Fidelity June 18, at Beside that, I want to focus on my study, so honestly I will rarely update. WR takes the bullet for SH. As I have been thinking about KC and his journey since we met him in ep. He asks Gon what are the people hiding from him. Not to be redundant with another post further down the line, but I thought there were actually two dramas embedded in this one. He’s surrounded by father’s who look out for and take care of him even Papa Gu Demon for brief moments , and Kang-Chi returns their love and care ten-fold.

It sounded as if the mountains were trying to protect KC and keep him in Moonlight Garden. Julia the Berkshire Beanie June 18, at 2: Like many, I was glad to see that the show had some closure and an ep. Gidget June 17, at She decides to tell him the truth—that his mother went down to the village to stop Wol-ryung, and she thought he needed to know. How parental love, although genuine, is distorted by the personal flaws of the parents. This episode was just so awesome! Weird June 17, at

He had offered to take her back if she would come to him. MOST tear jerking episode ever Biok they were separate shows I’d like both equally.

SINOPSIS Gu Family Book Episode 1-24 Episode Terakhir

Not sure if I appreciate his efforts though. Also moving through layers of cloths would reduce the speed of the bullet to where it wouldn’t actually go through the first body, or make it unable to pierce or injure a second person. I think there’s a lot of things he doesn’t know rrama virtue of his not being allowed to mingle with people. So maybe he was starting to come back? He turns to walk away from her. You got a point. The backstory of SH’s family and their betrayal by GW.


The parents’ love story is larger than life, so the OTPs’ pales in comparison, bcos it no big stakes r on the line: I did love of coursethe bickering between KC and YW. Show skips all the good stuff, grumble grumble.

The dagger wasn’t just a normal dagger. Speaking of which, I have no idea why the production spent 2 whole months just filming the first 2 episodes. It is so popular now, I think. The end of previewthe monk tell kci’m really shock.

Yeo-wool listen to his mother, not your father.

And actually, my monday morning was not bright. Does he remember her?

Sinopsis “Gu Family Book” All Episodes

This comment is supposed to be in reply to comment no. Teary-eyed, he stressed that he will stop him. Tae-seo gets ready to head back to the Hundred Year Inn, and finds Kang-chi lost in thought over his tree homework. See the case of KC’s arrow shots.

Obviously, what he really wants is Seo Hwa. The group returns to the school, and Kang-chi brings his mother with him. He fires, and at the same time, Wol-ryung swings around to shield famjly, taking the shot in the back. Their story is actually quite simplistic; -Hotty Gumiho falls in love with pretty girl.

Then Yeo Wool invites Gon for a sparring. Kuhu does it hurt just to look at her? This is definitely one of the saddest and heartbreaking episodes of Gu Family Book.

Sinopsis “Gu Family Book” All Episodes – Korean Drama Sinopsis Indonesia

Then again, could just be a mistake on behalf of the crew. When Kotoko moves to her new temporary house, she is surprised to learn that Irie Naoki lives there as well.

Oh, geez – there I go again, being so literal!

I hope your weekend is going well: And she had never forget him not even a single day. I watched it 3 times already and teared each time. I think their story works best movie famil, had it been more than 2 episodes I probably wouldn’t have been as invested as I was in their story.


Last week was an extremely busy week, and though I wanted to respond back, I did not manage to do so: I don’t think he could heal gook from that. I figured there would have been another way to save him. Episode 5 by TeriYaki. I also felt cheated because it’s not The One I heard on the background. I hope it will be better than before and I pass to the next grade. Kang Chi did it for Yeo Wool and one of the Masters. I and my friends just planned to watch Fast and Furious 6 since it released, and maybe we may watch it tomorrow morning!

I am just eating oatmeal, wholegrain bread, and brown rice.

My emotions are all familly the place, after seeing the chicken eating portion hahaha and suddenly becos my lunch hour was ending I watched the ending first and now I have difficulty seeing through my tears All the pretty blue swirly lights seem to indicate so She cries out to him: Some of our questions were answered, and we now know by the end of the ep. It is a gift of the Magi sort of irony with far deeper ramifications. A Mountain God’s family is no ordinary family!

There has to be an open wound for the blue lights to heal it. Well, one week after my last story and still this one is a self story too.