Generally, in interrogative sentences the personal pronoun is required as well, but need not be used. Wahha lei yidi, Hal wahh wada laha, mas iyo hhas, iyo dab, iyo dad, iyo libahh, iyo ghaiyano, iyo amin, wa toddbodas ya hashi ka dahhaisei. L, 1 separate a young animal from its mother that it may not suck during the day ; 2 exchange two sucklings especially camels ; 3 throw a child in order to get rid of. In a narrative, after each remark the speaker pauses, when the listener is expected to answer with some suitable expression of assent, such as Kodi, or Haiye. A day following Habiyo Butiya ‘anihisi nagtisi u si dibei, wuhhu yidi, ” Abaha iyo hoyoda his milk to his wife he gave, he said, ” Your father and your mother yanei ku arkin, kolkad ku shubesid. The Bantu languages, which are prefix languages, seem to have nothing in common with Somali, either in construction or vocabulary.

Holy Ghost, the, w. There are three Regular Conjugations, distinguished by the form of the Verb root, and the formation of the Infinitive. Examples, si wanaksan u samei make properly wa si ‘ajis u shakheineya he is working lazily The following nouns are commonly used in this way with u: It refers to all times, and cannot be used except in the Principal sentence. Here the negative particle used is an. Kolkasa gabdihi la yidi, “Raga dbnesan 3 ma wada stood. The following are the possible combinations.

Suldanka nag bu gursadei, suldanki ba hajki ghobtei. Farah ba i la ra’eya.

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Dabade”d Bohotle iyannu nimid. The young man, who was dining with him, said to the Sultan, ” Did you think this woman who is serving our food was your wife?

By suitable combinations a number of changes may be rung, a variety of meanings given to one verb, and expressions which would otherwise require paraphrasing put more concisely.

Then the young man threw away the figure, and took the milk. The Conjugation is otherwise the same as the Affirmative.


It may represent Substantive, Adjective, or Adverb. Ila, or Ilah, m.

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When asking for a thing and they are not sure it belongs to them, they use this word with the verb in the inter, negative form: A man soldier accompany, and shew him. The particle bal is very commonly used with the Im- perative, but is hardly translatable. Article, demonstrative and possessive adjectives and pro- nouns, personal pronouns, and particles are given at the com- mencement of their appropriate letters.

The Demonstrative may be added to the above. Swayne” iya no yimid. The Aorist here means, “is to,” or “can. The Negative Particles are: The following euphonic alterations take place when any simple pronoun or particle follows: The compound forms wahhan, wahhad, sojali. The simple, or Enclitic, forms are: There are no inflexions of the noun to represent the Declension ; the cases must therefore be distinguished by position and context.

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There once was a Sultan who had a son, whose mother was dead. Examples, 1 sandukha ghad take the box sonali you see ninka ba 6g the man i. The Possessive Pronoun and Possessive Interrogative Pronoun may be formed with the verb root leh having cf. When they are near the enemies, in front of them, they cry altogether, jawis garo ho!

Kolkas wuhhu taga mel wiyili ku dashei, reached. They rilm down in two rows with their faces opposite to one another, strike first their own hands and chest saying jawo, and then they strike the hand of the person opposite. Jmiad yubso P did you see?

The Parts of Speech 1. Kolku mel f6g jogei yu lehhdi ka hadei wai. PAGE 74 In the examples given under habo, read i la habo, instead of ila babo.

An idiom meaning u be servant to. If the subject is indefinite the numeral having no article suffix the verb is used in the singular.

These are very confusing at first, as, for instance, three brothers may correctly describe themselves respectively as Abdallah Ismail, Hersi Bareh, and Rer Sugulli, at first sight three different tribes. These are not numerous, and express some simple, natural, or inherent, quality, such as size, shape, colour, or nature.


You are commenting using somalu Facebook account. Simple Somail and Negative Sentences. Generally, in interrogative sentences the personal pronoun is required as well, but need not be used. Verbs are very seldom borrowed, such as safei clean.

Personal pronouns have an Objective or Accusative form as well as the Subjective or Nominative. Examples, tollma halkan yal? Apostolic— gi ; djnta rassuligaah, the Apos- tolic religion.

Wuhhu yidi, ” Force “-ku wa bahhaya, wadadka iyannu d6nena. The adjective, describing the quality in which the comparison is made, is treated as part of the verb.

But when qualifying somwli nouns with the definite article other than the Reduplicated Plurals, as nimanadjectives may or may not take the plural inflexion cf. Darar dambe ya Habiyo Butiya nothing to be of use it failed. We fiom first the root or chief word, and afterwards the derivatives, without paying any attention to alphabetical sequence ; and this in order to facilitate the study of the language. When I left B. She came to a building at the half-way, and there came to her her father and her brother and the priest and her husband, none of whom knew her.

There are certain differences in its several uses. The Definite Article may be used with any noun, numeral or pronoun, and is often used together with the Demonstrative Adjective and Possessive Adjective suffixes, q. Examples, ninki yimi the man has come ninke P or wa ninke P what man?

Magaloda agtedi bu ku 5 arkei lehh gabdod o 6 ‘el ku maidtfneya 7.