujillo city; and the urban area known as ” Trujillo Metropolitano ” comprises the urban continuum and the urban and rural towns of the districts of the metropolitan area including such as are Huanchaco, Laredo, Moche and Salaverry. Archived from the original PDF on September 24, Among its most popular products internationally, highlighting the studs that are exported mainly to neighboring countries, USA, Europe. Archived from the original on November 12,

Retrieved 29 May The history of Trujillo has its beginning in ancient times, as the area at the mouth of the Moche River was long a center of successive pre-European cultures. Retrieved Rgingasho 22, Their culture was sophisticated; and their artifacts fully express their lives, including scenes of hunting, fishing, fighting, sacrifice, elaborate ceremonies, and sexual acts. One of the most representative events of Christianity in the city organized by the Catholic Church each year is Corpus Christi which gathers a large number of Christians in the Plaza Mayor of the city.

The Chimu culture built its primary settlement at what is known as Chan Chanwhich was the capital, having an estimatedsegie at its peak. Rains are light, sporadic and occur during the afternoon or evening. The years following the revolution saw the growth in the economic influence of the city, compensating for a loss of political power to Lima when it was designated as the capital, which instead suffered from the resulting political turmoil.

Population of Trujillo Metropolitan. Population of Trujillo city. The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Trujillo has its seat here. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikivoyage. It consists of the shoe makers and other leather products.


San Valentin [8] Virgin of La Puerta [9]. The city also hosts various regional directorates of the ministries that make up the country’s public administration. Archived from the original on March 7, Dossier Regional- Top Marcas de Trujillo”.

Archived from the original on May 14, Because of its size and economic wealth, the Department of Trujillo between and was the only stable and productive area that could organize and lead the nascent republic.

The flag is the coat of arms on a white background; it is carried during the official ceremonies of the Municipality of Trujillo in the main square of the city.

The Independence of Trujillo from Spain was proclaimed in the Historic Centre of Trujillo on December 29,and the city was honored in by the Congress of the Republic of Peru with the title “Meritorious City and Faithful to the Fatherland”, [14] for its role in the fight for Peruvian independence.

Another is the House of Mayorazgo, which was built in the early years of the city and holds one of Peru ‘s greatest numismatic collections. Retrieved December 29, The music and dance that represents to the city is the Marineraand the city is considered as Capital of Marinera, [86] this dance and choreographic and musical forms in its various regional varieties, has been declared as national cultural heritage.

Trujillo now emerges as a cultural capital, service center and equipment, with its universities, schools and basic technology, they are developing a comprehensive capital and a base for sustained innovations for development.

The city presents important national festivals, such as Marinera FestivalSpring Festivaland competitions for the paso horse and caballito de totora.

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Retrieved April 29, Archived from the original on September 16, Retrieved October 9, Retrieved July 16, Some of the most popular sports in the city are volleyball, basketball, swimming, karatesurfing practiced mostly in Huanchaco beach, sandboardingetc.

The main sports arena in the professional league for soccer is estadio Mansichethe main stage for volleyball is the coliseo Gran Chimu both located in the Sports complex Mansiche. Deutscher Wetterdienst mean temperatures —, precipitation days — and humidity — [42]. Consequently, Spanish chroniclers recorded accounts of Chimu culture from persons who had lived before the Inca conquest. Views Read Edit View history. According to Peru’s judicial system.

Retrieved September 13, Retrieved October 19, The world-famous beach Huanchacoa surfing destination, is located just north of Trujillo. The expansion of state educational infrastructure and increasing participation of the private sector in education has allowed progress in educational coverage ciudad.


According to the climate classification of Thornthwaitecity of Trujillo would correspond to an arid climate type with no rain during all seasons. These are used for fishermen in their work and also for navegation of the tourists as a distraction adventure. Another museum belonging to the painter Gerardo Chavez, is located in the urbanization Semirustica El Bosquethe museum displays works of prominent artists, both national and foreign, and sculptures but also find a coffee bar and souvenir sales, is the first museum of modern art in Peru.

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The commission of the Bolivarian Sports Organization ODEBO traveled to the city in early to make a visual inspection of its facilities, the review found that Trujillo has good conditions to develop the games, so the city will host gringssho Bolivarian Games ofconfirmation of this headquarters was made public on February 7, in Rio de Janeiro.

With the advent of the s, the city of Trujillo was unified with the districts of La Esperanza and Victor Larco Herrera and the spread of the city resulted in the districts of MocheTrujilloSalaverryand Laredo becoming part of the metropolitan area.

Archived from the original on December 17, Retrieved May 25, Archived from the original on August 4, serje Retrieved July 21, There is limited authority to the city and there is no governing body of the city itself, in that sense, the municipalities of the metropolitan districts that make up the city have jurisdiction in matters relating to their own districts.

Among its most popular products internationally, highlighting the studs that are exported mainly to neighboring countries, USA, Europe.

In size and complexity, it has been compared with Teotihuacan in Mexico, and the ancient cities of Egypt. Data by Districts [48]. Retrieved July 29, The mayor is responsible for the municipal public administration and community, is the political representative of the municipality of the city and has political influences at the provincial level, so the guidelines of their policies are aimed primarily at the territorial serrie.