He grabs her hand and drags her to his gallery, he asks why she wants to go away from him and tell about her problem. Asks Anu to come with him to buy gift for Muskan and Anirudh. Rohan tells that I love the picture I had shown you. Ram says only patients have such food. Meanwhile, Ashu is also having a tough time dealing with Aditi who wants to assist him. Nataai asks Bhabi if Rohan got back his memory she says no. Rohan starts telling Muskaan about their past and how they loved each other and how they had taken a oath to never separate. Dadi and reshab offers aloo parathas and toast to ram.

Peehu comes to priya and tells she has enjoyed alot with kulfi. They should seperate them forever by making them sign on divorce papers. Episode starts with Muskan coming to Rohans house to invite them to her engagement on the very next day. Aditi is happy to meet a young doctor in Nidhi. Peehu asks what is meant by custody? She resolves that she has to make a decision..

Hongey Judaa Na Hum-26th December 2012

Ram thinks of having some food. Then Muskaan says then this photo is fake. She starts playing around and Anji is happy seeing her have so epiaode fun. Naa to vo chudail aati na to mujhe cool banna padta. She asks about Mansi from teh information desk and Rehan comes from behind and gives her the Mansi’s phone which she forgot there.

He tries to say something but hesitates. Bhabi comes and asks Nataai if Tara is therehe says no. On the stairs Tara tells preeti that she wants to talk to her. Priya scolds what meeting he has in this morning. Muskaan looks on at him, confused. Furthermore, all will not be well with Rohan after watching Anirrudh and Muskaan dance. Tara asks her writtsn happened to which she says nothing and movember to her room.


Part 1 Anirudhs parents are enjoying the party.! She tells him to give this enveolope which contains the divorce papers to Tara. He asks about it from anu and she hesitates. Anu passes by and Muskaan too invites her to come for her engagement. 26t tells him to take her away.

She thanks rohan for being a friend and practicing with her. Priya says ok you carry on and hangs on the call. Anirudh goes to talk to Muskaan and she tells him how hinge went to see Rohan and he was talking hknge. Ani asks muskaan about rohan but she hesitates and stops herself cause ani might misunderstand her. He asks them to give him the papers which they gave him to sign.

Ashu calls her since he is waiting for her and in a hurry, she forgets to switch off her lights. Tara pleads with him to marry Muskaan as soon as possible and take he away. Sandhya tells her Rehan gave her Mansi’s phone.

Muskaan imagines that everyone is searching for it an only Rohan and Muskaan are there the light goes off. Rohan bangs his head on the door and is about to leave when he sees a photo. She believes it is a coincidence, he wants to talk to novembber for two minutes to complete whatever was left before. Anirudhs dad tells we should get Muskan an anirudh married fast.

He picks it up and joins it. He tells her that he is mad and he was living in world of dreams and there was nothing like that, muskaan never loved him back, she always considered Dejected Rohan breaks down into tears. He shows it to her and she is shocked. Muskaan comes there and everyone is shocked.

Peehu doesnt understands whats that. Muskaan finally arrives, she wants to say something but rohan covers her mouth. Ram looks on angrily at rajat. He gets ready for engagement and asks anu novrmber come along, preeti stops him but he explains her to let him go. Ani asks muskaan about rohan but she hesitates and stops herself cause ani might misunderstand her.


Anirudh asks her why are you here.

She promises to fulfill all her duties this time and make them proud Rishi brings the ring. Nidhi is happy to hear this and Anji says they’re planning something to win Khushi’s heart so that she stays there. Later, dadi will be very happy looking at everyone having breakfast together. He instructs her to drink her glucose after every 30 mins and he leaves. Peehu asks what is meant by custody?

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Anirudh asks what he was saying and Muskaan freezes. Ani suggests that they can postpone wedding if she is having second thoughts. Ani and family comes and they all welcome them. Aditi is happy to meet a young doctor in Nidhi.

In the hospital Anirudh tells to Anu and preeti that he fine. E-mailadres of telefoonnummer Wachtwoord Account vergeten? How long she is gonna keep wondering what bond she shares with Rohan.

He asks if to look in his eyes and tell him that she loves him, just then anu comes, muskaan leaves. Rohan also forcefully goes there. Rohan and Muskan exchange stares. TaAnu Epi begins with Rohan putting the two pieces of the ripped photo together and tears forming in his eyes.