The show became popular amongst the women audiences. In this episode, host Nilesh Sable continues his interesting chat with the entire team of Vyakti Ani Valli. The episode starts with the host Nilesh Sable telling a funny incident of his friend. Host also invites few other team members like, Veena Jamkar and others. In this episode, anchor Nilesh Sable speaks up about the variety of singers in the industry. Watch this entire special episode to know more.

Watch this laughter riot with the badshahs of comedy every Mon – Tue at Saru gets married to a middle aged man named Pradyumna. He falls in love with Janhavi, who lives a modest life with her father, brother and step-mother, and works in a bank. Watch this entire full of humor episode to know more. The host invites Sunil Barve’s wife, Aparna Barve to the show. Nilesh Sable to the show. Marathi-language television programs Indian television series Indian television series debuts. The show won a total 11 awards in various categories at this award function.

He invites the entire team of the movie, ‘Tapaal’. However, she lives in Dharavi biggest slum in Asia. Pintya’s dad agrees with Shree’s opinion.

Chala Hawa Yeu Dya

With Nana’s wonderful Shayari everyone gets entertained so much. Has Shashank Ketkar found love again?

Janhavi’s brother – Pintya – gets in a pandemonium from Kishore his boss. If he doesn’t listen, he would kill his dad and Shri. Tejashri Pradhan goes candid; see pic Meanwhile, Bharat Ganeshpure as the Sarpanch of the village, comes in having a mike stand along with him. In this episode, host Nilesh Sable is worried about the bad condition of his Ssptember, as a new food inspector is coming for inspection.


Honar Sun Me Hya Gharchi – Wikipedia

This page was last edited on 30 Decemberat Rahul Gandhi listed as episodrs. Sanjay shares his journey from engineering to the film direction with audiences. Archived from the original on 22 December After sometime, Bhalchandra starts to show his hilarious musical talent with Kushal and put buckets of laughter into the show.

The host invites Sunil Barve’s wife, Aparna Barve to the show. Finally one of the most popular shows on Marathi television, Honaar Sunn Mi Hya Gharchi has gone off air but the Tejashri still remembers the onscreen family.

Baby apologizes and returns to her husband. This sub started show which is being made under Chinmay Mandlekar’s production has completed 50 episodes recently. There Shri and Janhavi come back together but they have yet to solve the misunderstandings baby aatya and all 5 other mothers have about Janhavi.

Now it’s a matter of Pintya’s wedding which he’s trying to deal with.

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ABP Majha in Marathi. The episode starts with Tushar asking for a salted biscuit from Bhalchandra Kadam. Watch this funny episode to know more. Tejashri misses her maika.

Honaar Soon Mee Hyaa Gharchi – Episode 374 – September 11, 2014 – Preview

Marathi television show ‘Sakhya Re’ has touched its first milestone pretty soon. He also invites the other guests, Sai Tamhankar, Ankush Chaudhary and other special co-stars to the show. Actors Tejashree Pradhan and Shashank Ketkar who fell in love on the sets of their popular TV show ‘Honaar Suun Mi Hyaa Gharchi’, and finally tied the knot in February last year, are headed for a divorce, according to gya. She loves to try new things as well.


Meanwhile, Priyadarshan, who is actually not alive tells Bhalchandra about Kushal’s marriage. Pintya has a little chat with his and comes to a conclusion that he is going to take responsibility hta his own actions and going to leave his pregnant sister out of his problems.

As usual, Bhalchandra did not recognize his father and calls him a bird, Sasa. Nilesh also invites Mangesh Kadam to the show, who is playing as Shashank’s father in the drama and do some funny talks with them.

Theatre’s my first love: Who’s giving acting tips to Tejashree? Find out Shashank’s first love. Watch this episode to know the interesting conversation of other guests with the host and the comedians. Sakhya Re hits half century.