In the morning they discover who Mahaty really was. Eugene uses this opportunity to find out more about Najayra’s secrets. Carl admits to Lee-leng that when he thinks of Kajika he can imagine there being no quarrel between Rosenthal and Burnsworth. Kajika later thinks about the strange connection she feels towards Raginei and wonders why she feels that way. Or will he rise up and take the throne? Upon arrival, Carl finds out about the investigation of Harry’s birth and Nelson’s attempt to take back Raginei from Burnsworth. Lee-leng and Eugene head to the airport to welcome Rumaty.

Toranosuke was told by Harry that his contract is up but he was persistent on continuing to follow and help Kajika at his own free will. Kajika is relieved that he was safe. Lists of anime episodes. While Rumaty ponders this he comes to choose what he will do about it. Najayra realizes that she is both afraid of and loves Quinza. Li-Ren who is in charge of overseeing the “marriage game” suspects that Eugene is one of the husband candidates chosen by Harry.

However, Carl refuses but swears to Kajika that he will bring a good outcome.

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When Fred sees the picture of Rumaty, he thought it was Mahaty. Anymal Tantei Kiruminzoo hanaakeru The sisters shriek and leave, telling Kajika that she would regret it. At the end Quinza meets Noei who was captured and now kept imprisoned. After Kajika told Lee-leng how much she wanted to see him because she knows that she’s going to die, they share a romantic kiss together. Noei was cast off as a Ragineian and decides to then work with the Burnsworths as a bodyguard.


Retrieved from ” https: Quinza is found and taken to the hospital. Najayra, who had been interested in Kajika, mentions to Eugene that she had wanted to meet him, since he was Kajika’s friend. By using this site, you agree to the Terms haansakeru Use and Privacy Policy. Kajika who meets her biological grandfather for the first time was motivated to go all the way and fight for her love after listening to Mahaty’s words.

La fille gagne si aucun ne lui plait.

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Suddenly, Quinza appears in front of Kajika to check if Rumaty was not injured by the previous kidnapping incident. When he was about to stab her with a dagger, Lee-leng appears and shoots Quinza and he falls off the building.

Seitokai no ichizon Michiko to hachin 21 Minami-ke okaeri s3 08 Miracle train A great deal of damage was done to the Huang family’s property but Noei told Zao to send the invoices to Seishoune Corp as Carl Rosenthal had offered to pay for the losses. Noei arrives in Singapore and is shocked by how much Rumaty has changed.

Carl gets them even more frustrated and is about to leave the room when one of his sisters turns off the lights, knowing that he is claustrophobic and the dark reminds him of when he was trapped in a well. Harry agrees instantaneously although he seemed rather shocked at first. They hide out in his father’s secondary residence and end up talking for quite a while.

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Published by corinne – dans H commenter cet article …. Mahou Shoujo Madoka 09 Major S6 Meanwhile, Carl quickly returns home after hearing from his father, Nelson. Carl thanks Kajika, as it was the second time she had seisohunen him. Mahaty proposed to Kathleen then returned to Raginei to get permission from his father, leaving Kathleen in Fred’s hands and promising to return.


Kajika is relieved that he was safe. Kajika on the other hand was elated that both Lee-leng and Eugene Mustafa will be joining her in the Gibori Islands but she first told Toranosuke to head off to Raginei as she wants her dying grandfather, King Mahaty to meet her husband Lee-leng.

While waiting for Kajika to get her baggage, Carl suddenly episoe Lee-leng who just arrived at the Raginei Airport. Argument ensues that as the head of the Huang group it is his obligation to settle down and produce an heir, to epiosde Lee-leng refuses.

The man hitting on Kajika tells him to go away and Rumati beats him up for hitting him on the head and knocking his sunglasses off. At the party, Eugene 2 to the others that he knows about the secret surrounding his birth and that this has severely depressed him.

Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka Ichiban Ushiro no Daimao 12 Inazuma Carl Rosenthal meets the head chamberlain and finds out that the country is unstable.