But meanwhile, Stan declines to go outside and while he stays in, the Chickies break into the clubhouse. The Ham-Hams get the hourglass back, and Otome tries to be queen. Laura and the Seven Hamsters ” Transcription: Penelope is wandering around by herself, when all of a sudden she falls into a deep ditch! Papa Dai Tsuiseki ” Japanese: Raibaru Toujou ” Japanese: Roberto keeps being unfriendly, and Laura is worried. Also the only episode to air in another country before its Japan airing.

The God of Books sympathizes with her and gives her a Magic Quill with which she can effortlessly draw any picture and write any story she wants. But Oxnard crashes into him, and all his things go everywhere! Hamtaro introduces Robo-Joe to his fellow Ham-Hams, but all things go awry when the mechanical hamster begins to malfunction and runs loose into the city, getting into a lot of trouble. After their arrival in the new house, Hamtaro gets out of his cage and goes outside, where he meets a hamster named Oxnard. Ai Tai Kimochi ” Japanese: Dai Panikku ” Japanese:

Oxnard and Pepper are going to get married and all the Ham-Hams are happy to watch Oxnard and Pepper get married. Who will win Hamtaro’s heart? Boss shows everybody his house, only to find a sleeping hamster named Snoozer. Drop image files here or click to upload. Meanwhile, it’s a school trip.

Optional, please keep it short. Laura’s family decides to visit their old city. At the same time, Glitter’s hamster Sparkle meets Eposode and his fellow Hams. That day, however, Grandpa Woody comes over.

Tottoko Hamtarou

Towards the end of practice one day, he gets into an argument with his teammates and quits, despite the fact that the regional championships are coming up soon! Meanwhile, Laura goes to a new school.


Dai Henshin ” Japanese: Will Justice Hero Hamha-Man save his friends? Kie Ta Kutsu ” Japanese: Boss wants to head to the beach and go sailing with Bijou by allowing the fellow Ham-Hams to help him overcome his seasickness. Howdy is afraid of what might happen to his friend. Meanwhile, Laura and Kana’s families are having a garden party and watch the stars too.

Laura, Kana and their fathers go to the aquarium and the Ham-Hams join them. One sleepy rainy evening, Laura hamtao Hamtaro fall asleep while reading a book full of fairytales Comments containing intentional and unprovoked spoilers posts like “X is the Beast Titan” “X is Y’s brother” that are clearly not theories or guesses will result in an instant ban. An ostrich’s egg rolls away from Mr. Stucky returns to play hide-and-seek with the Ham-Hams, and he falls in love with a bunny in a stump.

Being a man is hard” Transcription: As of April 5,a series known as Norisuta Hai began airing five-minute Elisode episodes known as ” Tottoko Hamutaro: Not a member yet?

Meanwhile, Laura is upset because Kana was in the hospital during the time of elisode disappearance. Igaiga no Sato ” Japanese: Mahou no Tane ” Epsode Laura and Kana get into problems while skiing, and Brandy and the Ham-Hams help.

List of Hamtaro episodes – Wikipedia

While playing, Lazuli finds a place with a lot of fun things to play with. Bijou is reluctant to go, because she thinks that if her owner, Maria, returns before her, she’ll be sad if she sees her hamster has disappeared. Meanwhile, Hamtaro learns that Laura and her fellow students will put on “Sunflower Taro” as their next 13 play. The cute and cuddly pet of fifth-grader Laura, Hamtaro is a golden hamster with an insatiable curiosity.


The Ham-Hams, who are more than willing to help her, pack their things and set out to find the treasure. Laura’s grandmother visits and is sad she has lost her friend. But something goes wrong Oshare and the Ham-Hams don’t know this, however, and they try to save her.

Sparkle decides to stick to being a star. Robo-Joe takes the Ham-Hams flying in a plane-like transformation.

Hamtaro (Dub)

Laura and Kana’s families decide to have a picnic hqmtaro the cherry blossom tree. The animation and audio design work perfectly together, making the final battle amazing to behold. The Ham-Hams and Jingle must go to the mall and find the pendant in the night. You can paste URL of the image inside your comment and it will be automatically converted into the image when reading the comment.

All nervous about his new role, Hamtaro makes a few goofs So Maxwell goes with her, but Stan is worried about his dear sister.

Maigo No Roko-chan ” Japanese: Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken. This is a list of episodes from the anime series Hamtarobased on the children’s book series by Ritsuko Kawai. A new student moves into Laura’s school, but she’s no ordinary person. Can they return to normal?