But i like Hakata Annex initiative. Too bad he didn’t developped much why he chose her. To play along gives a good dynamic to the show. What kind of secrets will the family members reveal this time around? I thought it was just a short corner about the length of the segment shown on TV , but this is really great. How to use Contact us Advertising How to help Donations. Oct 12, Location: Yeah, watching variety shows is such a good way to familiarize yourself with Japanese.

Featuring the cutest linesman in the history of Muchaburi Dodgeball! This is sooo her. Meru stole the show. The “anti” concept was intriguing and now i have figured out. Turns out I suck at Southern accents, too! Also with the embarassing moment with her armpit, she chose to laugh at it instead of trying to hide it. I want to hear your opinions on it, should I continue half-assedly subbing it or rest forever and do nothing sub something else? Not much fake sub this time.

MayuyusukiJan 13, It balance pretty well and this is a good thing.

HaKaTa Hyakkaten 3 EP01 – English Subs

Yes, my password is: Share This Page Tweet. Afterwards the members play out a short confession-type scene with Sasshi playing the guy. Sorry for not being around, I just lost all motivation to sub. Well, the current plan is I will still release half-assed subs and AIDOL will correct my subs and release the correct ones. Of course, “being in a bad mood while waking up” couldn’t be any other than Mio.


We appreciate the support and the patience.

You guys are weird, okay? Featuring the cutest linesman in the history of Muchaburi Dodgeball!

Brand new studios, popular members as a starter, celebrities kind of as guests. This episode did not disappoint. Second member to get next to the guest was Mio. Upcoming episodes have AkichaMilky and Sayaka coming. Well the timing is good since Aoi graduated from crybaby to Fire girl, Mirun can now take her place. Log in or Sign up.

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I have to admit i was a little disappointed to have mio so cold toward Mikurin praise. All members are so suub. You realize how much Sasshi is important in HKT when you let the girls managing themselves.

They used a fake segment to introduce a special segment about the members. However, i have big hopes Hakata Annex compensate in that matter, as Sasshi is not here and they rotate the MC. How to use Contact Info How to help Donations.


I was thinking the same thing about Mirun and Nako. Click here to see it and check how your oshimen did!

HKT48 has always been a dear group to me. Even with the documentary, I feel like such a burden to AIDOL for having them epiwode my subs when all the other translators have finish their segment. Hi, I was wondering how i can make a request?


[HKT48] HaKaTa Hyakkaten 3 – Ep 1 – Can HKT turn their antis into fans? : JapaneseGameShows

Her and Misaki are already much taller than Nako. AKB again in your favourite game: Yeah, watching variety shows is such a good way to familiarize yourself with Japanese. Everyone, please look forward to our collaboration!

I slightly regret other members to not take part in the fun like Natsu or especially Anai captain, maybe they did in the cutscene, or because Sasshi directed on Nakomiku too fast.

I thought that they would at least make this program available to Hakata. Finally, new Hyakkaten episode next week!

Today was episode 2 of Hakata Hyakkaten. Understandable, since it was 2 years ago. He had a good sense of humor, and i think he was a great hakataa, as he made some jokes to liven up the episode.

You guys will get TWO subs. I have the japanese sub which is already timed etc. During the last part of the first episode, you can see her eat the gourmet reward with the guest.