T – English – Drama – Chapters: He is the leader of the notorious River Boys gang. Risking It All by Queen-Deb24 reviews When the one thing, the one single thing that mattered to him, was taken from him, things changed. Charlie and Brax – Just Friends by LauraJean reviews Charlie and Brax are just friends, but what happens when they start to develop feelings for one another? It is about what i want to happen next. A lot can change?

What are you afraid of? Please read and review if you want me to continue Charlie and Brax – Just Friends by LauraJean reviews Charlie and Brax are just friends, but what happens when they start to develop feelings for one another? Can Brax help Charlie-Can she help him I hope everyone enjoys it. More then one River Boy soon becomes interested in Charlie Will Brax be able to win her back?

After a sudden family incident, Charlie decides to move her sister from the busy city streets to the small seaside town of Summer Bay. They’ve just had a daughter Ruby with Brax looking for potential business space to start up his own restaurant when his Mum turns up with his two younger brothers, Casey and Heath in tow.

It is about what i want to happen next. Mistakes can happen by KellyK reviews In a desperate attempt to fix her failed relationship with Angelo, Charlie decides to fall pregnant.

What happens when Charlie and Brax meet?

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Thanks to a few people ria, karen for proof reading it for me de for helping me with my editing and abz for helping me upload it. How will she cope alone and anguished beyond belief? He’d seen her die before his eyes that day they flicked the switch and her heart stopped beating Will Lola finally be able to move on or will her addiction prove just to much to bear?

Until the End by riddo reviews Set after the death of Hammer What happens when something life changing comes between Charlie and Brax. Charlie and brother Matt move to the Bay. Inevitable by NZGirl25 reviews Brax has sabbed on from Charlie, having begun a relationship with Leah, but what happens when Charlie returns to the bay after years in Witness Protection? Eternal Love by abz1 reviews This is my first fanfic.


Losing Control by Queen-Deb24 reviews When Hone and Charlie no longer find themselves in homr they realise they need to fight to get their relationship back.

Part of Me by Queen-Deb24 reviews Charlie and Brax lost their chance once before but a new beginning might just be on the cards when Charlie is forced to return to Summer Bay. Wont let you go by tittybonger reviews Ok my first attempt of a chax fan fic as i said below it does contain natalie and brax scenes but hang in there.

I don’t want to give much away so please read and review. Don’t Let Me Go by Sammy reviews Letting her go was never an option, but he had no choice, she’d been taken from him in a vicious way, and Brax hated that thought.

What drama is going to occur? Moving Forward by Lyddie01 reviews Charlie is a complete mess when she meets Brax at Angelo’s one night Maintaining a ‘friends with benefits’ relationship with each other, the pair soon become very good friends.

Family ties by jj87 reviews let me help you Charlie- why so you can use it against me? Life is what you make it by yaz91 reviews a CHAX story please read and review and tell me what you think. Darryl Braxton and his brothers arrive in Summer Bay after their mother leaves them.

Hidden by Izzy09 reviews Charlie Buckton has just been shot by an old enemy. Will love be strong enough to overcome the past, or will the past prove to much for the both of them to bare. When Charlie reveals somthing life changing to him will his feelings remain the same?

Tearaway teen by jj87 reviews Charlie is a single mother of two Ruby is the A student with a job Adam is the wild one skipping school and being brought home by the cops every weekend. Can Brax help Charlie rebuild her life and get it back on track? Risking It All by Queen-Deb24 reviews When the one thing, the one single thing that mattered to him, was taken from etabbed, things changed.


Dangerous by NZGirl25 reviews She is a cop. You’re not alone by RoRo90 reviews Can something that brings such pain also change the course of their lifes for the better? Charlie’s dad shows up now she and everyone close to her are in danger- what happens when the river boys show up? I hope everyone enjoys it. I think you know! What May Come by chax85 reviews Chax fanfic, will one of the bays favourite couple get to have their new beginning or will an old face keep the lovers apart for good.

M – English – Romance – Chapters: Can they stick by each other through these hard times, or will this mean the end for Home and Away’s favourite couple?

Casey and Tamara (Kyle) 5694 & 5695

But is there more trouble in this town than anticipated? Rated M just in case the story develops. Joinedid: I don’t care what they think by jj87 reviews pregnant-gets back with Brax doesnt care what anyone thinks-get’s kidnapped- gets shot by captor-meets Brax’s dad unknown to Brax Cheryl begs her to keep it a secret- dad causes trouble unknown to the Braxton boys – Brax finds out breaks up with Charlie-dad shoots Charlie while he kidnaps Ruby after failing to get Casey, will our favourite Sergeant ever get a break?

Tell or I will by jj87 reviews Charlie has found herself in a mess and an abusive relationship, what happens when the abuse moves onto Ruby to keep her quiet after she finds out Just Let It Go by Sammy reviews A Charlie and Brax fanfic, this is my third one, goes back to when they first met, I hope ya’ll enjoy it and please review.

Will a familiar face bring them all closer together or rip this family apart? K – English – Chapters: Charlie has been placed in witness protection and so on.